'Bud's Jacket': Woman From White Bear Lake Unveils Her Uncle's WWII Story With New BookIn 1943, American bombardier Bud Wilschke’s plane was shot down in France. For months, he moved across the countryside trying to escape enemy soldiers. It was an untold story until his niece in White Bear Lake found a box that documented his ordeal.
77 Years After He Went MIA, Family Learns Story Behind WWII Soldier's Final BattleLike so many young men during World War II, Harlan Melinsky found himself far away from farm life and fighting for his country overseas. In May 1944, his patrol came under attack by German soldiers near Itri, Italy.
Coronavirus In Minnesota: WWII Veteran Celebrates Turning 101 Years Old And Surviving COVID-19Samuel Nilva woke Tuesday morning to word of his discharge from the hospital. He also learned of a special celebration in his honor.
100-Year-Old Veteran Recalls Battles Of WWIIAnderson had just been drafted into the Army in the early years of World War Two. He did his basic training in Texas and shipped to England aboard the Queen Mary.
Aging Vets Take Thrill Flight In Open-Air CockpitOver the years, pilot Darryl Fischer's foundation has taken more than 1,500 seniors, mostly World War II and Korean veterans, on the flights.
Dutch Put Faces To America’s War DeadFor 73 years, the Dutch people have been caring for these American graves -- a commitment to caretaking that gets handed down between generations. 
74 Years After WWII Soldier's Death, Family Receives ClosureLast fall, Project Recover, a group that searches the seas for military members missing in action since WWII, set out to find Sgt. Emmer's plane.
Minn. Pearl Harbor Survivor Visits USS Nevada ExhibitA 92-year-old Minnesota man's first visit to the state of Nevada this week was more special than most. Charles Sehe says he wanted to check the trip off his "bucket list" after spending most of his Navy career on the USS Nevada during World War II.
World War II Medals Found In Rochester ParkA piece of history discovered in a southern Minnesota park has created quite the mystery for police. Two World War II medals were found wrapped in an old sheet in Silver Lake Park last week.
5 Historical Facts You Didn't Know About MinnesotaImpress your friends with these five little-known facts about Minnesota
'Phoenix' Achieves Moments Of Brilliance, Explores Identity After The HolocaustPerhaps the best thing about Phoenix, the latest film from German director Christian Petzold, is that the ending is perfect, absolutely perfect. Not only does it neatly wrap the post-WWII story together, it hits you with a punch of emotion so strong you’ll be teary-eyed and breathless as the credits roll in dead silence.