“My daughter added some artwork to our backseat with some color markers.”

The Ride
The Driver: Dave 
Car in Question: 2006 Green Subaru Outback
Spotted at: Hopkins Raspberry Town Sign, Hopkins, MN 55343
Odometer: 67,000
Car’s theme song: “Heading Out to the Highway”


Q: Hi Dave! Welcome to Defend Your Ride Minnesota. Why are we here today, hanging out by the raspberry sign?

A: Hopkins means a lot to me. My grandmother lived here for many years. She lived in a highrise. I remember coming down here as a little kid and watching the Raspberry Days Parade. I just liked all the decorations. Now I live in Minnetonka, so I’m really close to the Hopkins area. It’s a nice little area. I really like the Hopkins area and the Raspberry Day celebrations. It just brings back memories. I still enjoy the decorations as I drive down Main Street through Hopkins itself.

Q: Sounds like a nice little community?

A: Lot of celebrations. A sense of community. It has a small town feel close to a big town. It is excellent. It is really where I like to be.

Q: Your Subaru helps get you there?

A: Yes, my Subaru gets me there every day. Yes it does. My Subaru is a great car. I love driving it. It’s a nice car.

Q: You said you live in Minnetonka, so you’re close by?

A: Yes, about five minutes away from here, so I’m driving through here every day.

Q: Why did you buy this car?

A: It is a good family car. Safety. Good fuel economy. It got great crash test ratings. And we had to get a new one. The old one was having problems and so we traded it in. I have two kids. Safety is huge when you have kids.

Q: Do you have any rules for the car?

A: No smoking. No smoking in the car. We don’t have any other rules. No other rules. We don’t have any food rules. It is hard to have food rules when you have kids and go on trips. It is hard not to have food in it. I enjoy eating something in my car all the time too. I’m kind of always in a hurry.

Q: Do they like the Subaru?

A: The dogs love the Subaru. They sleep in the back for hours until you slow down. You slow down, they pick their heads up, look around and fall right back to sleep.

Q: Is there anything else you’d like to share about your car?

A: My daughter added some artwork to our backseat one day with some color markers and that was kind of cute. Well, at the time it wasn’t so cute. But now when I look back, it is. I’ll never forget seeing all the marker drawings all over the upholstery.

Q: So is that a rule for your car? No more markers?

A: No more markers on the car. In the car? Yes. Just no more drawing on the car.

Photos and interview by Marla Geary

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