A Guide To Music Classes For Families And Kids

February 3, 2012 6:00 AM

(credit: schoolofrockBurnsville.com)

By Anna Berend

The gift of music is one of the best gifts you can ever give your child. Music soothes, exhilarates, inspires, teaches, sustains and more. The gift of music lasts a lifetime.

Why not begin the musical journey early by taking a music class with your little rhythm machine. Babies, toddlers and youngsters naturally groove to the tunes and are easily enamored by rhythms, beats and instruments. As your child grows, there are other music lessons in specific areas in a variety of musical styles to choose from. No matter your child’s age, it’s never too late to introduce music.
We, in the Twin Cities, are lucky enough to have several options of schools of music. Some of the schools are for kids of all ages and others are for specific age ranges. Each of these schools offers a variety of choices to its students. Dates, times and prices range vastly so make sure to check the individual websites for more details.

school of rock burnsville A Guide To Music Classes For Families And Kids

(credit: schoolofrockBurnsville.com)

This music school in Burnsville offers classes for kids 4 years and up with an Introduction to Music for 4-6 year olds. They also teach music lessons, including vocals, guitar, bass guitar, keyboards and drums. This rockin’ school is all about teaching kids to play and perform.

macphail center for music A Guide To Music Classes For Families And Kids

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MacPhail teaches kids and adults of every age all kinds of music classes in their state of the art building. Their Early Education Department has a single focus of creating a love of music through rhythms, beats, movement, instruments, songs, games, play, art, and music from every genre. There are classes for particular age groups, classes for families with tots in several age ranges, classes for kids and adults and classes for just kids. Check the website for additional locations, schedules and the opportunity for a free class with one their exuberant teachers.

music together A Guide To Music Classes For Families And Kids

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Music Together
Locations across Minnesota
(800) 728-2692

These early childhood music classes are for birth to five and their adults. Music Together offers classes in close to 30 locations around the Twin Cities. There are twelve week sessions in the fall, winter and spring, with shorter sessions in the summer. Check the website for a location near you and start singing, learning about rhythms and beats and exploring the world of musical instruments. Enjoy a free class to see if Music Together is for you and your little one.

music 19100178 A Guide To Music Classes For Families And Kids

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Musikgarten with Emily Ireland Music Studio
Three locations around Twin Cities

This school focuses on babies to five year olds with classes that introduce rhymes, rhythms, musical instruments, songs, body movement and music to youngsters. There are also group piano classes for older children. Check the website for locations and the opportunity to visit a class for free.

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