We usually express appreciation for dad with a necktie on Father’s Day. On his birthday, dad also receives a necktie (or two) and maybe a pair of socks. For the holidays — you guessed it. For Father’s Day, think outside the tie-and-socks gift box. Duluth Pack, an outdoor gear manufacturer and home goods retailer in Minnesota, has down-to-earth gift suggestions for dad on his big day. Founded in 1882 as a maker of awnings, tents and outdoor products, Duluth Pack has seen many dads come in to buy goods. During the days of the covered wagon, dads would purchase wagon covers. Today, Duluth Pack has new stuff for dads.

Tom Sega is the present owner of Duluth Pack. Although not related to Camille Poirier, Duluth Pack’s original founder, he shares Poirier’s lifelong mission for guaranteed craftsmanship and a love for the handcraft tradition. From tents, awnings and outdoor packs, Duluth Pack has continually added new product lines. The company sells handcrafted  bags and packs through brand name retailers and retail distributors. The company also sells apparel, gift items and outdoor and home goods from consumer product manufacturers.

Tom Sega
Duluth Pack
1610 W. Superior St.
Duluth, Minnesota 55806
(212) 722-1707

Tom Sega worked in the pulp and paper industry on the supply side of manufacturing. With 22 years of experience in sales and manufacturing, Sega became fascinated with Duluth Pack and its handcrafted tradition. His goal was to join this historic company. In 2007, Sega finally got more than the chance of a lifetime. He became the owner and president of Duluth Pack.

A Field Trip To Duluth Pack

Duluth Pack is a manufacturing company that employs traditional handcrafting to make modern products for today’s consumers. The oldest canvas and leather bag maker in the USA, Duluth Pack has produced handcrafted goods since 1882. The factory, located on Superior St., is a 10,000-square-foot facility. It’s exciting to see skilled handcrafters cut and sew canvas and leather packs and bags. Versatile, chic and sleek, these bags are great to tote around. A simple canvas pack or piece can take a few minutes to cut and sew. A leather bag or a complex leather product is more labor intensive. Leather can take hours or days to cut and sew. Manufacturing has been updated with electrical industrial cutting, sewing, grommet and snap machines. But the culture of hand-cut and hand-stitched lives on. While touring, also look at the company’s designer home furnishings, décor pieces and outdoor apparel.

Business Organizers For Office, Home Or Travel

Is the company mantra at dad’s place of business “from sun to sun” or “working 9 to 5?” Sometimes the work day stretches well beyond eight hours. Buying organizers for the office or business travel — whatever can help get the job done — is a genuine gift bonus. An executive desktop case of solid native pine, with latch and clasp, is handy for the office to where you commute and the home office from where you telecommute. A bison notepad holder and “Things To Do” jotter cards can complement an electronic filing system. They also store neatly in the executive desktop case. A simple leather ID case, popular with college students and business professionals, keeps your ID info, credit cards and receipts in order.

Practical Indoor And Outdoor Furnishings

Duluth Pack has wonderful furnishings to bring indoors and outdoors. A nylon portable collapsible stool , which comes in two sizes, is good for outdoor summer concerts, camping, hiking, picnics and outdoor barbecues. It can also be used as extra indoor seating. A package of three nine-hour candles for a candle lantern is very useful during power outages. A candle lantern is also a good accessory for picnics and camping.

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Charming Home Décor

So you assumed Duluth Pack is strictly a cut and sew leather and canvas shop. Basically, it is. But the shop also has handcrafted home décor ceramics from pottery manufacturers. A Red Wing cookie jar, sturdy and lovely, looks more tempting than the cookies it stores. For the table are sculpted ceramic salt and pepper shakers and decorative salad plates. For the kitchen is a mortar and pestle to crush herbs and spices. It also crunches up garlic, fresh dried basil and shallots. Ancient civilizations used the mortar and pestle as a food blender. This kitchen tool retains fresh food flavors.

Comfortable Casual Apparel

Dads love the long and short-sleeved T-shirts. Soft to the touch, they are ruggedly constructed. Genuine moose hide moccasins are comfortable to wear as slippers or walking shoes. With a soft but rugged T-shirt and a pair of comfy moccasins, what else would dad need? Probably an all-weather outdoor jacket and cap.

Wait! Don’t Forget The Backpack

Oh, yes! The backpack or a secure duffel bag is a must. For lighter loads, especially in the city, a standard canvas tote is a nifty carryall. It can be hefted to a sailboat, canoe or cabin cruiser. Yes, Minnesota has many lakes and water boundaries. On your way to a lake or away from the lakeshore, you can pack the tote with groceries or outdoor provisions.

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