Halloween stands as one of America’s favorite holidays and a great time for festivity and fun to sustain us through fall. Getting into the spirit of Halloween may involve more than just picking out a pumpkin and drinking some apple cider. Consider decorating your home for the occasion and welcoming a fun atmosphere inside your abode. Whether you are going spooky for the trick-or-treaters or simply following a fall theme, these tips may give you some ideas on how to go all out this year.
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Light It Up

Halloween brings out a great excuse to light your candles and create a spooky mood throughout your home. While you may be tempted to go out and purchase a set of matching fall candles, the best candlelit atmosphere is created by the use of mis-matched candles in all types of shapes and sizes. Putting candles by the windows sets off a glow from inside the house to bring a sense of spookiness to those passing by your home. Inside the house, candles can replace bright lights during the evening to create a Halloween atmosphere inside as well. Remember to always be cautious with candles and blow them out at bedtime to avoid unwanted effects of the “natural” light.

Embrace The Color Of The Season

Halloween brings to mind a lot of colors besides the traditional black and orange. Pumpkins and other gourds come in a variety of colors, and even jack o’ lanterns are being carved out of the non-traditional white and yellow pumpkins. Embrace the lighter colors and move your internal color scheme towards a festive fall hue. For those who like to match their table settings and kitchen towels to the time of year, this is the perfect opportunity to go “Halloween” without having to hang up dreary black towels and curtains. Throw some small pumpkins around the home to really welcome Halloween to your door.

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Take It Outdoors

Don’t just focus on making your house the most spectacularly decorated home inside, use your outdoor space to create a Halloween theme that is fun and welcoming at the same time. Rather than just stringing some tangled cobwebs across your front yard, take the time to create an organized theme on your front porch and lawn. During Trick or Treat, neighbors will enjoy walking along lighted pathways, headstones in the grass and beautifully carved pumpkins on the porch. Play it safe and don’t overcrowd your lawn with decorations; sometimes less is more.

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Ornaments Are Not Just For Christmas

Ornaments have made their way to October in the form of Halloween-themed trees decorated with spooky objects. Halloween ornaments can be made or bought and hung on a little tree inside the home to help get in the spirit of the holiday. At any craft store, small black trees can be purchased for this purpose. Using a little creativity here is also necessary to get the perfect setup going inside your home.

(credit: Phil Walter/Getty Images)

(credit: Phil Walter/Getty Images)

Candy Dishes For Family Treats

While there is so much to love about Halloween, it’s hard to deny that the candy may be the best part. Not just for the Trick or Treaters and the candy dishes at work, treats can be placed around the home to welcome the start of the season of sugar. This also is the perfect opportunity to purchase those cute candy dishes shaped like cauldrons, zombie hands and many other fun Halloween themes. If overeating the candy is a common mishap, purchase candy you don’t really like. Most candies come in great colors and fall flavors to complement your decor.

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