Halloween costumes range from the traditional to humorous to almost anything else. While Halloween used to be a time to dress up as something scary, it has evolved into an occasion to dress up as whatever comes to mind. Over the last ten years, costumes that reflect the current times have become quite popular and often the best of the lot. This year is no different. The trendiest costumes will reflect creativity, current events and personal preference. Before you pull out that vampire costume you have worn for the last decade, follow these tips to take your Halloween threads from boring to sensational.
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(credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

(credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Read Up On Current Events

Time to retire that OJ Simpson costume — complete with ill-fitting glove. Current events are the pool for fishing out the most creative and humorous costumes of the year. People will be able to relate to the satire of dressing up like a reality television show star, a character in a popular show or a political figure. Trump the competition with your Donald Trump outfit or enjoy the reaction to your Miley Cyrus impersonation. Other popular costumes this year will come from the women’s prison in “Orange Is The New Black” and the land of Westeros from “Game Of Thrones.” Get creative and get with the times!

Think About Comfort

What are your plans for the evening? Don’t get stuck at an outdoor event with a skimpy flapper outfit or a large party with a mental patient straight jacket costume. You will either be freezing or struggling to use the bathroom every time you have to go. Think ahead or you will be uncomfortable in a way that will lead to an unpleasant evening. Being miserable certainly isn’t trendy, and planning ahead can save your evening. Think about the venue for your evening and plan accordingly — elaborate and fabulous doesn’t have to be complicated.

Cross-Dressing Never Goes Out Of Style

Who doesn’t love to dress up as the opposite sex? Aside from being a trend that has been practiced ever since the beginning of time, cross-dressing can be a great way to go incognito to a party or celebration. As easy as it is to grab an outfit out of the department store section tailored to the opposite sex, a really good costume-maker will want to take his or her time to create the perfect disguise. Men may have to ask any women in their life for help with makeup and accessorizing, and women may need a man’s opinion on that fake beard. The key to this costume, however, is to keep it tasteful!

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Be Conscious Of Your Surroundings

Trick or treating with the neighborhood kids? Heading out to a Halloween raver until four in the morning? Both of these situations require very different costume choices. Know that sometimes one costume will not get you through the entire Halloween season and plan accordingly. Do you want to be out trick or treating dressed as a sexy zombie cheerleader? Doubtful. How about being at a crowded club with a full Spongebob suit on? Sounds really sweaty. Think before you dress up and head out this Halloween if you want to guarantee a great time.

Consider A Group Theme

Going with a group of people to a party? Get together and plan a group theme. Boy bands, girl bands, a pack of vampires, or just a bunch of teenage werewolves. Dressing up together can be a blast and sticking together in a crowded club is that much easier when your pack is easy to spot. This year, trendy group themes may be “Game of Thrones” characters, Ninja Turtles or the reunited Spice Girls.

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