Beer and pizza are kind of like the proverbial horse and carriage; they’re considered an item. You can stick with beer-centric gastropubs. But for a change of pace, how about pizza with a nice bottle of wine or a craft cocktail? Although not every Minnesota pizza bar serves beer, wine and cocktails, most do.

(credit: Broadway Pizza)

(credit: Broadway Pizza)

Broadway Bar & Pizza
4144 Highway 52 N.
Rochester, MN 55901
(507) 208-4111

With such delicious pizzas and wholesome fare, you can hold the beer, wine and bubbly … but know that Broadway Bar & Pizza does have a full bar. Try a Broadway-style deep dish special or a New York-style crust. You can also get the original thin crust pizza, or a thin crust pizza made with whole wheat. Select your own fillings, or choose from a variety of meat, seafood, veggie, fruit and cheese combos. Top off the pizza with marinara, barbeque, garlic alfredo, creamy or original pesto, or creamy red sauce. Add a healthy side of salad from the Broadway salad bar.

Green Mill Restaurant & Bar
1342 Grand Ave.
St. Paul, MN 55105
(651) 203-3100

Green Mill’s award winning pizzas had a deep dish beginning in St. Paul. In medium and large, these pizzas are to share. Still, even small or solo pizza lovers will adore the spicy Italian sausages, pepperoni, cheeses and the special Green Mill sauce. Vegans can select the Extreme Veggie with marinara and herb blend, or the Margherita made with virgin olive oil and simple vegan ingredients. The Margherita absorbs the flavors of basil, garlic, Roma tomatoes and cheeses when folded into an Old World crust. The bar has a pleasant selection of beer, wine and simple craft cocktails. Ginger ale and Jameson whiskey on the rocks make a refreshing drink, before or after a main dish pizza. A well patronized Twin Cities restaurant bar, Green Mill has expanded into other Midwestern states.

(credit: House Of Pizza/Facebook)

(credit: House Of Pizza/Facebook)

House Of Pizza
19 5th Ave. S.
St. Cloud, MN 56301
(320) 258-9300

Praised for its quick lunch menu and friendly service, House Of Pizza has happy hour and pizza specials in St. Cloud and Sartell. A daily special, served on Tuesday, is the Three For Free. It’s a family-style pizza with a three-freebie side: pizza strips, garden salad and a two-liter soda. House Of Pizza began as a quaint downtown pizzeria and soda shop in St. Cloud. It built its success on gourmet thin crust pizza, in which the signature ingredients remain secret. Just be content to know that the pizzas themselves have a reputation for flavor. Both St. Cloud and Sartell serve beer, wine, and rail drinks with select bar snacks.

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Pizzeria Lola
5557 Xerxes Ave. S.
Minneapolis, MN 55410
(612) 424-8338

Some of the pizzas at this pizzeria have innovative touches, such as kimchi, Korean sausage, and soy-chili vinaigrette. Otherwise, it’s the familiar pizza with red sauce and cheese. The Old Reliable is just that — with red marinara, pecorino and mozzarella. One pizza that makes a good brunch and breakfast dish is the Sunny Side, with guanciale, pecorino, cream, leeks and two organic eggs cooked sunny-side up. This American-style pizza is Italian to the core. The beer and wine are of the standard variety. But you can also order a non-alcoholic beverage. Pizza is the star attraction at Pizzeria Lola.

(credit: Red Wagon Pizza)

(credit: Red Wagon Pizza)

Red Wagon Pizza Company
5416 Penn Ave. S.
Minneapolis, MN 55419
(612) 259-7147

Bostonians know Red Wagon as a children’s boutique clothing store. Minnesotans know Red Wagon for its pizza. Red Wagon makes pizzas from sustainable farm-to-table ingredients. The house pizza has a chili flake and balsamic fig finish. Meat lovers enjoy sinking their teeth into the Banh Mi and the Red Wood BBQ. The Banh Mi contains pulled pork. The BBQ smokes with BBQ sauce and bacon cheddar over glazed chicken. Those who prefer meat-free will savor the Olive Oyl, the vegan alternative to the meatier Popeye. Red Wagon has 36 beers on tap for those who must have beer with  pizza. But Red Wagon also has a good wine selection. The menu pairs beer and wine with each pizza entrée. This makes it easier for diners to choose a pizza instead of fussing over wine and tap beer.

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