Best Bars At Minneapolis/St. Paul Airport

November 8, 2012 7:00 AM

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Layovers, delays and cancelations can make air travel downright inconvenient. Luckily for those passing through the Minneapolis/St. Paul Airport, there are a host of bars/restaurants for the impeded traveler to pass time. Grab a beer or order a cocktail in one of these fine MSP Airport establishments to ease the wait (and your nerves).

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Surdyk’s Flights
Minneapolis/St. Paul Airport
Terminal 1, The Mall
(612) 727-2323

Surdyk’s Liquor and Cheese store is a popular one-stop shop for the native Twin Citian boasting a large liquor selection along with gourmet eats. Luckily for the out-of-towner, Surdyk’s Flights also serves up a great selection of eats and drinks at the MSP Airport. Whether you’ve got a quick flight to catch or are looking for a cozy place to pass the time, Surdyk’s has something to accommodate any traveler. Pick up a salad or a sandwich from its grab-and-go case, or settle in with a glass or flight of wine and a cheese plate. Remaining true to its liquor-store roots, Surdyk’s also sells bottles of wine, perfect for last-minute gift giving.

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Ike’s Food & Cocktails
Minneapolis/St. Paul Airport
Terminal 1, The Mall and Concourse F
(612) 355-4643 – The Mall
(612) 355-4693 – Concourse F

Ike’s is a popular downtown Minneapolis destination for many locals and also features two convenient locations in the MSP airport for the hungry, weary traveler. Ike’s has a distinguished, old-boy clubhouse atmosphere that serves up some of the finest airport eats. While Ike’s may charge more for food and drink than its fellow airport compatriots, its delicious dishes are worth every penny. Skip the lackluster airplane fare and order up one of the specialty burgers for a satisfying meal. Experiencing an unexpected delay? Order the Weekender Bloody Mary, accompanied by a beer back and loaded with fantastic edible garnishes, to ease the inconvenience of waiting.

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French Meadow Bakery & Cafe
Minneapolis/St. Paul Airport
Terminal 1, The Mall
(612) 355-4641

French Meadow is the perfect destination for the traveler with dietary restrictions as this organic eatery is known for serving up vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options. A popular brunch destination for city dwellers in Uptown Minneapolis, the MSP Airport location also offers an impressive selection including breakfast favorites like omelettes and a variety of lunchtime soups, salads, sandwiches and more. French Meadow also offers a great selection of wine and beer and stocks a variety of top-shelf liquors for the distinguished drinker. If you have a few moments to spare, pull up a chair and chow down on its organic goods paired with your libation of choice.

Axel’s Bonfire
Minneapolis/St. Paul Airport
Terminal 1, The Mall
(612) 726-5360 x4633

If you’re looking for a solid dinner at a bar-and-grill-style restaurant, check out Axel’s Bonfire for fire-roasted, grilled goodness. Axel’s serves up classic American fare made from fresh ingredients in its scratch kitchen that will fill you up without emptying your wallet. Sample the hickory-grilled meat offerings or go for one of the wood-fired pizzas if you’re traveling with a companion. Like any good bar and grill, Axel’s also has a selection of alcoholic beverages for the thirsty patron to choose from, so stay for a drink or two after your hunger has been satisfied.

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Minneapolis/St. Paul Airport
Terminal 1, Concourse E
(612) 355-4681

If you’re looking for an airport venue that knows how to mix up a strong cocktail, Icescape is a great option as it features a full bar including a variety of premium pours for those who crave refinement. Not strong enough for you? Make your cocktail a double for $3 more. If cocktails aren’t your fancy, grab a beer (make it a big beer for $1.50 more) or a glass of wine instead. Icescape also offers up standard bar food appetizers like buffalo wings and walleye fingers, so order yourself up a snack to stave off hunger pangs. If you’re looking for something more substantial, order a sandwich or a burger to accompany your cocktail.

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