Baseball is classic piece of Americana. It brings people from their homes to be together, to cheer together, slapping each other on the back or high-fiving after a great play and maybe kick back a beer or two and a hot dog with everything on it. Nothing beats going to the game, but when you just want some good old fashioned baseball, these bars aren’t too shabby either.

(credit: Hubert's Sports Bar)

(credit: Hubert’s Sports Bar)

600 North 1st Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55403
(612) 767-2960

Whether you’re going to the original location by the now-razed Metrodome, where the Twins used to play, or the new location by Target Field where the Twins play now, you’ll get cold beer and great game-day food. Hubert’s is so dedicated to Minnesota’s baseball team that it followed the Twins to their new home, and you’ll be so close to the action that you can probably hear the solid smack of bat against ball. Classic Twins memorabilia, including signed baseballs and posters from World Series runs, on the walls make this a truly classic Minnesota sports institution.

The Loon Cafe
500 1st Ave N
Minneapolis, MN 55403
(612) 332-8342

The $3 Grain Belt specials during the game and the Sportsman Breakfast served until the first pitch during earlier Twins games makes “Twins Fever” a real thing at this Warehouse District mainstay. Just one block away from Target Field, with Light Rail access right across the street, the Loon is the go-to for Twins games, and shows no signs of slowing down. Not going to the game? The many screens around the bar will let you catch all the action without dealing with crowds and expensive concessions. Plus, if you hang around long enough you just might spot a Twins player or two come through the door.

(credit: The Bulldog Lowertown)

(credit: The Bulldog Lowertown)

The Bulldog Lowertown
237 6th Street E
Saint Paul, MN 55101
(651) 221-0750

Minneapolis is home to more than one Bulldog, including the original location, but St. Paul’s Lowertown will soon be just a stone’s throw from the brand new Saints baseball stadium. Not only can you get your cold beer and giant hot dog fix at this welcoming sports bar, but you’ll be able to stroll through picturesque Lowertown before one of the more fun sporting events the Twin Cities have to offer. Unlike the Twins, a Saints game is less about the end score and more about good ol’ fashioned baseball underneath a summer sky.

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16 6th Street N
Minneapolis, MN 55403
(612) 338-6621

Around since 1934, fans have been coming to Gluek’s since the Minneapolis Millers were still a thing, and were fighting constantly with those Saint Paul Saints from across the river. Thankfully, the two sides joined together to make the Minnesota Twins in 1960 and the rest is history. The bar, however, is still alive and kicking and a great place to go for a drink before the game, to hang with the crowds during and, with a kitchen open till midnight, for some food afterward.

85 6th Street N
Minneapolis, MN 55403
(612) 339-4499

For those who don’t want the typical sports bar experience, Kieran’s Irish Pub is a happy medium between awesome Irish restaurant and pre-game hotspot. A true pub, great for pre-game beer drinking or post-game celebrating, Kieran’s is a welcoming place for all baseball fans. Groups of all sizes fit well into the spacious area, and the patio is often the best place to relax after a hard-fought game. Hearty food that will give you all the energy you need to scream at the opposing team and cold beer to nourish your throat after round out this popular pub as one of the great places in Minneapolis during Twins season.

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Adrian Schramm is a resident Saint Paul writer with a passion for all things local. Through his work with Saint Paul Almanac and Minneapolis Examiner at, as well as in the kitchens of bars and restaurants around town, he has discovered what truly makes the Twin Cities tick.