Halloween isn’t just for kids. Adults appreciate a good scare just as much as their 10-year-old counterparts do. However as we get older, that haunted house ride at the fair that once seemed so spooky as a child becomes just plain cheesy. A good scare can be hard to find on Halloween once you’ve reached adulthood, but check out these haunted houses in Minnesota that claim to be able to make a grownup scream like a frightened child.

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The Haunted Basement at the Soap Factory
514 2nd St. S.E.
Minneapolis, MN 55414
(612) 623-9176

Dates: Now through Oct. 31

For several years now, the basement of the Soap Factory turns into a haunted house attraction for adults during the month of October. For those ages 18 and up (ID required prior to admittance), the Haunted Basement relies on a talented team of artists to create a grotesque and horrifying maze that those who dare enter must navigate through in relative darkness. The help of local actors is enlisted to make the Haunted Basement even more terrifying with an interactive nature intended to create an immersive, fear-inducing experience. Prior to entry, each attendee must sign a waiver, a psychological foreshadowing of the horrors to come. Brave the Haunted Basement if you dare. Not a fan of being frightened? The Soap Factory also offers ‘Fraidy Cat Tours which are “lights on, no scare” tours through the Haunted Basement.

Scream Town
7410 Highway 212
Chaska, MN 55322
(612) 562-6409

Dates: Now through Oct. 28

Boasted as one of Minnesota’s largest Halloween attractions, Scream Town offers visitors more than 400,000 square feet of fright. Popular attractions include the Oak Blood Forest, which is a thick, isolated forest that attendees must attempt to navigate through sans tour guide and flashlight. Scream Town’s epic Corn Maze takes the average person a terrifying 15 minutes to solve. Scream Town actors lurk around the attractions, popping up unexpectedly to give visitors a good scare. New this year is the Red Neck Resort (beware of Bubba), a Visitation at the Funeral Parlor haunt and for bigfoot fans, a Sasquatch Investigation. Scream Town is recommended for those aged 10 and older, so leave the young ones at home and enjoy an adult fright night.

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(credit: Haunting Experience)

Real Haunted Tours at the Mounds Theatre
1029 Hudson Road
St. Paul, MN 55106
(651) 772-2253

Dates: Now through October

Allegedly haunted by actual spirits, this historic haunt hosts Real Haunted Tours led by paranormal investigators. During the tour, you’ll learn about the history of the Mounds Theatre while being led on a ghost-hunting expedition. Three resident ghosts, including an amicable young girl who has been known to skip across the stage, a middle-aged man who occupies the projection booth and an usher who directs auditorium visitors to their seats, have reportedly been seen by witnesses. One of the ghosts is apparently very explicit in his vocalizations toward women, so if you are easily offended, you might want to sit this tour out. If fake haunted houses aren’t your style, give the Mounds Theatre a try for a real scare.

S. S. William A. Irvin
301 Harbor Drive
Duluth, MN 55802
(218) 722-7876

Dates: Now through Oct. 31

Instead of a haunted house, why not check out a haunted ship? Every October, fright aficionados get the opportunity to experience the William A. Irvin Haunted Ship Tour. During this self-guided tour, you will not only get to see this once historic ore ship, but may even witness some paranormal activity. Rumor has it that a ghost of a sailor who died aboard currently haunts the ship. Beginning in the engine room, the tour leads visitors through the ship and into the maze of terror, which lies below the waters of Lake Superior in the “dungeon” of the ship. Mysterious sightings have allegedly been reported aboard the ship, so prepare to be startled when the lights flicker or doors slam. Enter the haunted ship if you dare and prepare for a potentially paranormal scare.

State Fair

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Frightmares at Buck Hill
15400 Buck Hill Road
Burnsville, MN 55306

Dates: Now through Oct. 28

Looking for a full night of frights? Then check out Frightmares at Buck Hill. Get your thrills by visiting the Fright Factory, the Bellharm Lovejoy Asylum and the Haunted Hollow with a cocktail or two after to calm your riled nerves. That’s right, after enjoying the haunted spaces that Buck Hill has to offer, wander on over to Tucker’s to enjoy an alcoholic beverage and rock out to live music. The Halls of Magic are also scheduled to perform their amazing magic tricks at Frightmares this year. Check out the website for all beguiling details.

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