There’s no other person in life quite like a mother. Doting or severe, kindly or authoritarian, mothers are always there, and always looking out for us. Not only did she have to carry you around for nine months, but she then carried you kicking and screaming until the day when we could finally feed, dress, and bathe ourselves. And now, it’s time to give a little back. This woman is a champion, and she deserves a special gift on the day dedicated solely to her.

(credit: Garrison)

(credit: Garrison)

Multiple metro locations including:
2276 Como Ave.
St Paul, MN 55108
(651) 646-5651

With multiple locations around the metro, this St. Paul-based gift shop has everything a mother could want. There is a fantastic selection of jewelry, candles, bath and body supplies; anything a girl could want. They also offer a wide selection of functional gifts, like tote bags, mugs, stationary, and pencil sharpeners, for the more practical mom. You can shop online, finding anything you need from the comfort of your couch, but stepping into the store is kind of a fun experience in itself. You’ll be surrounded by so many great gifts you might leave with something for yourself.


Forget the holiday? Need a last-minute gift? Living too far away to present something to your mother personally? All of these problems might prohibit sending the perfect mother’s day gift. But, the same people who will bring you food when you’re too lazy, or otherwise incapacitated, with BiteSquad will make sure your gift-giving needs are also met. Browse their online store, where you’ll find everything from jewelry to gift baskets, stuffed animals, flowers, chocolates, and just about anything else that will make mom smile on her special day.

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Three Sisters Eclectic Arts
253 E 4th St.
St Paul, MN 55101
(651) 222-6052

Set up co-op style, where local artists, designers, and designers of all types can set up shop to sell their goods, you’re sure to find something unique. Locally-designed clothes that will have mom looking fly or any of the handmade jewelry will add a little something extra. A selection of handcrafted soaps and perfumes make for a unique addition to her boudoir. Maybe a painting or beautiful photograph. You don’t want to get her the mass-produced, generic gifts that you’d find at the department store, you want to get her something special, and this is the place to do exactly that.

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Multiple metro locations including:
1581 Selby Ave.
St Paul, MN 55104
(651) 644-5444

If your mom is a hip gal, this store might just have something she’ll appreciate. Sure you can get the standard gifts here, trendy cookbooks and food items, handmade jewelry and accessories, coffee table books etc., but you’ll also find a myriad of funky cool and tongue-in-cheek gifts that are sure to make her smile. There are always gifts to suit the season as well, so make sure to stop in whenever the weather starts to change. You can find locations in St. Paul, Minneapolis, and the suburbs, so there’s always a store nearby.

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495 Selby Ave.
St Paul, MN 55102
(651) 348-6104

Your mom is a sophisticated lady, and she deserves a sophisticated gift. Sure, everyone likes a new book or bouquet of flowers, but if you want to get a gift that caters to the high-powered mom, she is sure to be impressed with something from Idun in St. Paul. Featuring labels that are near impossible to find in Minnesota, including Danish brand Wom Hundred for sleek, chic wear, NYC-based Nomia for active wear, and many more brands in shoes, clothes, accessories, and scents, she’ll is sure to be blown away. Best part? You only have to go to St. Paul to find it.

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