Mention the school, Cretin-Derham Hall, and a certain Minnesota Twins catcher seems to pop up almost immediately. 

While Mr. Joe Mauer has obviously left a mark on the community and the surrounding neighborhood, there’s more to this St. Paul ‘hood than the fame of its former athletes (fellow Twins DH Paul Molitor also hails from Cretin).

Cretin-Derham Hall is located in a quiet, little neighborhood bustling with a residential community and a lot of personality.

The few blocks surrounding Cretin, houses some of the best of St. Paul — not to mention, a few “Mauer musts.”

So without delaying any further, let’s dive into the unique little area where an All-Star is known simply as just “Joe.”

credit: CBS

Schmidty’s Sports Barbers

1339 Randolph Ave. | St. Paul, MN

For years, Joe Mauer has gone to Schmidty’s Sports Barbers to get his routine haircut and sideburn trim. Here, he can sink back into a little more normalcy, getting a “regular haircut by a regular guy.” Even though, that regular guy just happens to be his old coach. With haircuts just $17 and a promise for “priceless” advice, Schmidty’s is a great stop for that monthly trim. And really, what more do you need than Joe Mauer’s seal of approval?

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The Nook

419 Hamline Ave. | St. Paul, MN

It’s been called the place for burgers — whether you’re looking to sink your teeth into a “juicy nookie” or a Joe Mauer double play burger. Order some fresh cut fries or a thick chocolate shake and it just doesn’t get much better for a satisfying meal. It’s even been featured on Food Network, where Mr. Guy Fieri proclaimed, “The Nook is off the hook.” ‘Nuff said.

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J & S The Bean Factory

1518 Randolph Ave. | St. Paul, MN

J & S Bean Factory keeps things local from the art it sells on its walls to the band line-up posted on the bulletin board. This trendy, urban spot has a great patio out back for those warm fall days, where wood-carved bears even take part in the coffee sipping. Beyond serving the latest creations, the Bean Factory also produces, boasting a full-service roastery and its very own coffee brand.

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P.J. Murphy’s Bakery

1279 Randolph Ave. | St. Paul, MN

This little bakery with big sweets has been around for more than 80 years — and regular customers will tell you, it’s only gotten better with age. Whatever you’re looking for to satisfy that sweet tooth, P.J.’s has it — and then some. From cakes to cookies, fresh breads to cupcakes, P.J. Murphy’s is always bustling with customers who followed the fresh-baked scents straight to their front door.

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Elite Repeat

1336 Randolph Ave. | St. Paul, MN

For that deal-seeking shopper in your family — the one who doesn’t mind a little digging and some big payoffs — Elite Repeat is the place to freshen up your wardrobe. The little consignment boutique has everything from designer purses, shoes and bags to the latest fashions and adorable odds and ends.

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Copper Dome

1333 Randolph Ave. | St. Paul, MN

For breakfast any time of day — or heck, every time of the day — Copper Dome is an institution, known for flavorful flapjacks with a good old-fashioned diner setting. Everything from the local breakfast motif to the diner-type plates screams comfort and a sense of home.

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Laurel Street Flowers And Gifts

488 Hamline Ave. S. | St. Paul, MN

They say that every now and then, you should stop and smell the roses, but at Laurel Street Flowers and Gifts, there’s more than just some red rosebuds to check out. This cozy little gift shop has a bunch of great trinkets, including antique items and local art. And let’s not forget about the selection of flowers and gorgeous bouquets on hand.

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Kopplin’s Coffee

490 Hamline Ave. S. | St. Paul, MN

Whether you need an espresso jolt to start your day or delicious, fresh baked goods to snack on, Kopplin’s has got you covered. The little coffee shop takes deep pride in bringing folks a perfectly prepared cup of Joe, with a local twist.