Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl’s Top 5 Fish Taco Recipes

March 10, 2017 12:07 PM

(credit: andrewzimmern.com)

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Everyone always comes back from their Mexican beach vacations raving about the fish tacos—why can’t we have tacos that good in our regular lives? The answer is you can—but you’re going to have to take matters in to your own hands. How? Like this! Here are the Top 5 Fish Tacos.

taco truck tuna sandwich Dara Moskowitz Grumdahls Top 5 Fish Taco Recipes

(credit: André Baranowski/Saveur.com)

Taco Truck Tuna Sandwich

Why can’t canned tuna be as good as a great fish taco? Let us look to California food-trucks for inspiration: You’re basically throwing a jalapeno, fresh lime juice, and cilantro in a food processor and then using that to dress tuna, which you fold into a taco with fesh avocado slices—that’s good in between white bread slices or wrapped up in lettuce too. It’s just good.

grilled fish tacos with lime crema Dara Moskowitz Grumdahls Top 5 Fish Taco Recipes

(credit: CBS)

Susan Feniger’s Grilled Fish Taco with Lime Crema

If you’ve never had Mexican crema, it’s basically a whipped cultured sour cream, and combining it with lime juice, lime zest, and salt creates one of those condiments that’s life-changing. Any grilled, spiced fish plus that lime crema plus herbs is a very good thing—and this whole recipe with its radish cucumber slaw is divine.

pan fried fish tacos Dara Moskowitz Grumdahls Top 5 Fish Taco Recipes

(credit: Penny De Los Santos/Seriouseats.com)

Pati’s Mexican Table Pan-Fried Fish Tacos

If you’ve got a freezer full of walleye fillets you want to use up, this is one of the world’s perfect fish-taco recipes, because the fish shines in the preparation—it doesn’t get buried in breading—but the spice gives it just enough zip that you’ll never be bored.

sweet corn and scallop tacos Dara Moskowitz Grumdahls Top 5 Fish Taco Recipes

(credit: rickbayless.com)

Rick Bayless Sweet Corn and Scallop Tacos

I actually saw some Florida sweet-corn in the store the other day, and I’m not sure I’m ready for it—you can use frozen corn in a bag just as well, which I do think is one of winter’s great reliable vegetables. I will also say that sweet corn and scallops are a miracle pairing, and the pairing goes beautifully with Chardonnay, and if you make these tacos that’s a very, very nice Saturday night.

fish tempura tacos Dara Moskowitz Grumdahls Top 5 Fish Taco Recipes

(credit: andrewzimmern.com)

Alex Stupak’s Fish Tempura Tacos

You can’t go wrong with fried fish tacos! They’re the main thing people think about when you think fish tacos, right? And this Alex Stupak invented, Andrew Zimmern approved recipe is a sheer and brittle beauty—in the best possible way.

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