Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl’s Top 5 Recipes Using State Fair Icons

August 24, 2017 2:31 PM

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I’m live at the Minnesota State Fair this week, and it seems just bonkers to try to talk about cooking, or healthy eating, or anything, so I’m just going to straight up pretend you’ll be cooking with the iconic foods of the Minnesota State Fair. Like these!

(credit: Kelli Foster/thekitchn.com)

Sweet Martha’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Ice-Cream sandwiches

Get that whole bucket of cookies, get a pint of ice-cream, you know where this is going—that’s a good little ice-cream sandwich!

(credit: Joshua Bousel/Seriouseats.com)


Should you get an extra cup of fries and an order of cheese curds, go home, and combine them under gravy? No that would be insane. But if you are leading the insane State Fair life you can do that!

(credit: foodnetwork.com)

Gelato Shakes

The most underrated treat at the State Fair has to be the gelato at Mancini’s—which you could totally take home and make a shake with. Just like fancy heiresses on the Food Network do. Yes, I’m talking about Giada De Laurentiis, who is Dino De Laurentiis’ granddaughter, and Dino produced La Strada, Dune, and a whole bunch of Steven King movies.

(credit: landolakes.com)

Mini Donut Bread Pudding

What can you do with a smooshed up bag of donuts at the bottom of your stroller? You can make bread pudding! Really. You really can.

(credit: Ethan Calabrese/Delish.com)

Creamed Corn Made with Corn from the Corn Roast

You didn’t think I could come up with five of these? Doubters! I could come up with five of these! For your last recipe of madness, you’re going to take some corn-roast style grilled corn, haul it home, cut the kernels off the cob, and then turn them into creamed corn. Who would do such a thing? I don’t know! Maybe if you had a State Fair loving friend who is stuck overseas for the duration? Just because you’re nuts, doesn’t mean you can’t express your love of the State Fair, in food.