Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl’s Top 6 Refrigerator Cookies

December 9, 2017 10:32 AM

(credit: Saveur.com)

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As you know, I’m obsessed with refrigerator cookies, the kind of dough you make in advance, roll into a log, and then slice and bake.

Keto Chocolate Chip Cookies


In case you’re keto-curious after our talk with Maria Emmerich, I thought I’d throw in a link to her low-carb, gluten-free chocolate chip cookie. I’ve never made this myself, so that’s why it’s number 6, but I thought it was important not to leave you hanging out here in keto-curiosity!

spicy mexican cookies Dara Moskowitz Grumdahls Top 6 Refrigerator Cookies

(credit: Saveur.com)

Spicy Mexican Chocolate Icebox Cookies


If you want to get a little avant garde on your cookie situation, do this: Make spicy chocolate cookies.

Triple Ginger Snaps


I do not like wimpy ginger cookies. These ginger cookies are not wimpy—they’re downright fierce. Fresh ginger, crystallized ginger, and good old-fashioned dried ground ginger come together for a ka-pow of super ginger gingery gingeriffic ginger cookie! These are good.

Midnight Cookies


Do you like a cookie recipe which starts with a pound of chocolate? I do. I like any recipe which explores the outer limit of how much chocolate you can cram into a cookie. The answer is a whole lot! A whole whole lot.

pistachio cranberry icebox cookies Dara Moskowitz Grumdahls Top 6 Refrigerator Cookies

(credit: Epicurious.com)

Pistachio Cranberry Icebox Cookies


This recipe is sort of the holy grail of cookie recipes at Christmas – because it’s green and red and white and gets that color purely from natural ingredients. And it’s got antioxidants in it because of the cranberries and pistachios! It’s a miracle recipe basically. You can make these into rectangles or squares, too, and then they look like presents!

Pinwheel Cookies!


How I love them. You know pinwheel cookies, right? You take a chocolate layer of cookie dough, a vanilla layer, roll them up together, then slice through—when I go to cookie exchanges they get so many oohs and ahs. The very best recipe in all the land is this one from Fine Cooking – they put a little espresso powder in with the chocolate, which makes it taste more chocolatey.