“She’s the dream come true maker!”

The Ride
The Driver: Joan
Ride in Question: 2001 Dodge Dakota Sport Pickup 4X4
Spotted at: Minnehaha Park, 4801 South Minnehaha Park Dr Minneapolis, MN 55417
Odometer: 140,000
Ride’s Nickname: The Sister Truck


Q: This is a mighty sweet ride. Let’s hear all about it. First of all, why do you call it the Sister Truck?

A: I just imagined that if I ever had a big sister that she would help me out in the dreams come true department. And this truck is doing that for me, so I started calling her the Sister Truck.

Q: What kind of adventures have you two had together?

A: We haul gigantic unicorn props, huge AIDS ribbons, lots of other stuff that makes dreams come true for me.

Q: What do you do?

A: I am a freelance storefront designer. I make wildly creative gigantic props that I put inside retail storefronts. I also administer art projects.

Q: Super fun. Do other drivers look over at you and say, wow, there’s a girl with a unicorn in the back of her truck?

A: No, I kind of lay low and cover it with blankets.

Q: You should let it out for all to see and love.

A: I should attach it to the grill!

Q: That’s a good idea. How did you get this truck?

A: I was driving a hatchback and ripping up the interior with all my props, so I sold it. I am a person who cannot live without a car for more than a few days. This was during the really bad heat wave last June. I saw the Sister Truck and asked, “Does it have A.C.? Does it start? Does it drive?”

Q: From there on out you thought, “It’s you and me, baby.” Sometimes you have to make a quick decision.

A: Yeah, especially when you’re sweating and getting a rash.

Q: You needed to put some powder on before you went car shopping on that hot day.

A: I should have powdered up!

Q: Have you gone on any road trips together?

A: Not yet, but I really want to do an outsider art trip, stopping at thrift stores and antique stores and going all the way through Wisconsin down to Chicago.

Q: Can I come with?

A: Sure! That’s what she’s for. She’s the dream come true maker. Let’s say you want to buy that big metal peacock sculpture from the ‘60s, the one that’s the size of your couch. Just throw it in the Sister Truck!

Q: And finally, are there any rules when riding in the Sister Truck?

A: You have to be absolutely awesome!

Photos and interview by Michelle Leon

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