DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Lauren At The Minnesota Zoo

December 27, 2011 3:00 AM

dyr minn DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Lauren At The Minnesota Zoo

“I was so happy to get this big car. Now I’m definitely not scared of snow!”

The Ride
The Driver: Lauren
Car in Question: Blue 2011 Ford Escape
Spotted at: Minnesota Zoo, 13000 Zoo Boulevard, Apple Valley, MN 55124
Odometer: 6,000
Car’s Nickname: Blue Truck


Q: Why did you choose Blue Truck, your 2011 Ford Escape?

A: My old car, a Sunfire, scared me when I drove it in the winter. It was always spinning out and I wanted a heavier car that I knew would be safer and wouldn’t spin out during the winter months. My old car was so close to the ground and always felt unsafe. Now I feel so much safer and secure, plus I got to pick this car out myself.

Q: What is your favorite feature and least favorite feature?

A: The sound system is pretty cool. I don’t like that it guzzles gas so much.

Q: Where’s your favorite place to drive?

A: I really just like to drive around town, open the sunroof, drive slow listen to the music, and enjoy the weather.

Q: Do you have a favorite memory with Blue Truck?

A: Well, it isn’t my favorite memory, but two weeks after I got my car, a rock hit my windshield, cracked the entire thing. Then it spread all over. I had to drive home super slow because I was so worried. Then I got the pleasure of watching the car people fix the window in my driveway. Not the best memory, but hopefully I’ll have better ones to come.

Q: That’s certainly unfortunate! Can you tell us something fun or quirky about Blue Truck?

A: Yes. My car will e-mail me a vehicle health report. It will tell me how much air pressure is in the tires, how the breaks are doing, and lets me know when it needs an oil change. It does it whenever I request it, which is awesome. I can also talk on the phone through the speaker. The car has the capability to read text messages to me. Which makes it super safe.

Q: If Blue Truck had a human trait, what would it be?

A: My car would be sassy, because the color is fun and it stands out. It’s a hot car. Plus my car can hold its own on the road.

Q: Ah, sassy Blue Truck. What do you like to listen to while driving?

A: I love that I can plug in my iPod and listen to whatever I want if I can’t find anything to listen to on the radio.

Q: Do you have any rules?

A: Yes, no eating. Drinks must have tops. No stickiness or muddiness in the car. My puppy is also not allowed in the car. She licks the windows.

Q: How long do you think you’ll have Blue Truck?

A: I think that I’ll have this car for another 10 years and then maybe I can trade up for something more eco-friendly. Hopefully by then cars will be running on electricity and water vapors and I can get one of those cars.

Q: Finally, what is your absolute dream vehicle?

A: When I bought this car it was my dream car. Maybe now, a cute little sports car. Even though I wouldn’t be able to drive because I can’t drive a stick. But I could look at how cute it is all day long!

Photos and interview by Kelly Miller

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