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If you’ve grown bored of reading statuses on cooking and diapering from your friends and relatives on other social media platforms, then you may be interested in hanging out on Twitter occasionally. However, Twitter isn’t just for stalking the local Twitterati, but for engaging with and communicating with tweeps you may not normally have had the opportunity to mingle with. Luckily in Minnesota, many Twitterati are active participants and most are happy to send out a tweet or two to their fans and followers. There is no form of social media that is fun if users are not actually socializing in some way, right? Compiling a list of the best Twitterati to follow in Minnesota is not an easy task, and this list is in no way exhaustive (or in any particular order).

In order to choose the best Twitterati to follow in Minnesota, this list has been narrowed down based on a few criteria. These include things such as mentions to followers (using the @), actually having conversations with people on Twitter as well as timelines that include a mixture of interesting tweets and retweets from other people. You will notice that some of the people chosen do not have the largest followings or the most tweets, but based on the criteria of actually interacting (and thus being more fun to follow), have deserved a spot on this list.


Chef, writer, traveler, host of “Bizarre Foods” on the Travel Channel and MSN’s “Appetite for Life,” Andrew Zimmern is a Minnesota legend. You would think with over 300,000 followers that Andrew would be far too busy to interact with anyone, but he does. Besides, he also brings the foodie tweets, and we could always use more recommendations from the man who knows best.


Andy Seeley is the tweeter behind this Twitter handle where you can find anything you’d ever need regarding the Minnesota Golden Gophers. If you feel like checking out some tweets on something other than Golden Gopher Football, you can hop on over to Andy’s personal Twitter account @agseeley.


Paul DeBettignies is a Minnesota IT recruiter who blogs on various topics including Minnesota businesses, job searching and all things related to social media. Might sound a bit boring, but his tweets are a mixture of humor and technical advice. Plus, it’s been said that he killed it at the Minnesota Blog Con in an icebreaker session. Check out his tweets to stay up-to-date on all things technical in an ever-evolving industry.


Best-selling author of fiction and graphic novels Neil Gaiman engages his Twitter followers with tales of his travels and events around the world, shares photos, videos and audio, and even answers fans’ and followers’ (1.7 million so far) questions. All that, and he’s funny.


Erica Mayer always seems to be in the middle of multiple projects, but is nonetheless on top of interesting, entertaining and motivational tweets. As she says in her profile, “When life gives u rain, puke a rainbow.” She will frequently post challenging ideas that will leave you pondering all day long.


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