The Spiciest Dishes In The Twin Cities

June 6, 2012 6:00 AM

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Spice comes in all shapes and sizes. Whatever spicy food you prefer, it’s available in the Twin Cities. These are some of the hottest and most spicy burgers, wings, jerk chicken and more that you can find in the beloved Twin Cities. Read on.
burger for valley tap house thinkstock The Spiciest Dishes In The Twin Cities

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The Valley Tap House
14889 Florence Trail
Apple Valley, MN 55124
(952) 431-BEER

Price: Blistered Hipster Burger $8.95

The Valley Tap House offers a variety of gastro-bar food and pit-smoked meats, but one spicy standout is its Blistered Hipster Burger. It even comes with its own warning, stating the restaurant is “not responsible for any pain or injury that this burger may cause. Eat at your own risk.” Yikes! This burger certainly does pack a spicy punch to the gut – but the heat is well worth it. It’s everything you want in a burger, topped with The Tap House’s own Three Chili Relish, pepper jack cheese, chipotle aoili and crispy onions. If you’re in the mood for a spicy burger and fries, The Tap House is the place to go. Its sister restaurant, The Lyndale Tap House, is in Uptown and it has this burger on the menu as well.

girvan guide via facebook The Spiciest Dishes In The Twin Cities

Photo Credit: Girvan Guide via Facebook

Girvan Grille
8700 EdinBrook Crossing
Brooklyn Park, MN 55443
(763) 315-8535

Price: Ghost Wings $10

Nestled on the edge of the Edinburgh Golf Course in Brooklyn Park, you might not think that this bar/restaurant has anything spicy to offer. Well, think again. Its Ghost Wing Challenge is quite popular and has been written up in local and national publications. If you’re up for it, try to eat just 10 of Girvan Grille’s wings in 15 minutes – a feat about 60 people have mastered (with plenty of water to wash the spice away). The wings are spiced to hot perfection with house-made Dragon Sauce, habanero peppers and bhut lolokia peppers. Maybe this is one plate of wings better shared with friends rather than eating all on your own. Follow this advice and your stomach will thank you later.

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szechuan spice restaurant The Spiciest Dishes In The Twin Cities

Photo Credit: Szechuan Spice Restaurant

Szechuan Spice Restaurant
3016 Lyndale Ave S
Minneapolis, MN 55408
(612) 353-4281

Price: Boiled fish, beef, or pork in hot szechuan sauce $12 – $15

Szechuan Spice offers a wide menu of selections ranging from ‘very hot’ to ‘not so spicy’. One of its standout menu items has to be the boiled dishes in hot szechuan sauce. It’s available with fish, beef or pork – whichever suits your fancy on the day. This dish will open your sinuses and make your mouth water with its carefully crafted spiced meats and sauce. Everything is made to order so it’s hot and fresh when it arrives at your table. If you want to enjoy the spice of life in your own living room, Szechuan Spice offers a delivery service within five miles and a takeout option as well.

marlas caribbean cuisine The Spiciest Dishes In The Twin Cities

Photo Credit: Marla's Caribbean Cuisine

Marla’s Caribbean Cuisine
3761 Bloomington Ave S
Minneapolis, MN 55407
(612) 724-3088

Price: Jamaican Jerk dishes $8 – $12

This neighborhood gem should be near the top of your list if you’re in the mood for some spicy food. Marla’s Caribbean Cuisine showcases a mix of Caribbean and Indian dishes – a treat for the mouth and the sinuses. Its Jamaican Jerk dishes are some of the best the restaurant has to offer and some of the spiciest. Dishes offered include jerk-style house-marinated chicken, shrimp, fish, tofu or veggies and each are served with beans or rice. A tip from the wise: Be sure to ask for extra water right away, as sometimes the servers aren’t always around when you’ve taken that spicy bite that sends you over the edge.

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litle szechuan The Spiciest Dishes In The Twin Cities

Photo Credit: Little Szechuan

Little Szechuan
5377 W 16th St
St. Louis Park, MN 55416
(952) 322-7671

Price: Orange Chicken $10

One Minneapolis food critic was quoted as saying that the chefs at Little Szechuan use chili peppers like a blizzard uses snow. Most Asian restaurants will offer their own take on orange chicken, so come check out how this restaurant’s dish compares to others. Here’s a preview. The presentation and the spice level is tolerable as the dish comes out, however more heat should be added with the house-made chili paste and Sriracha sauces. These spicy condiments add just the bang your palate was looking for. Order any plate, such as the tender King Chung Chili Beef, and add the heat with these sauces. If you’re feeling the itch to add more spice, and maybe have a dinner date that’s a little less thrilled about that burning sensation, get the sauces on the side. It’s the best way to go.

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