By Sasha Westin

Photo Credit: Giuseppe Cacace/Getty Images

A little Fair Isle pattern goes a long way, especially on someone who is petite. The horizontal nature of Fair Isle can quickly shorten the tallest petite woman. But there are a few options made specifically for petite women that will provide a taller, slimmer look. Here are a few sweater options for the petite ladies out there so you too can look like our style icon, Victoria Beckham.

The Draped Fair Isle Cardigan- Petite – $60


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Daisy Fuentes® for Kohl’s has a longer draped cardigan with asymmetrical hem and the Fair Isle pattern in a diagonal nature can help give the illusion of a taller look. The solid panels that come down the front, as well as streamlined arms with no pattern also help to slim and add height.

The Casual Fair Isle Vest- $64


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I really like this sleeveless Fair Isle sequin cardigan vest from Macy’s because the vertical panels in the front automatically are height-friendly and it can be paired with a low-contrast top for a slim look. While horizontal pattern is strong, the vertical panels are even stronger and the overall style is contemporary. Make sure to wear a strong solid color underneath.

The Casual Fair Isle Cardigan – $89.95


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Eddie Bauer is one of the first stores that popped to mind when thinking about Fair Isle and petite sizes. Sure enough, this is their take on a more figure flattering sweater – a slightly less is more amount of pattern mixed with vertical ribbing.

The Elegant Fair Isle Cashmere – $229


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The low-contrast pattern on this Talbots cashmere sweater will make for a tall and slim look if it fits perfectly and is paired with a low-contrast bottom like the white pants pictured. While lighter colors make things slightly larger, remember that they are also elegant and sophisticated.

A few additional tips for wearing Fair Isle in the most flattering way:

• If you are broad in the shoulders and/or bust, opt for a style that has the pattern at the hips to de-emphasize where you are largest.
• If you are wider in the hips and seat than you are in the shoulders and bust, draw attention up with the pattern around your shoulders and bust.
• If you have a minimal or no waist, avoid drawing attention that area and go with a style that has strong vertical lines.

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