Eighteen new contestants will take part in the 42nd season of the popular reality show.

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New Season Of 'Survivor' Starts WednesdayEighteen new contestants will take part in the 42nd season of the popular reality show.
Redmon's Popcorn Gets Another Surprise From ColbertA Minnesota business getting a second boost from "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert."
KAT Plays For Charity On Celebrity Wheel Of FortuneKarl-Anthony Towns can do more than just score points and get rebounds.
St. Paul's Lip Esteem Featured On Hulu's 'Small Business Revolution'WCCO talks with Tameka Jones, the founder and owner of Lip Esteem, an online retailer of plant-based products like lip stick and lip gloss.
Minneapolis Native Wins Big On Wheel Of FortuneIt's Teacher's Week on Wheel of Fortune, and a Twin Cities woman solved the puzzle for a big win.
Netflix's 'Social Dilemma' Might Be Required ViewingRusty Gatenby covers some of the latest home-viewing options (4:34). WCCO This Morning - October 2, 2020
WCCO Viewers Sound Off On Sequels, RebootsA couple of old movies -- "Dirty Dancing" and "A League of Their Own" -- are being brought back in different ways (3:47). WCCO Mid-Morning - August 7, 2020
WarnerMedia Opens Investigation Into The Ellen Show's Workplace CultureThe Ellen Show is reportedly under investigation for alleged workplace harassment, (0:36). WCCO 4 News at 10 - July 27, 2020
Cedric The Entertainer's Advice For Making The Greatest At-Home VideosJennifer Mayerle spoke with Cedric the Entertainer, who has been compiling the best creative videos for the CBS show The Greatest At Home Videos. She spoke with him about what stands out (3:52) WCCO 4 Saturday Morning - July 25, 2020
Are WCCO Viewers Upgrading Their TVs During Pandemic?A research firm says consumers have been buying televisions at levels normally seen during the holidays (3:11). WCCO Mid-Morning - July 22, 2020
Hollywood Starts Gearing Up To Return To WorkWith strict guidelines in place, Hollywood might be ready to make a comeback, Chris Martinez reports (2:07). WCCO 4 News At Noon - June 30, 2020
Meet The Winner Of 'Survivor: Winners At War'Jason DeRusha talks with Tony Vlachos, the champion of the special season of "Survivor" (3:51). WCCO Mid-Morning - May 14, 2020
WCCO Viewers Share Their Favorite Movie BlockbustersCBS is kicking off a series of Sunday's blockbuster movie nights this weekend with a showing of "Raiders of the Lost Ark" (2:28). WCCO Mid-Morning - May 1, 2020
Average American Now Streaming 8 Hours Of Video DailyIt looks like America is becoming even more of a binge-watching nation during the pandemic (3:24). WCCO Mid-Morning - April 17, 2020
Survey Finds Netflix The Biggest Winner During Social DistancingAccording to a new survey by HighSpeedInternet.com, Netflix is the most popular streaming service so far during Stay at Home. (3:28) WCCO Mid-Morning - March 31, 2020
We Just Wanted To Share This 'Price Is Right' Weather GraphicYou understand (0:36). WCCO 4 News At Noon - February 27, 2020
More People Prefer Stories Of Revenge Over ForgivenessIn the study, students read proposed plots for TV episodes and picked their favorites (3:10). WCCO Mid-Morning - February 18, 2020
Today's Your Chance To Audition For 'Love Island'The show's narrator Matthew Hoffman and last season's winner Elizabeth Weber explain (4:43). WCCO Saturday Morning - February 15, 2020
What You Need To Know To Watch Super Bowl In 4KIt helps to know what the terms 4K, 8K and OLED all mean, Christiane Cordero reports (4:20). WCCO This Morning - January 31, 2020
Recording Academy Fires Back In Its DefenseThis year's show is shrouded in controversy after accusations of rigging, Danya Bacchus reports (1:42). WCCO 4 News At 6 - January 25, 2020
Controversy Erupts Over Accusations Of 'Rigged' GrammysThe show is scheduled to go on as planned Sunday on CBS, Jamie Yuccas reports (2:11). WCCO 4 News At 5 - January 25, 2020
Happy 98th Birthday, Betty White!Last year, she credited her attitude for her lifetime of happiness, Jason DeRusha reports (1:12). WCCO This Morning - January 17, 2020
How Much Is Too Much To Pay For Streaming?A survey finds that three in five Americans think anything more than $20 monthly is too much, and three-quarters surveyed said they drew the line at $30 per month (2:54). WCCO This Morning - January 9, 2020
Vanna White Stepping In As 'Wheel Of Fortune' HostPat Sajak fell ill due to a blocked intestine, and so White will be hosting this week and next, plus some episodes in January, Heather Brown reports (1:06). WCCO Mid-Morning - December 10, 2019

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