Gas Prices Down Across The Twin CitiesIn just the last month, prices have dropped significantly, but it might not last for long, Mary McGuire reports (2:02). WCCO 4 News At 10 - December 4, 2018
Ford Wants To Eliminate ‘New Car Smell’ In China MarketA senior director at JD Power tells the Detroit Free Press that some consumers in China don't like it (2:39). WCCO Mid-Morning - November 20, 2018
Labor Shortage Hits Auto Body, Service ShopsSlippery roads will create a flurry of fender benders needing repair, but the tight labor market has many shops struggling to find enough qualified technicians, Bill Hudson reports (2:01). WCCO 4 News At 6 – Nov. 16, 2018
How Does Minnesota's Gas Tax Compare?Tim Walz says Minnesota needs to raise the gas tax to fix our roads, Heather Brown reports (3:30). WCCO Mid-Morning - November 16, 2018
Consumer Reports Unveils Most Reliable Cars 2018The reliability survey collects data on everything from the engine and transmission to the doors and electronics (3:06). WCCO Mid-Morning - October 25, 2018
Parents Need To Be Better Driving Role ModelsA survey showed 79 percent of teens say they rely on their parents most as a role model for driving (3:14). WCCO Mid-Morning - October 23, 2018
Long Lines At Minnesota DMVs Make Taking Road Test DifficultMastering the art of parallel parking is typically what creates the most anxiety when trying to get a driver’s license, but for the last few months, something else has become even more daunting -- just getting a chance to take the road test, Angela Davis reports (2:18) WCCO 4 News At 5 – Oct. 4, 2018
Crash Test Results Released On MinivansThe Insurance Institute for Highway Safety is out with a new round of crash tests. This time the group looked at minivans. Hena Doba reports. (2:01) WCCO This Morning – Aug. 16, 2018
When To Suggest Elderly Drivers Hang Up The KeysNew research from AAA shows 83 percent of seniors who still have a drivers license hadn't spoken with any family member about their driving ability (3:24). WCCO Mid-Morning - August 14, 2018
Who Comes Up With These Messages?MnDOT says they post their silly sign sayings when traffic isn't an issue, Heather Brown reports (3:03). WCCO Mid-Morning - August 3, 2018
The 6th Annual Lakes Concours d'Elegance in ExcelsiorEvent producer J.Marie Fieger explains the event to Heather Brown and Jason DeRusha (3:14). WCCO Mid-Morning - July 18, 2018
Do You Like Minnesota's New Driver's Licenses?The new cards will be issued starting in August. The biggest change comes in the form of which card you'll receive based on age (2:50). WCCO Mid-Morning - July 16, 2018
What Are The Laws For Bikes On The Road?In short, bikes must act as vehicles when they're on the road, Heather Brown reports (3:21). WCCO Mid-Morning - July 13, 2018
Many Parents Are Distracted Driving With Kids In CarA nationwide study shows about half use cell phones with young kids in the car (2:48). WCCO Mid-Morning - July 12, 2018
Tip For Parents Of Teen DriversThe time between Memorial Day and Labor Day can be the deadliest when it comes to teenagers driving. Larry Allen from Honest-1 Auto Care shares some tips for parents on educating kids about safe driving (3:12). WCCO Mid-Morning - July 6, 2018
‘Terrible Tuesday’: Record Number Of People Heading Out Of Town For 4th Of JulyAAA calls this "Terrible Tuesday". A record number of people are headed out of town for the July 4th holiday. And those traveling by car will be paying more at the pump then in previous years. Chris Martinez reports. (2:21) WCCO This Morning – July 3, 2018
Study Finds Built-In Car Systems More DistractingNew research from AAA shows drivers are less distracted when they use Apple Carplay and Google's Android Auto compared to systems that come built into vehicles (3:11). WCCO Mid-Morning - June 27, 2018
Classic Rides Arrive For Back To The 50s WeekendThe Minnesota Street Rod Association is revving up for it's Back to the 50s Weekend. Photojournalist Robyn Black had a chance to check out the arrivals (). WCCO 4 News At Noon - June 22, 2018
New Tech Aims To Prevent Hot Car DeathsTechnology is helping make sure parents don't forget their kids in the back seat, John Schiumo reports (1:50). WCCO 4 News At Noon - June 20, 2018
Chevy Engineers Unique Concept To Address Drowsy DrivingAs the summer driving season shifts into high gear, Chevrolet engineers have developed a unique concept to address a major safety hazard: drowsy driving. Here's Meg Oliver. (1:55) WCCO 4 News – June 15, 2018
Chevrolet Develops Drowsy Driving Simulator SuitThe 100 days between Memorial Day and Labor Day are considered the deadliest stretch for drivers on the road, Meg Oliver reports (). WCCO This Morning - June 15, 2018
When You Should Change Your TiresNew research has AAA warning drivers to check the tread on their tires, Chris Martinez reports (1:22). WCCO 4 News At Noon - June 7, 2018
AAA Reminding Motorists To Check Tread On TiresSummer showers make for hazardous driving conditions, and now new research has AAA warning drivers to check the tread on their tires. (2:22) WCCO This Morning – June 7, 2018
Digital License Plates Making Debut In CaliforniaThe company behind them says the plate can display urgent messages, like if a car is stolen, or share details of an amber alert, Kim Johnson reports (0:57). WCCO This Morning - June 1, 2018

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