Kids 5 and older could be eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine in a matter of weeks.

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Vaccine Specialist Says Parents Can Trust Shot For Kids Once ApprovedKids 5 and older could be eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine in a matter of weeks.
Jeremiah Program Helps Single Moms And Kids Build A Better FutureFor more than 20 years, the Jeremiah Program has helped single moms go to college and helped their kids get ready for school.
RSV Cases On The Rise: Here's How To Spot ItBefore school even starts, respiratory viruses are spreading among kids.
Back-To-School Shopping Money-Saving TipsKids will be headed back to the classroom soon, and that means parents have to open up their wallets. Mike Kojonen from Principal Preservation Services gives us some money-saving tips.
Moms Inspired To Create Podcast After Child SuicidesTwo mothers who met during a difficult time turned their heartache into help for others, reports Jennifer Mayerle (2:17). WCCO 4 News At 5 - July 27, 2021
Valleyfair Debuts Grand Carnivale ExperienceValleyfair is debuting an experience on Saturday that will help guests feel like they are taking a trip around the world (3:46) WCCO 4 Saturday Morning - July 24, 2021
What Federal Child Tax Credits Mean For MinnesotansExpanded child tax credits mean hundreds of thousands of Minnesota households will begin getting direct payments starting tomorrow, Caroline Cummings reports (2:19). WCCO 4 News At 5 - July 14, 2021
Dino Stroll Comes To Minneapolis Convention CenterThis weekend only, the Minneapolis Convention Center will be transformed to the Mesozoic Era, and dinosaurs will come to life (3:57) WCCO 4 Saturday Morning - July 10, 2021
Pediatrician Answers Questions On COVID Delta VariantWe know the best way to protect yourself from the more contagious Delta variant of COVID-19 is to get vaccinated. But that's not an option for the roughly 48 million children under 12 in the country who cannot get vaccinated at all. Dr. Gigi Chawla, chief of general pediatrics at Children’s Minnesota, is here to help families navigate the potential risk. WCCO Mid-Morning - July 7, 2021
Safari North In Brainerd Opens With New Attractions And AnimalsA popular stop for families in the Brainerd Lakes area is Safari North Wildlife Park. There are also new things to see - including some big cats (2:54) WCCO 4 Saturday Morning - June 26, 2021
10 Years After She Lost Her Son To Gun Violence, Marsha Mayes Looks To Create Peace GardenTerrell Mayes Jr. was shot as he ran for cover when gunfire erupted near 26th and Colfax almost 10 years ago. His mother, Marsha Mayes, hopes to create a garden where families can gather, grieve, and find peace, Reg Chapman reports (2:11) WCCO 4 News At 5 - June 23, 2021
Twin Cities Pride Host Family Fun DayComo Park in St. Paul hosted a day of music, food, fun and pride on Sunday (0:45). WCCO 4 News At 5:30 - June 20, 2021
Relationship Reboot: How To Help Kids Recharge And HealAfter a difficult 15 months of online schooling, limited program opportunities, and limited face-to-face interactions, what does this mean for our children’s mental well-being? Michael Walker offers his advice (4:19) WCCO 4 Mid-Morning — June 16, 2021
Ask A Pediatrician: Tips On Avoiding The ‘Summer Slide’One of the best ways to avoid the “summer slide” with kids is to encourage reading, says Dr. Gigi Chawla from Children’s Minnesota (3:54) WCCO 4 Mid-Morning — June 16, 2021
Father’s Day Gift Guide From Jasmine StringerOur Lifestyle Contributor Jasmine Stinger is here with her Father's Day Gift guide. WCCO Mid-Morning - June 15, 2021
Money Watch: Low-Tax RetirementPeople often forget about taxes when they make their retirement plans. So today, we're getting some advice on how to have a low-tax retirement. Our money expert, Bruce Helmer from Wealth Enhancement Group joins us now. WCCO Mid-Morning - June 15, 2021
News Team Topics: Weddings In 2021 & Chrissy Teigan’s ApologyThe news team discusses some hot topics of the day. WCCO Mid-Morning - June 15, 2021
Union Depot Invites Guests Back With Train DaysTrain Days are back at Union Depot! Lindsay Boyd shares what kinds of trains people can see and activities available for kids (3:55) WCCO 4 Saturday Morning - June 5, 2021
New Exhibit At Children’s Museum Looks To Transport Visitors To Land Of DinosaursDinosaurs: Land of Fire and Ice allows visitors to come face to face with Dinosaurs and explore their habitats (3:10) WCCO 4 Saturday Morning - June 5, 2021
Sunny Projects To Do With The KidsWith the summer solstice coming up, Amy Blaubach shares some sunny projects you can try with kids (3:25) WCCO 4 Mid-Morning - June 4, 2021
Doctors Warn Of Side Effects Of Extensive Screen TimeHealth experts are sending a warning about the damage all of the screen time during the pandemic can do to us and our kids, Liz Collin Reports (1:52) WCCO 4 News At 5 - May 27, 2021
Kitchen Pantry Scientist: Holiday Weekend Projects!Today we're trying out some science projects to make holiday weekends memorable for kids: Kitchen Pantry Scientist Liz Heinecke joins us now live. WCCO Mid-Morning - May 26, 2021
Speaking With Children About Traumatic EventsOur relationship guru, Michael Walker, PhD candidate at the University of Minnesota, is with us to give us some pointers on how to approach these conversations with children. WCCO Mid-Morning - May 26, 2021
Addressing Kids’ Mental Health During PandemicMay is Mental Health Awareness month. And as summer approaches and it appears we’re returning to some sense of normalcy, it’s important to check in with our kids. Here to help parents navigate these changes is Dr. Sarah Jerstad, pediatric psychologist from Children’s Minnesota. WCCO Mid-Morning - May 26, 2021

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