One of the most decorated paramedics in the country lives in Minnesota. Brenda Voshalike is the longest-serving paramedic in her community, working 44 years for the city of Cannon Falls.

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Decorated Cannon Falls EMT Looks Back At 44-Year CareerOne of the most decorated paramedics in the country lives in Minnesota. Brenda Voshalike is the longest-serving paramedic in her community, working 44 years for the city of Cannon Falls.
Wayzata Boys Tennis Team Stresses Mental HealthThe boys encourage each other to not bottle up what they think and feel, which is a good thing in all cases.
Erin Maye Quade Speaks Out On Pregnancy DisorderThe candidate for the Minnesota state senate got national attention when she went into labor during a nominating convention last month.
Pediatrician Shares Advice Amid Formula ShortageAbbott Labs has reached an agreement with the FDA to reopen their plant in Sturgis, Michigan, but it will still be a good while before the supply chain is restored.
Protecting Your Skin From The SunToo much time in the sun can be dangerous for your skin, so we want to make sure you're prepared.
How To Keep Your Skin Safe From The SunToo much time in the sun can cause trouble if you're not prepared.
Enjoying The Sun, As Safely As PossibleWith our quick return of summer-like sun and heat, a lot of people are going to bed with a tan or sunburn because the sun's rays are especially intense right now.
How To Get A Good Night's SleepTurns out there's some things you can do in the evening that will tee you up for a good, long night's sleep.
Discussing Student Athletes' Mental HealthDr. Justin Anderson, director and founder of Premier Sport Psychology, discusses athlete mental health.
Good Question: Who’s Eligible For ‘Hero Pay’?Jeff Wagner hit the street to make sure workers know how to get what they've earned.
Is It Allergies Or Is It COVID?Many haven't been feeling great the past few days, with scratchy eyes, scratchy throats, and other cold-like symptoms. Allergy season is upon us, but at the same time that COVID-19 cases are surging again.
Helping Kids Through Mental Health ChallengesWe're learning more about the mental health challenges many kids in our community are dealing with these days, and we're getting some tips to help them.
Experts Looking Into Rare Children’s Liver DiseaseAs of May 1, the World Health Organization was reporting 228 cases of hepatitis in children with no known cause.
FULL INTERVIEW: MDH Commissioner Jan Malcolm Talks Pandemic's FutureWCCO's Kate Raddatz asks Jan Malcolm the questions your family may be wondering about the future of the pandemic.
Minnesotans Voice Fears, Hope Over Roe V. Wade’s FutureErin Hassanzadeh shows us how Minnesotans are reacting to the news that a draft opinion written by a Supreme Court justice suggests the majority of the court wants to overturn Roe v. Wade.
Scott Fischbach With MN Citizens Concerned For Life Reacts To SCOTUS Draft OpinionScott Fischbach with the group Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life says there is a sense of excitement surrounding the draft opinion.
Planned Parenthood Holds Presser Following Leak Of SCOTUS Draft OpinionPlanned Parenthood North Central States hosted a press conference following the leak of a draft opinion that suggests the Supreme Court could overturn Roe V. Wade.
WCCO Reveals Testing Results Of Popular CBD And Delta 8 ProductsWCCO tested ten popular products at a lab recommended by the Department of Agriculture in February. The chemist found some discrepancies with what the label said versus what was inside. WCCO's Jennifer Mayerle learned some types of products are illegal in the state.
Good Question: What Are The Benefits Of Mental Health Apps?Feeling stressed or anxious? There's an app for that. Literally, thousands of apps can be downloaded to help.
MN Politicians Respond To Report Suggesting SCOTUS May Overturn Roe V. WadeA bombshell report published Monday night by Politico suggests the nation's highest court has voted to strike down Roe vs. Wade.
Are More COVID Restrictions Coming?New COVID cases in Minnesota have nearly tripled in the last month.
Metro Students Organize Mental Health Benefit WalkAdam Duxter shares how high school students are fighting back against mental illness, while raising awareness in New Brighton.
Mounds View Students Host Walk For Mental HealthToday marks the start of Mental Health Awareness Month.
Family Members Give Life Saving Kidney Donations To 3 SiblingsFour of the six Swanson kids inherited a genetic kidney disorder -- a disease that took their mother and brother. But thanks to other family members, these siblings have a new outlook on life.

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