5 P.M. Weather ReportClouds will be increasing ahead of a storm system moving in. Some strong wind will be coming in Wednesday.
9 A.M. Weather ReportWCCO meteorologist Riley O'Connor says that the temperatures are going to feel quite fall-like by the end of the week.
6 A.M. Weather ReportWe've got wind and rain headed our way on Wednesday.
4:30 A.M. Weather ReportTuesday will be comfortable and quiet, and rain is on the way for Wednesday.
10 P.M. Weather ReportOur October cool down continues, with some sunny skies Tuesday before another shot at widespread rain Wednesday.
6 P.M. Weather ReportMeteorologist Lisa Meadows says Tuesday will be cloudy and Wednesday will bring rain.
5 P.M. Weather ReportMother Nature is handing Minnesotans a reality check, as temperatures continue to slide as the work week rolls on.
Noon Weather ReportMeteorologist Lisa Meadows reports on the rainfall expected mid-week.
10 A.M. Weather ReportTemperatures are rebounding slowly after a cooler start on Monday.
6 A.M. Weather ReportWe've got rain and a cooldown in the extended forecast.
4:30 A.M. Weather ReportIt'll be mostly cloudy and slightly warmer than average on Monday.
10 P.M. Weather ReportAfter a summery start to October, a fall-like feel will sweep over Minnesota this week.
5:30 P.M. Weather ReportOur warmer-than-average temps are now a thing of the past, with more October-like weather in store this week.
11 A.M. Weather ReportIt'll be a very comfortable day in the Twin Cities, with a slight chance for rain in central and northern Minnesota.
7 A.M. Weather ReportCentral and northern Minnesota could see some more rain on Sunday.
10 P.M. Weather ReportAfter a night of severe storms in west-central Minnesota, meteorologist Chris Shaffer reports on the potential for more storms on Sunday.
6:30 P.M. Weather ReportMeteorologist Chris Shaffer reports on the severe storms rolling into northwestern Minnesota.
Morning Weather ReportIt’s going to be a little humid out there on Saturday. There are chances for severe weather in western Minnesota on Saturday evening.
10 P.M. Weather ReportMeteorologist Lisa Meadows reports on the storms in store for this weekend.
6 P.M. Weather ReportMeteorologist Lisa Meadows reports on severe storms rumbling over northwestern Minnesota.
5 P.M. Weather ReportTemperatures are set to drop into the 60s by Monday and continue into next week.
Noon Weather ReportSome rain is falling in western Wisconsin.
Mid-Morning Weather ReportSome isolated showers are possible throughout the day, with a high of 72 degrees forecasted for the Twin Cities
5:30 A.M. Weather ReportTemperatures start out mild with some light showers Friday morning. Meteorologist Riley O’Connor has the timing of potential storms during the weekend.

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