One of the largest tech conferences in the country is underway in Minneapolis.

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Large Tech Conference, VeeCon, Underway In MinneapolisOne of the largest tech conferences in the country is underway in Minneapolis.
Star-Studded VeeCon Coming To MinneapolisIt may well be the glitziest thing to happen to Minneapolis since the pandemic began -- bringing people from around the world, and celebrities like Deepak Chopra and Snoop Dogg.
Mom Uses Cybersecurity Expertise To Write Children’s BookA Minnesota woman is on a mission to keep kids safe from hackers on the Internet. And she's doing it through the power of storytelling and pictures.
Teen Girls Pitch Apps To Top ExecutivesEight teenage girls from around Minnesota got some facetime with some of the most powerful business leaders in the country.
Tips For Protecting Your Digital AccountsJeff Wagner talks with attorney Phillip Ruce about having a plan to protect your digital info if a hacker strikes.
Good Question: What Are The Benefits Of Mental Health Apps?Feeling stressed or anxious? There's an app for that. Literally, thousands of apps can be downloaded to help.
U Of M Senior Hosts Workshops For Girls To Get Into CodingIt's one of the most valuable skills a kid can have these days. It's mostly boys who choose coding as a profession, but a U of M computer science major is trying to flip the script.
Securing Your Privacy Against CyberattacksThere are concerns Russia could launch cyberattacks in the United States, and President Joe Biden is urging Americans to protect themselves. But how exactly do you do that? WCCO’s David Schuman shares some simple steps to make sure your privacy is secure.
Should We Be Concerned About Russian Cyberattacks?Russia's war on Ukraine can seem so far away, but what do we need to be concerned about here in Minnesota?
Are Electric Vehicles Practical In Minnesota?Erin Hassanzadeh looked at what it takes to make the shift to EVs.
Good Question: What Would A Cyberattack On The US Look Like?As war rages on in Ukraine, concerns that the U.S. could come under attack are rising -- but the battlefield would be online.
Poll Says Technology Makes Raising Kids HarderAccording to OnePoll, 74 percent of parents polled think it is more challenging to raise a child now than it was when they were growing up.
The Benefits, And Security Concerns, Of Apple AirTagsIt’s a tool that’s supposed to help you track items you might lose, like your keys or wallet. But Apple’s popular AirTags are also be used by criminals to stalk people.
Nonprofit Hosts 2nd Annual Hackathon For Women In STEMThis weekend, the virtual nonprofit Rewriting the Code is hosting the second annual Black Wings Hackathon.
How Fast Do You Expect Your Internet To Be?A new survey shows that more than half of online shoppers expect their go-to shopping site to load within 3 seconds.
How To Manage Your Kid's Screen TimeWe spoke with Dr. Sarah Jerstad, child psychologist at Children’s Minnesota, for some advice.
Good Question: Why Is 5G A Concern Around Airplanes?Warnings of a "catastrophic disruption" to the air travel industry have subsided, for now. AT&T and Verizon will roll out their 5G coverage countrywide Wednesday -- but it won't happen near some airports.
Good Question: What Is ‘Wordle’?Chances are these little colorful boxes are popping up all over your social media feeds. They're the answer boxes from a new internet sensation called “Wordle.” What is the game? And why is it so popular? Jeff Wagner learned why this simple game has people hooked.
Market For Wearable Fitness Devices Expected To ExplodeLast year, more than $36 billion worth of wearable health and fitness devices were sold around the world.
How Parents Can Help Kids Set Healthy Video Game Habits EarlyA recent survey found most kids played video games even more during the pandemic. But a local addiction group is warning gamers not to get carried away.
EV Charging Stations Linking Tribal Nations With Twin Cities, DuluthMore electric vehicles will be showing up on Minnesota roads, thanks to a new plan from a Native-led nonprofit.
Minnesota Veteran With ALS Learns To Drive Wheelchair With His EyesA new piece of technology is unlocking possibilities for Minnesota veterans with degenerative disease diagnosis.
Gary Vaynerchuk Bringing VeeCon To MinneapolisThe self-made entrepreneur with 35 million social media followers spoke with Jason DeRusha.
Online Learning Apps Helping Kids Make GainsParents and kids have figured out some new ways of learning with video game-like apps, and they want to keep going.

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