One of its planes landed in Sydney, Australia after a nonstop journey from New York (2:12). WCCO Mid-Morning - October 21, 2019

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Qantas Lands Longest Flight On Record: 19 Hours, 15 MinutesOne of its planes landed in Sydney, Australia after a nonstop journey from New York (2:12). WCCO Mid-Morning - October 21, 2019
Airline Offers Map To Allow Passengers To Avoid Crying BabiesThe icon shows if a passenger is traveling with a child between 8 days and 2 years old (2:08). WCCO Mid-Morning - September 27, 2019
Viewers' Favorite Off-The-Beaten-Path Minnesota TripsExplore Minnesota is reporting a healthy summer tourism season this year (2:28). WCCO Mid-Morning - September 2, 2019
Nearly Half In America Feel Vacation Spending GuiltMinnesota in particular ranked 30th in the nation for guilt over vacation spending (2:53). WCCO Mid-Morning - August 21, 2019
Are Summer Activities Getting Too Expensive?A new survey shows 68% of people have skipped activities in the past year because they're too expensive (2:56). WCCO Mid-Morning - August 15, 2019
Lower Middle Seat Aims To Improve Air TravelThe S1 design from the Colorado-based startup, Molon Labe Seating, features three economy seats in a staggered layout, putting the middle seat slightly behind the aisle and window seats, and at a slightly lower height (1:51). WCCO Mid-Morning - July 19, 2019
WCCO Viewers Share Their July 4th Holiday PlansAlmost 49 million Americans will be traveling for the Fourth of July, 2 million more than last year (2:23). WCCO Mid-Morning - June 27, 2019
Delta Bringing Facial Recognition To MSP AirportOver the next month, Delta will be rolling out what it calls bio-metric boarding. Facial recognition technology for people flying directly to an international destination (2:56). WCCO Mid-Morning - June 20, 2019
Now's The Time To Purchase These Cheap FlightsJared Kamrowski, founder and CEO of Thrifty Traveler, explains (2:48). WCCO Mid-Morning - June 19, 2019
Amtrak Unveils New Line Of Acela TrainsThe new trains will allow Amtrak to add more nonstop trips in the Northeast, Kris Van Cleave reports (2:05). WCCO 4 News At Noon - June 11, 2019
Memorial Traffic Expected To Be Near Record-LevelNearly 43 million Americans are expected to hit the road or skies for Memorial Day weekend (2:07). WCCO Mid-Morning - May 22, 2019
Tips On Saving For Your Dream TripDustin Smith, from Wealth Enhancement Group, explains (3:26). WCCO Mid-Morning - May 21, 2019
Standing Airline Seats: Yay Or Nay?An Italian company has these standing airline seats on display at an expo in Germany (2:27). WCCO Mid-Morning - April 3, 2019
Scenes From The DeRusha Family Spring BreakJason DeRusha shares images from his family's trip to Arizona (1:26). WCCO Mid-Morning - April 1, 2019
Disney Parks Do Away With Smoking, Extra-Wide StrollersDisney will not let people in with so-called stroller wagons starting in May. Disney says it hopes limiting stroller size will solve problems like blocked walkways, bumping into guests and taking up space in lines (2:45). WCCO Mid-Morning - March 29, 2019
The Biggest Spring Break Budget Busters To AvoidMoney expert Bruce Helmer shares some advice (2:46). WCCO Mid-Morning - March 26, 2019
Tips To Keep Family Stress Down On VacationsDr. Gigi Chawla from Children's Minnesota shares some hints (3:00). WCCO Mid-Morning - March 13, 2019
Web Extra: Time Lapse Of Spring Break Travelers At MSPExtra staff is on hand at MSP Airport's ticketing areas and security checkpoints. For a smoother trip, arrive at least two hours before your flight (0:40). WCCO 4 News - March 6, 2019
Prime Time For Spring Break TravelMSP International expects a rush of travelers for the next two weeks, so extra staff is on hand in ticketing areas and security checkpoints, Heather Brown reports (1:14). WCCO Mid-Morning - March 6, 2019
Spring Break Suggestions From The 'Savvy Traveler'St. Paul's Rudy Maxa has traveled the world, telling stories as a contributing editor for National Geographic Traveler magazine, Delta SKY and Artful Living (3:26). WCCO 4 News At Noon - March 5, 2019
5 Killed In Cancun Bar ShootingRecent violence in Cancun, Mexico is prompting concern as Minnesotans and other tourists head down for Spring Break (2:58). WCCO Mid-Morning - February 19, 2019
Get The Best Deals On Your Spring Break TripJared Kamrowski, Founder and CEO of Thrifty Traveler, explains (). WCCO Mid-Morning - January 16, 2019
Take A Look Inside Delta's Newest JetThe wider seats on the plane come as Congress has mandated the FAA to determine a minimum safe seat size on planes, Kris Van Cleave reports (1:56). WCCO 4 News At Noon - December 28, 2018
Man Flies 6 Flights To Be With Flight Attendant Daughter On HolidayHal Vaughan booked himself on standby for all the Delta Airlines flights she was working, Kim Johnson reports (0:47). WCCO This Morning - December 28, 2018

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