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    Amid Bird Flu Outbreak, Turkey Farmers Increase...

    Farmers aren't taking chances after a strain of bird flu was confirmed at two Minnesota farms.

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    Forest Lake Couple Charged In Fraud Scheme

    Authorities say they collected $115,000 in public assistance money they weren't entitled to.

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    Winter Litterers Blamed For Millions In Clean-Up Costs

    Over the average winter, motorists toss 550 to 827 tons of trash along the state’s ditches.

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    Search Continues For Missing 'U' Student In River

    Police say a video shows Jen Houle going into the Mississippi on the 10th Ave bridge.

  • (credit: KAREN BLEIER/AFP/GettyImages)

    As Hibernation Ends, DNR Releases ‘Bear Aware’ Tips

    Experts advise those in bear habitats to check their property for any food sources.