• (credit: Riebe Family)

    Man Dies After Heart Attack At Pond Hockey Event

    Greg Riebe collapsed of a heart attack and died Friday after a game on Lake Minnetonka.

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    'I Strongly Believe This Could Be The Year'

    Those are the words of one lawmaker part of this year's push to repeal the Sunday liquor sales ban.

  • (credit: oscar.go)

    Sink Into Gaelic Mythology With 'Song Of The Sea'

    The animated feature is nominated for an Academy Award and it's playing in Minneapolis.

  • (credit: CBS)

    East Metro Mourns Shooting Death Of Popular Teacher

    People left flowers and cards outside the bar 46-year-old David Frigaard owned.

  • (credit: CBS)

    Mayor Coleman Talks St. Paul's Parental Leave Policy

    The estimated cost to the city is $200,000 a year, but Coleman says it’s worth it.


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