• (credit: Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images)

    What's Open, What's Not On Thanksgiving?

    Some business are closed on principle, while other offer big deals.

  • (credit: Jupiter Image)

    Sheriff: Alcohol A Factor In Fatal Crash

    The crash happened in northern Minnesota early this morning, injuring three and killing one.

  • (credit: CBS)

    Here's What We're Thankful For!

    Matt, Kim, Jamie and Ali all shared something they're thankful for this holiday.

  • (credit: JS Lander)

    If You Give Your Dog Scraps...Don't Give Them These

    Of course, chocolate is on the list. But so are grapes and garlic.

  • (credit: CBS)

    Union Gospel Mission Plans To Feed 50K This Holiday

    "Serving up a plate of hope, disguised in a meal."


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