• Mall of America (credit: Timo Gans/AFP/Getty Images)

    2,500 'Black Lives Matter' Protesters Expected At MOA

    Officials are asking them not to -- for safety and because it's considered trespassing.

  • (credit: Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

    It's Gonna Be A Long Winter Break

    Here are 4 great suggestions for parents to keep their kids busy during the holidays.

  • (credit: CBS)

    Gearing Up To Go Over The River, Thru The Woods?

    Meteorologist Mike Augustyniak says that you might want to account for flakes.

  • (credit: CBS)

    For 22 Years, She's Been An Excellent Educator

    And now she has a plaque to commemorate it. Meet Jefferson Elementary's DeNise Pellinen!

  • (credit: Mall of America)

    He's Got The Best Ho-Ho-Ho In Minnesota

    Viewers told Natalie Nyhus that the Mall of America has the state's best Santa.


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