Good To Know: Vatican Mad Over Nobel Prize Winner

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — British scientist Robert Edwards won the Nobel Prize for his work on in vitro fertilization, which led to the first so-called “test tube baby,” Louise Brown. Don Shelby says the Vatican is upset with the Nobel committee’s choice.

Not only the Vatican. Others argue that Edwards should have won a long time ago, because he was able to give to loving couples the chance to have a biologic family with a little help from science.

That’s the rub. Some church people argue that Louise Brown, the first in vitro baby, is not a child of God because she and hundreds of thousands of others like her were conceived in a laboratory, not in the womb.

Some argue that parents who use in vitro are being selfish.

I haven’t the slightest idea. But if Louise Brown, now 32, is not a child of God, and has no soul, then what is Cameron John Mullinder, born Dec. 21, 2007, her son, conceived the old fashioned way?

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