By Mike Max

MINNETONKA, Minn. (WCCO) — At Minnetonka High School they have an idea that leaders need help. So they gather the people who serve as captain and beyond with the sports and fine arts groups.

A group of student leaders at Minnetonka High School gathered in a theater to hear WCCO-TV’s Mike Max talk to them about what he’s seen in the sports world from other leaders, but the bigger picture is the students themselves. Each month they get together to try and get better.

“Just getting all of these leaders together with the different programs, putting them together and teaching them about different leadership methods and stuff they can bring back to their teams,” said hockey player Thomas Schutt.

Rachel Ramsey excels on the hockey team, one of the best in the state. She wants the responsibility of captainship.

“I think it means being someone for everybody to look up to no matter what age, what sport, sport or not I guess, just someone to be there for everybody else,” said Rachel Ramsey.

That’s a culture they want to create at Minnetonka.

“Leaders are not born, they’re formed. What we want to do is hopefully affect the inside of a group as opposed to always bombarding them from the outside saying, ‘You have to be a leader, you got to be a leader,” said baseball coach Paul Twenge.

That’s why they’ve made it a high priority to develop synergy amongst the role models.

“I love it, I mean it’s awesome and it’s kind of cool to see, just have this specific group that you know everybody in the room is there for the same goal and kind of here for the same purpose and just also know that we have this group in Minnetonka that’s going to reach out to everybody,” said Rachel Ramsey.

Rachel Ramsey is the daughter of former Gopher and Olympian Mike Ramsey. She will attend and play hockey at the University of Minnesota next season.


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