By Reg Chapman

By Reg Chapman, WCCO-TV

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The mother of a Minnesota man who killed three people and then himself.. is talking about why she thinks he did it.

Something made Trace Maxwell snap this spring.

He shot and killed his girlfriend, Amy Terborg, then tracked down and killed Jason Rand and Bryan Fisher. He then killed himself as police in Minneapolis closed in.

His mother, Antoinette Williams, believes two things may have led to the violence.

Williams thinks a previous injury during a fight at a nightclub may have played a part in that night’s violence. Maxwell was hit in the head with a bat.

“I was called to the hospital on the night that he was taken in and there was concern at that time about possible brain damage,” said Williams.

Maxwell’s medical records show he had an altered mental status.

His mom says her son had headaches, dizzy spells and trouble remembering.

“Trace had been hurt and Trace was also doing something that was hurtful to himself. What I know now was that he was using some steroids,” Williams said.

Williams say her son’s steroid use also influenced his actions.

“Trace did some things that were not OK. I can’t excuse that, but Trace was a wonderful warm and loving person,” said Williams.

All she remembers from that night are the three phone calls from her son.

“I didn’t ask a whole lot of questions. I just let him talk, but I knew I knew just based on little things I noticed about him — giving things away I saw him doing some of that — I knew my son was going to die that night, ” Williams said.

Maxwell had a long rap sheet. Police say he sold drugs and prostitutes.

His mother said that’s not the man she knew, but says she feels for the other families affected by her son’s actions.

She hopes parents reach out to their kids if they think they need help — even if they’re adults.

Comments (2)
  1. Amanda Clark says:

    My heart goes out to Antoinette in this difficult time. She is a wonderful maternal spirit in many peoples’ lives (including mine) and I am saddened to see her suffer the loss of a child.

  2. Eric Thomas says:

    He should have started with himself and called it a night.

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