GOP’s Bachmann Drops Bid For House Leadership

WASHINGTON (AP) — A tea party favorite is dropping her bid for a leadership position in the upcoming Republican-controlled House.

Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota said in a statement Wednesday night that she is no longer running for the chairmanship of the Republican House Conference, the party’s No. 4 position when it’s in the majority.

Bachmann says she supports Rep. Jeb Hensarling of Texas. Hensarling has received the support of the current Republican whip, Rep. Eric Cantor of Virginia, as well as other top House Republicans.

Bachmann hasn’t been able to match the endorsements Hensarling has received for the post. While she has raised millions of dollars, Bachmann has drawn negative publicity for erroneous and over-the-top statements.

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  • AC

    You should probably learn to spell before you go calling people stupid.

  • Me

    I think Michelle would be good in the position.. She is a great lady adn I respect her

  • Pat Lynch

    Leave it to yahoo and the (AP) objective journalism to put a photo like that in their story. It shows their lack of credibility as a news organization.

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  • Jamie

    If Republicans want to hold a majority for more than two years, they shouldn’t even consider putting an inexperienced nutcase in a top position.

  • Independant Forever

    “If [Democrats] want to hold a majority for more than two years, they shouldn’t even consider putting an inexperienced nutcase in a top position.”

    Too bad no one thought of that before electing Barack Obama President of the United States.

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  • Ms T

    Even for the Tea Party crowd she’s a bit too wacky, off-base, and paranoid to make them feel comfortable in a leadership role. They just want her for her cash-grab abilities.

    If you want to send her an email via her House web site – you must provide zip+4 before being allowed. Means they can identify the block you live on and which side of the street your home is on. Feel watched now?

  • Mark from Minnetonka

    You can see by the article that AP is very left leaning, but they do go hand in hand with wcco

  • reed

    she can’t help looking `crazy, because she’s crazy

  • bridget

    Considering what’s in the white house now, anything would be better. Michelle Bachmann seems to be very threatening to the left but just one of many they have to fear. I think after the “experiment” of these last 2 years, anything would be smarter than the Kenyan and a road NEVER taken again!

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