LAKE SHORE (WCCO) — A 16-year-old Lake Shore boy had to go to the hospital after he shot himself in the foot with a shotgun while deer hunting, according to police.

The accident was reported Thursday afternoon at 1:38 p.m. on state land near Fritz Loven Park in Lake Shore.

Police say the boy, identified as Christopher Whitney, was resting the barrel of the 20-guage shotgun on his foot when it discharged.

Whitney was taken to a hospital in Brainerd.

Comments (11)
  1. mayhem says:

    stupid kid, good thing he didnt rest his chin on the barrell

  2. mayhem says:

    stupid kid, good thing he didnt rest his chin on the barrel

  3. Really says:

    Who edits this stuff? “Lake Shore Teen Shots Foot While Deer Hunting”!

  4. Pete says:

    Where’s the headline proof-reader?

  5. gary says:

    A sure cure for stinky feet

  6. Dave says:

    Think how a deer feels. A good experience for hunters.

  7. 10 toes in my boots says:

    Maybe they should just give him a rock to hunt with. That way all he will do is give himself a headache. haha have fun hunting

  8. nick says:

    Mayhem? Nice world of warcraft name tool. And adam, hehehe? What are you gay??? How about you 10 toes in my boots, you may have 10 toes but they are covered in fungus rofl

  9. cdog says:

    You guys wouldnt even know it can happen to any of you no matter how cautious you are! why would you even say that to a kid that had an accident like that

  10. drew bear says:

    lay off babes thats my cousin 😉

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