Wish Don Shelby Well On His Retirement

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — For the last 32 years, Don Shelby has called WCCO home while covering the important stories in Minnesota and abroad. On Nov. 22 he says goodbye to the anchor chair and hello to retirement.

As the viewers that he informed daily, we want to give you the chance to wish Shelby well because without the viewers, he would just be talking to himself. Please share your comments below and we’ll be sure to deliver every single one to him as a remembrance of his time and impact on WCCO.

Check out a few goodbyes from some of Shelby’s friends.

And tune in at 10 p.m. Monday, for Shelby’s final newscast.

  • Lynn

    Don, it has been a pleasure. We will miss you and what you brought to WCCO. Thank you for your honesty and devotion. You were devoted to the people and what Minnesotans stand for. I am sure Frank will do a great job. Enjoy your new job – retirement. I know you will continue to do great thinks. Enjoy your next phase.

    • Lowell Veness

      Glad you are retiring. go and enjoy life your wife grandkids and your own kids I just lost my wife In august so only got ten years to enjoy with her since being retired. Again enjoy life. I enjoyed you over the years happy fishing send me some walleyes there great Thanks

    • PENNY

      you will truly be missed. enjoy your life and retirement. i am sad to see you go because you were one of the best.

      • Betty JOHNSON

        I will miss you Mr Shelby I grew up in mn and watched cco with my grandparents daily , I thought it was sad dave moore left but I think I will miss your smiling face and kind heart you let show through your stories even more. Enjoy your family and your time to do what you want when you want. We were all very blessed to have been able to be a small part of your life thank you. Betty Johnson

      • Carol E

        A true Gentleman. Thanks for all thos years. I will miss your commentary’s. Good Luck Don.

    • Lou Harvin

      The good folks here at the American Cancer Society will greatly miss you Don Shelby. Without fail, you came back year after year, helping us directly during the sale of flowers of Daffodil Days. You personally made sure so many of the stories aired about cancer were done with precision and care. News anchoring is more than just about reading, and hitting your cues..Its mostly about the impact you leave on those around you, and a great mark you have left on this community. May you have wonderful, joyous years ahead!! Lou Harvin, American Cancer Society

    • W.Cronkite

      yeah..I always get wistful thinking when Shelby ‘came out to do hard hitting journalism’ about the Twin Cities airport and it was completely bogus and he was called on the carpet by CBS’ Dan Rather during a News Review of ethical reporting…did Minnesota Proud–just goes to prove what phonies/shallow personalities really infect our airwaves—yeah, like you got this job because of your journalistic integrity…ummmm…no, you were born with good bone structure and a full head of hair…!

    • Mark J.VonBank

      Hello to Don- I wish you well in your retirement. You have done a wonderful job in the 32 years as a reporter keeping everyone informed of news events on TV. I wish you all the best-You deserve it Don- Have a wonderful retirement and have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your Family- Retirement is the next phase of your life or job as everyone would call it. You will do wonderful and enjoy it to the utmost-Best Wishes for 32 wonderful years of reporting- Sincerely, Mark J.VonBank-Park Rapids, Minnesota

    • Sharaine

      Thank you for the memories. Your work was excellent, honest, and constant. You will be missed, but I am sure we will find you in a new endeavor. Enjoy your family and the freedom to do pretty much as you please.

    • Marcia Klaith

      Don Shelby is one CLASSY man, I had the honor of meeting him in Marshall at the gas station, he was on his way to fish at Lake Shetek and instead of being in a hurry , he took the time to visit with me and to see how life is going. I am a faithful watcher of WCCO and have been for years, Don will be greatly missed and his shoes will be very hard to fill. I wish him well in his retirement and much happiness !!! Enjoy and God Bless !!

    • mattey

      These are real tears im shedding shelby…

    • tammy

      Best wishes and thanks for bringing us the news for so many years. You will be missed.

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  • Mary

    Don, I remember when you started at WCCO. I can’t believe how fast that time has gone. It really has been a pleasure. Enjoy your retirement!!

  • Dan

    Don, it has been a pleasure watching you on TV. Your expertise and professionalism is amazing. I am happy that I had the photo opp with you and Amelia last year at the MN State Fair.

    Enjoy the next adventure in your life. I look forward to watching the 10 news program tonight. Best wishes for a happy retirement.

  • Bob Geoffrey

    Good luck Don. Ever up to Lake Vermilion, give us a call and we’ll do some fishing. Bob and Laury Geoffrey 218-753-3307

  • Tom Dybvik


    I have been a huge fan of yours for many years. I have never met you but you have such a way with how you present on the air, that you seem like a personal friend for many years. Best of luck with your retirement. May you have the best of luck in whatever you do.

  • Kim

    I will sure miss watching you anchor the desk. I have watched you since I was a young child. Besides the doublement twins commerical, I would stop whatever I was doing at the time and either watch you or the commerical when you or they came on. My mom thinks it was because of your soft voice or blue eyes that I was star struck. I am sorry to see you leave as your shoes will be hard to fill. Thanks for all the memories and enjoy your retirement. I know you’ll remain not TRULY retired yet. I wish you the BEST and will MISS you. I was lucky to be able to meet you this year and last year at the Fair. I was truly in heaven! Thanks again Don!

  • Pam Bruss

    Your a great guy. I have grown up watching you and WCCO. Any viewer can tell that you trully love your job and YOUR great at it. I wish you the very best in your years ahead. Frank has some VERY BIG SHOES to fill.

  • Mary Macdonald

    Don, It only seem yesterday that we were saying goodbye to Dave Moore. I never thought there could be anyone that would come close to capturing my heart, engaging my mind, and keeping me entertained while challenging the status quo. You did all that and I will miss you. Thanks Don!!!!

  • John

    Best of luck to you Don in all of you future endevours. I’ve been watching you since you arrived in the twin cities. You have been a great asset to my home and our community. I’ve missed you since you have left CCO radio and will miss you on the news on channel 4. God bless you and your family as you enjoy another phase of life.

  • Hanh of Eagan

    Don, you are one great anchor, who makes the news very interesting to watch. You have touched many lives and brought wonderful meanings of life through your special reportings.
    We had a pleasure of meeting you at a restaurant one year. You were very modest, when we asked you to sign our one dollar bill. Your comment was “Are you sure you want to waste it?” It was great joy getting your autograph, and you were so humble about it. We still have it today and think of you whenever we look at it. Thank you!
    We will miss you!! Your whole team is great, but we will sure miss watching you and listening to your wise comments and soothing voice.
    May you have a wonderful retirement and enjoy the many marvelous adventures that await you.
    Thank you, Mr. Don Shelby!!

  • Linda Steele

    Don I hate to see you go. I like watching you on the T.V all the years. you were a Great anchor person.good luck to you and your family. we will miss you . Have a good and long fun retirement but if you miss the veiwer come back to wcco if they will let you.

  • Helen of Burnsville

    Thanks Don for being one helluva anchor with a great sense of humor. Best of luck on this next adventure of your life. I haven’t been this choked up since Johnny Carson left the Tonight Show. Happy Trails to you!!

  • Don and Nancy

    Don, lots of luck to you in the future. We will miss you on WCCO, CHANNEL 4.
    You did an awesome job in anything you did.You surely did fill the Dave Moore shoes. We miss him too and Frank will do a very good job too, cause you taught him well. Have a wonderful retirement like we do. Thanks again.

  • Lisa K

    I’ll miss seeing you on T.V – I really enjoyed watching WCCO news. I’m sorry to see you go — but enjoy every minute of this stage in life!!!

  • Sue K

    I have enjoyed your I-team reports and your passion for news.
    When a person can promote a career as you have, it is privilege to have watched the news through your perspective.
    Enjoy life. We are all only promised what we have at the moment.

  • Natalie

    Don- You have been anchoring the news as long as I have been alive. I have grown up watching you and learning from your newscasts. Watching the news will not be the same without you. I wish you a world of happiness in your retirement. I thank you for teaching me and being a strong and honest voice for so many years. You are one of the good ones and you will be missed!

  • Nick


    Those who leave the greatest legacy, rarely need to point out all their accomplishments while they were on this earth. They quietly, just leave the world a better place. You have achieved much. Tip your hat and ride off into the sunset.

  • Janet

    I have enjoyed watching you on the news for many, many years. It has been a real pleasure. I have a Canadian friend from Thunder Bay, who has become a fan of yours too. I wish you the very best, but do know that you will be greatly missed and there is no one that will be able to fill your shoes.

  • Mardi Grant

    Say it isn’t so! II live in New York City for the past 12 years, but keep up with the hometown news and I could always trust to turn to WCCO and especially Don Shelby to get the best news in the nation. It just won’t be the same but, you’ve earned your time off- You’ve been a great example to any up and coming journalists to watch a real pro at work. Go get in your bass buster boat and go fishing! I wish you all the best in the next part of your life.

  • Richard

    Don ,as and old broadcaster I’ve appreciated your perfect combination of professionalism and personality and that great sense of humor. If anyone seeks lessons on how to be a topnotch news anchor they just have to watch you. I sincerly hope you will still being lending yourself to special reports or opinions so we can “stay in touch”. Please don’t leave us stranded witha big hole that no one else could possibly fill.. Enjot your time off ,but keep your foot in the door. Thanks and best wishes.

  • Dave Fish

    As a retired broadcaster I’m going to miss you. You have always done an excellent job on TV and radio too. Enjoy the grandkids and your retirement.


  • Gary Gundlach

    Don you been apart of my family for many years. You will be greatly missed. My prayers will be with for a happy retirement. I know life goes on but no one could ever ever replace you.
    Your friend
    Gary G.

  • Donna Adams

    Don you are the best of the best, you will be missed! To me what makes a great newscaster is someone with heart, and that is you! Good luck in your retirement and god bless you and your family and thanks for all the great years.

  • Donna Berge

    I have watched WCCO for many years because of you Don. Your genuine honesty and your sense of humor. I really felt that you were being sincere in every story and truely that your family extended to not only the ‘CCO employees but to your audience. You have always been very distinguished, but could always laugh at the simple things and yourself. When Paul Douglas left you made it very clear that you were not happy with the situation and that having no say in the matter you still let everyone know. I will miss you and your smile. You have left some big shoes to fill. Enjoy your retirement and the grandchildren.

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