By Esme Murphy, WCCO-TV

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — WCCO-TV reported Wednesday that U.S. prosecutors busted up what they believed was an attempt by Denny Hecker and his girlfriend, Christi Rowan, to get married. Rowan broke her silence on Thursday night and talked of her love for the fallen auto mogul and what his life is like behind bars at the Sherburne County Jail.

Prosecutors say Rowan brought her pastor with her and was trying to pull of a wedding at the U.S. Attorney’s Office. Hecker was allowed to use the office by court order to go over legal documents to prepare for his sentencing.

Rowan wants everyone to know she and Denny Hecker plan to marry. Rowan said

“Denny is my soul mate,” she said. “I have a synergy with him that is beyond words. There are people who search their whole entire lives for just that one — I got lucky.”

Rowan, 37, says she and Hecker, 58, plan to ask Judge Michael Davis, the Judge who threw Hecker in jail, to marry them.

Because Rowan is facing sentencing on fraud charges, she wouldn’t say anything about any legal matters, including whether she and Hecker tried to pull of a stealth wedding.

Last spring, Rowan pleaded guilty to two counts of fraud. She says Hecker blames himself .

“He is very guilt-ridden over what’s happened to me,” she said. “He feels like I’m guilty by association.”

She says Hecker is in solitary confinement at the Sherburne County Jail, has lost 30 pounds and finds comfort in God and to his Bible.

Rowan blames a 2008 cancer scare for some of Hecker’s legal problems.

“He was scared and he started … letting other people make decisions for him and he didn’t use his gut,” she said.

Hecker called Rowan twice during our interview and she asked us not to tape the calls. He calls her up to 10 times a day. Rowan says she has no regrets.

“I really love myself — a lot — and that’s not going to change,” she said.

Rowan is facing eviction from the home she shared with Hecker. The mother of a teenager and a preschooler she faces at least six months in prison. Hecker faces up to 10 years in prison. Rowan says her faith keeps her optimistic about their future together.

“I already know the end of my story,” she said. “So, that’s all that matters. No fairy tale ever started good.”

Sentencing for Denny Hecker and Christi Rowan will take place separately sometime next year.

Comments (21)
  1. BB says:

    She so mentally confused I wonder if she drinks Magical Kool Aid for breakfast.
    Obsession — rhymes with possession. Me wonders why!

    1. john deere says:

      the one who is confused is the one judging her

  2. Gaylord says:

    “Denny is my soul mate,” she said. “I have a synergy with him that is beyond words. There are people who search their whole entire lives for just that one — I got lucky.”

    I’m glad she got lucky so no one else has to worry about getting stuck with him.

  3. rj says:

    Hecker has put more effort into not owning up to his problems than he has in making things right. And this woman is standing by his side with this behavior. Why does she still have custody of the older child? She may know what her PLANNED future is but what about the screwed up example she has shown for her children? What is their future? Haven’t we seen enough results of parenting gone wrong lately?

  4. BobK says:

    It is quite obvious to everyone except them that they were both obsessed with material things. They even still blame others for their actions. Get real and start taking responsibility for what you both did. You don’t take others for millions of dollars and not know whats going on.

  5. jo white says:

    judge you before you judge others

  6. MarkH says:

    “I already know the end of my story,” she said. “So, that’s all that matters. No fairy tale ever started good.” And some fairy tales start out with a nice garden, two naked people, and a talking snake. Hey, whatever floats your boat, but this nonsense that belief in things without evidence (faith) makes everything better is just that-nonsense. What might make Hecker feel better is to actually take responsibility for his own actions instead of relying on fairy tales that claim that the torture and execution of an innocent person can somehow absolve a person of his responsibilities and obligations to others. The End.

    1. MarkHisslave says:

      Mark did u personally know the man that took his own life? R u an investigator from Afghanistan or are u a soldier with no benefits? maybe an apology is due but it wont come from someone other then Denny Hecker. Human beings make mistakes, but before you judge another, judge yourself. Denny Hecker wasn’t the highest man on the totem pole, you might want to look higher.

  7. Tom Skaja says:

    Follow the money. It’s somewhere, she knows it and he needs someone on the
    “outside” he can “trust”….her?
    What a weird scenario…The Car King and the Fraud Queen.

    Tom S.

    1. tom skaja jr. says:

      Do u follow the money Tom?

      1. Tom Skaja says:

        I follow horses that follow other horses, junior.

  8. Kim M. says:

    “I really love myself – a lot…”

    Well, duh!

    She and Hecker deserve each other.

    1. Kim M Husband says:

      well duh Kim M u deserve yourself too. Duh!

  9. RockStar27 says:

    Completely agree with you! When I spoke with her last (just over a year ago), I told her that her children should be sent to live with their fathers as not to drag them through the h*ll that is going on. She said that it is important for her children to see how important it is to have true love in your life. OMG – really!??!?! So you want to drag your children through all this, just so they can have a screwed up life like you Christi? Then she responded, I just love him so much. …. I think I threw up in my mouth at that moment. I just cannot believe that someone would do this to their children and destroy their potential futures.

    1. JoWhite says:

      It’s nice that your a superficial supportive friend . Weeding out the superficial is easy , finding the friends must be a chore when all the free rides are over.

  10. Rockstar27 - husband says:

    Here’s a comment for all of the ones that speak when they haven’t been spoken to or really have nothing to do other than post comments on something they really have no idea about other then what they have read.
    Try to be a decent human being, your hatred buries you within your own body. Look for the Lord, and take care of what keeps you alive instead of trying to bury others with your inconsiderate remarks of negativity. Opinions? Yea you have them, but remember your opinions come from your own mirror.

  11. kathy says:

    Too bad none of you really know her she is a great mom and a great person don’t believe everything you read in the paper it isn’t all true!

  12. SwallowIt says:

    They did not say she has an oral fixation now kathy …. sheesh.
    They kept that private so spare them

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