Family: Realtor Moved Family Into Home They Owned

By Liz Collin, WCCO-TV

SAVAGE (WCCO) — In what’s being called a new twist in the foreclosure crisis, a Twin Cities family says their Realtor turned on them by moving another family into the home they still owned.

Packing up a home you’ve spent 16 years in is hard enough. Now, try moving back into your foreclosed home after a Realtor tried to rent and sell it from under you.

“You’re dealing with a Realtor that’s supposed to be a professional — only to find out they have no morals. Just out to make money for themselves,” said Bob Miller.

The Miller’s told WCCO-TV it all started this summer when they were both laid off and knew they’d lose their home.

They went online to find an agent who would rent them a new place, and eventually help sell their Savage town home. After they moved out, Michelle made a trip back a few weeks later.

“I went to the front door and, yep, there’s stuff in here that shouldn’t be there,” Michelle recalled.

Turns out, their Realtor had already listed their home for sale and for rent without the Miller’s knowing.

After calling police, they would learn that, tacked on to the lease to the new place, was the paperwork, which gave the guy the rights to their property.

The other family didn’t feel right about living here once they’d heard what happened. So, just this last weekend the Miller’s moved back.

They know they’ll still likely lose their home, but they don’t want anyone else to make any money on it before that happens.

“It pretty much does make it pretty hard to trust anything and anybody out there,” Michelle said.

The Department of Commerce is now investigating the Miller’s agent. WCCO-TV checked and the guy isn’t a current realtor, but he is a licensed broker.

There are some easy ways to check out a real estate agent’s background. Click on the links below.
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