MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Winter weather advisories, watches and warnings have been issued for many northern Minnesota counties Monday evening.

WCCO Meteorologist Chris Shaffer said 8 inches of snow fell on Orr, Minn. Monday. Clearwater county received 10 inches. There was 1 foot in Beltrami county and 12.5 inches in Mahnomen county.

There is a winter storm warning in effect in Koochiching county, as well as the northern parts of Itasca and St. Louis counties, until midnight Monday night. There is also a winter weather advisory in northeastern Minnesota until the same time.

There will be a winter storm watch in northwestern and west central Minnesota starting Wednesday morning through Thursday afternoon.

Click here to see the latest warnings, watches and advisories.

In the Twin Cities, the light snow and freezing rain advisory issued Monday morning left the area in the afternoon, heading eastward into far southeastern Minnesota and western Wisconsin.

The metro area shouldn’t see any snow Tuesday, according to WCCO Meteorologist Mike Fairbourne, but it will be cold with a high of 22. A rain/snow mix is expected Wednesday with more snow Thursday. On both days wind could blow snow and reduce visibility on the roads, though Shaffer thinks air traffic at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport will be all right.

Most of northern Minnesota is expected to only be cloudy Tuesday, though Arrowhead in St. Louis county to the northeast could see a little lingering snow.

Heavier snowfall returns to northern, northwestern and west central Minnesota Wednesday.  Snow totals could reach 10 inches or higher.

Check for the latest school closings and delays.

Comments (15)
  1. Jonathan says:

    Since when is an expected 4 inches of snow “heavy”? These Minnesota meteorologists need to start reporting the facts and stop sensationalizing weather for ratings purposes.

    1. Kim M Hunter says:

      You are right Jonathan. For anyone who has lived here forever knows that four inches of snow is nothing. Perhaps that would be the end of the world in Baltimore or in Washington D.C. Let us wait until we are due to receive at least eight inches of snow and then do the shouting.

  2. Jason says:

    I suppose it could mean the snow was “heavy” in nature, meaning lots of moisture in it, which is difficult to plow and shovel.

  3. Frances says:

    I agree Jason. That last batch of snow was pretty darn heavy, to say the least.

  4. al says:

    theres a difference between the wordings: a heavy bombardment of snow


    “has already been bombarded with heavy snow and will see a total snowfall of around 4 inches”

    meaning the snow is heavy, or wet and thick, not powdery.

    reading comprehension wins again.

  5. getridofem says:

    Any and all news broadcasting or weather programs are a total sensationalization of whatever they are covering, looking for ratings and the $$ they can bring in, nothing else, it is not about the truth anylonger—just a story or super story–prime example is the Weather Channel—total bunch of bunk they put out anymore, sensationaliztion at the highest level—-

  6. Michele says:

    You would think by now and after all the complaints about sensationaliztion of the weather reports that they would get it..just goes to show you that viewers comments are not being read and that the big shots at the top don’t care! For real time weather I turn to channel 17.

  7. Deb says:

    Where’s Red Ring?

  8. Jim says:

    Sensationalism sells. The Weather channel reports snow accumulations as “1/2 foot” rather than six inches. Snow measured in feet sounds more dramatic than the same snow measured in inches.

  9. Jude says:

    North of Wochester

  10. Jerry says:

    I can remember when 6 inches of snow was forecast as partly cloudy.

  11. Judy Stench says:

    More trash from WCCO. More lying, sensationalism and exaggeration. Shelby is the queen of exaggeration and opinion not news. They should all retire.

  12. Ed says:

    North East of Cass Lake we have 8 inches of the fluffy stuff today – not the 4 inches they say for Cass Lake.

  13. Nancy up North says:

    The Weather Channel thinks MN is a suburb of Siberia. I turn on my scanner to the weather band and get a good report from people with a Norvegian accent, ya know.

  14. St Paul says:

    Is that all people do anymore is complain and argue?!?! Find something better to do with your time.


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