Emmer Won’t Challenge Recount If Clear He Lost

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Republican gubernatorial candidate Tom Emmer says he won’t go to court to challenge the results of the upcoming recount if it’s clear he can’t win.

Emmer made the comments in an interview published Thursday in the St. Paul Pioneer Press. He told the newspaper Wednesday he doesn’t want to put himself or others through a futile process.

Emmer is trailing Democrat Mark Dayton by 8,770 votes in results certified by the state canvassing board this week, a margin close enough to trigger an automatic recount that’s scheduled to begin Monday.

Emmer says he hopes the recount produces an accurate tally so the canvassing board can declare a winner Dec. 14, as scheduled. He says he’d consider a court challenge if the recount uncovers enough irregularities to affect the outcome, but he won’t if the recount doesn’t.

  • sean

    hey Tom..it’s clear..you lost..it was clear on November 2nd..you lost..fair & square

  • Joe

    You sure about that? well we will wait and see.

  • Jim

    Have another beer, Emmer. Chalk up another DWI.

    • Mark from MNtaxwaste

      Wow, I never thought I would ever see such a stupid remark on line I was wrong.

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  • Wes

    I can understand Minnesota electing a democrat for governor, but seriously, Mark Dayton?!

    The guy is a complete NUTJOB! Minnesota once again should be embarrassed!

    Jesse, Franken and now this KOOK!

  • Don Juan Cartier

    Minesotans get some brains and jettisoned Oberfurherstar but then fall back into idiocy and elect dipso dayto…well… I guess we can claim the infamous 3 stooges… ‘Curley’ Franken, ‘Mo’ Klobuchar and ‘larry’ Dayto

  • your mom

    emmer you lost. dont be a baby. i cant stand hime getting elected again. no republicans in mn anymore. no more. they should all go to hell. if you are done with rep then you should joint them to heeeeeeeell

    • Bob

      Mom, go make me a turkey pot pie.Talk about left wing loonies…..

  • Kevin

    You know, living in MN, this whole recount thing is just a waste of time and my money. Any normal human being being behind 8700 votes would throw in the towel and concede. Lost complete respect for the man. What a reject.

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