MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Madison police arrested a 21-year-old woman after she allegedly threatened shoppers while trying to cut in line at a toy store.

Police say several hundred shoppers were at a Toys R Us just after 10 p.m. Thursday, when the woman attempted to move to the front of the line. The store opened for Black Friday shopping at 10 p.m.

Police say other shoppers confronted the Middleton woman and she threatened to retrieve a gun and shoot them.

No gun was found but police arrested the woman on a tentative charge of disorderly conduct.

Sgt. Erik Fuhremann tells the Wisconsin State Journal that the woman is now spending her shopping money to post bond.

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Comments (16)
  1. favoritegamma says:

    Now that is true holiday spirit. You go girl….DORK!!!

  2. Brad says:

    I don’t understand why some people think they deserve to cut the lines. I wish more would suffer the same fate.

    1. Moe-Joe says:

      I see it everyday at the Washington St or I94 West exits from southbound I35E… people will hold up two complete lanes of traffic until someone breaks down and lets them in…

  3. EaganDad says:

    I was Toys R us in Bloomington MN, and after hours standing in line in the butt a$$ cold, we saw lots of people who thought they could just jump in front of everyone when the line started going into the store. Toys R Us management and security was a complete joke, it was up to us in line to tell the rude a$$holes to go away. One couple got very angry with me when I spoke up and told them to get to the back of the line shortly before opening. Along with the guy’s glaring and words to me to “mind my business”, I could totally imagine him threatening me with a weapon but he didn’t. Stores that have these types of openings need to do a better job of security or there will be more confrontations like this one in WI. Barricade entrances with fences for at least 100ft and stop allowing people to linger near doorways when it’s close to opening time? That’s a good place to start and it should be mandatory for any of these special openings.

  4. Pennie says:

    This is just one more reason I don’t do the black friday shopping thing, you run into doofusses like this.

  5. Tracer says:

    Retailers could help stem the flow of obnoxious customers if they would extend the same sale through out the weekend. Or if you feel that need to stand in line for hours to wait for a few bucks off, I think the answer is clear. Put up with it.

  6. K Shenkel says:

    Is there REALLY anything so important to stand in line on Thanksgiving OR even the day after? NO! I have kids…either I get it when I can afford it…but there is nothing that is SO important to stand in line like this for OR cut in line for. Greed…plain and simple. I avoid Black Friday weekends like the plague…it shows the true greed out there and the rudeness of people…not worth it.

  7. EaganDad says:

    Tracer: That’s a poor response, Put up with it? It sounds like you’d rather disengage from society or tell others to just give in to defeat – since that appears to be your line of thinking. Rules and laws make a society function properly. So if a rude person talks on their cell phone during a movie at a theater or at a play, your pat answer would be “that’s why I don’t go to movies anymore, put up with it.” Or if a group of people begin threatening your neighborhood or your kids, you’d stay indoors or just move away, “that’s why I don’t go outside anymore, just put up with it.” It sounds like you get a lot accomplished in life with that attitude. Or maybe instead you’re actually one of those rude people who take advantage of others in situations like this and are simply justifying your actions? That’s how bullies think too, and selfish people.

  8. peanut says:

    Eagan, google “straw-man arguement”. So tired of Minnesotans that think they look smart when they do this.

  9. tracer says:

    There are rude people all over the place. You can ignore it or put up with it. Your choice. I am one of the few people that will hold open a door for a women, and let them enter before myself. If I encounter a person in an isle with a cart and want to pass, my response is pardon me. I don’t butt in line and was taught by my parents manners. The same as my children were taught . Take your grudge somewhere else

  10. peanut says:

    And yes, I know I misspelled a word.

  11. Justin says:

    I wonder if she was a fat, white girl?

  12. Cleo says:

    Hehe… you know sometimes arguments can get interesting as this…let me in the line or else I’ll shoot you..roflz!

    Imagine her desperation you it makes me think that this gag is by the Toys R Us management just to let their shop have a free hand publicity!!

  13. Dave says:

    Still posted as current news on 1/15/2011, why?

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