MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Four teenage boys have been charged in connection with the sexual assaults that happened near Powderhorn Park in Minneapolis.

A 15-year-old boy was charged with three counts of aiding and abetting first-degree aggravated robbery in connection with the sexual assault of a 45-year-old mother last week.

It is not clear which of the additional charges the other three boys face, but the charges include aggravated robbery, rape, attempted rape and kidnapping.

On Nov. 24, a mother was assaulted at Powderhorn Park while out cross-country skiing with her children. They were approached by a group of teenage boys, one of whom had a gun. One was wearing a hockey mask.

According to the charges, they ordered the family to get down in the snow so they could rob them, but the robbery eventually turned into a sexual assault as two of the teenagers molested the mother and threatened to assault her 10-year-old daughter. The mother yelled, “No, not my daughter,” and the group fled the scene.

Shortly thereafter, an 18-year-old woman and 16-year-old girl were attacked in a nearby garage. A group of boys pulled a gun on them, ordered them to take off their clothes and took turns sexually assaulting them.

The defendant charged on Tuesday admitted to police that he had been involved in the sexual assault in the park, but denied being involved in the one that occurred in the garage. He had been arrested by authorities while at home.

In all, four boys, believed to be 14 and 15, have been taken into custody.

The mother assaulted in the park released a statement saying she is healing from the attack thanks to family and friends. Click here to read her full statement.

NewsRadio 830 WCCO’s Bruce Hagevik Reports

WCCO-TV’s Dennis Douda Reports

Comments (8)
  1. Mark MNtaxwaste says:

    These losers should be charged as adults, and never let out of prison. What a bunch slimeballs. So I guess it’s nice to be in a gang?

  2. kevin says:

    This is an outrage! Charge these scum as Adults! This is insane! So they will go to juvy hall for 3 years and do probation…..you have got to be kidding me….

  3. Bob says:

    Why don’t more people take responsibility for their own safety ? The police can’t help you, you need to help yourself. What if they raped her 10 year old ?

  4. Lee says:

    I agree people need to take more responsibility for their own safety and the safety of their children. But it’s also the police and justice system’s responsibility to keep convicted violent offenders away from us. This outpouring of forgiveness and pity for the perpetrators and calls for “restorative justice” does nothing to stop them from doing it again.

  5. Kevin says:

    I will pull the switch….

  6. KillerBee says:

    Can we send all criminals to Iraq instead? Let them deal with it. -_-

  7. Carole says:

    I doubt Restorative Justice would be effective in a case where these folks do heinous things at such a young age. I agree, they should be tried as adults and held accountable as adults.

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