FOREST LAKE (WCCO) — A Minnesota State Patrol trooper and another driver were injured in a snowy accident near Forest Lake Friday afternoon, according to the Patrol.

Patrol spokesman Lt. Eric Roeske says the trooper, who was in his squad car, was on the left shoulder of the Interstate 35W responding to a call when his squad car was hit at around 5:26 p.m. The trooper had his emergency lights on

Both suffered non-life threatening injuries and were taken to the hospital.

It’s not known if snow was a factor in the crash.

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  1. steve says:

    Thats really,, people not paying attention ,, there in controle of a vehical,, not a phone !!!!!. Many of the State Troopers are lots each year by people just not getting the real deal,, Your driving a CAR.. Pay attention !!!

  2. cs says:

    I saw that accident, whoever hit them was moving pretty fast to send those two vehicles into the median as far as they were. It looked like one of the idiots that drive a 4×4 and think they can stop on ice because they drive a big truck. WRONG!!!!!!!!! you fools have to take it easy just like the rest of us, I have to laugh when you speed by that is just the farther into the ditch you go 2 miles down the road DUM-DUM!!!

    1. BF says:

      You are judging four wheel vehicle drivers as FOOLS, come on.

      1. cs says:

        They are fools if they do not respect the conditions, just because they have 4 wheel drive does not make them untouchable in crappy weather.

    2. SAH says:

      Actually, the patrol car and the other car were ALREADY in the median. The driver is inexperienced. He was not on the phone and was not even driving in that lane, when the lanes condensed and people were trying to pull into the other lane, he tried to slow, lost control and spun out. Driving in 2wd to his moms house. Everyone is ok but shaken, thanks for asking. Thanks for your kind and honest reporting. (GOSSIP)

    3. JJ says:

      Yep, 4-wheel-drive DOES NOT mean 4 wheel-stop.

  3. simplyhockey says:

    You saw the accident or the results of the accident? Please make this clear as you are assuming everything if you did not. Icy road and snow in the ditch think about it. How hard is it to push a cement block on ice same concept.

    1. cs says:

      That is a 2,000 lb or greater cement block it’s still dangerous to think they can drive that fast and be able to stop in time. Even if he was on his way to his moms apparently he was not paying attetion enough.

  4. Boit says:

    Idiot is defined as someone who is mentally incapable. Are you sure you can make that judgement?

  5. Paula Huss -- Coon Rpds says:

    Troopers put their lives on the line every time they stop to help someone or to issue a ticket. We can all help by making sure we are paying attention while driving, drive within the posted limits and SLOW DOWN as soon as the weather turns bad. We need to make sure our windshields are clear, tires have good tread, enough gas in the tank, washer fluid, too, and that the stuff we’re towing is secure. And everyone in the vehicle is properly buckled in !!!

  6. cs says:

    Yeah BF they are fools because they go to fast because they are 4 wheel drive and think they can stop on a dime.

  7. DMS says:

    cs, you clearly didn’t actually see the accident… maybe you saw the outcome, but next time, don’t chime in on something you know nothing about.
    I know the young man involved in the accident and he is a safe driver who happened to get in an accident. It is unfortunate that this happened.
    He wasn’t driving fast first of all, and second, the reason he started sliding was because he was trying to avoid someone who started fishtailing right in front of him. Also, the cop was already on the side of the road to respond to someone that was in the median previous to this accident.
    This is MN, we have crappy driving conditions much of the winter. If everyone who ended up the the ditch or in an accident is an idiot, then I applaud you for being so superior to them. Way to be.

    1. DAB says:

      Did you SEE the accident or are you going by what the young man said??????????????????????????????????????????

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