Uproar Over ‘Mass Firings’ At Minn. Chipotle Restaurants

By Lindsey Seavert, WCCO-TV

RICHFIELD (WCCO) — A Minnesota immigration rights group is protesting what it calls “mass firings” of Chipotle workers. According to the group, around 50 of the restaurant’s Latino workers have been fired in the last week.

The Minnesota Immigration Rights Action Committeee (MIRAC), a local group that fights for the legalization of undocumented workers, says employees at local Chipotle stores came forward, saying they were fired over questions about their immigration status.

“We started to piece together there was something larger going on than a few people fired at one store,” said MIRAC member Brad Sigal. “It appears to be a statewide attack on immigrant workers who are longtime employees. Most of them been working there for years.”

Sigal says his group confirmed that more than a dozen workers at the Chipotle on Grand Avenue in St. Paul were let go, along with nearly a dozen more at a Richfield Chipotle. He also heard from fired employees at locations in downtown Minneapolis (Skyway and Seven Corners), Golden Valley, Coon Rapids, Stillwater and Hudson, Wis.

Sigal says he suspects it’s the result of a federal immigration audit.

“It is an I-9 audit,” said Sigal. “They check the paperwork and fire anyone who can’t immediately prove they have the right to work. An action like this on a mass scale before the holidays is not consistent with the image they have cultivated.”

In a statement, Chipotle said, “We are fully cooperating with Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials in Minnesota in connection with a document request they have made.”

ICE officials have not yet made a statement.

Customers leaving Grand Avenue Chipotle offered conflicting views.

“I happen to be someone who is struggling to look for a job and I believe in fair practice,” said Tasha Scott, a St. Paul resident. “If I am eligible to work, and I have all the status and things required by law, I should have a job here.”

“I am an ethical vegan, I care about animals and humans,” said Melissa Swanson, a St. Paul resident, who says she hopes she learns the truth. “If it doesn’t fit my ethics, we won’t be coming back.”

WCCO-TV’s Lindsey Seavert Reports

  • Matthew

    Learn the difference between your and you’re!

    • waltinseattle

      Thousands? really? and are not most muslim terrorists who have killed so many, are they not illegal? Oh you mean Mexicans. Why not just say so!

    • Don in VA

      How do they know you are packing? I won’t tell if you don’t. I wouldn’t mind a chicken burrito bowl about now! HMMMMMMM. Yum!

    • Jack Engill

      I don’t care what their gun policy is. My right to self-defense trumps their property right, so ‘F’ ’em.

    • Buck Black

      I didn’t know about the anti-gun either. I won’t go back either. Just a comment…It is illegal to carry a concealed handgun where it is posted.

    • Whiskey Pete

      The headline of the story should read “Immigration Rights Group Furious Over the Rule of Law at CHIPOTLE Restaurants.”

      • FedUpInCA

        Hi all…I am tired of all this nonsence…I got the fix…annex Mexico…that will reallly make them mad…but we aint got the balls!

      • LuckyPup

        LOL!!! Right on!!

      • Jon

        That says it all: “Furious over Rule of Law.”

    • sdkid

      Excellent answer! Many of us at greatplainsvoicesDOTcom agree!

    • Mike

      Wow they forged their I-9’s and now they are surprised they got fired for it? Well lets see, I am an American, if I forge my I-9 I can go to prison, instead they just get to be on the news. MIRAC you are the biggest bunch of hypocrites I have ever seen.

      • TB Lee

        Yeah, and try going to Mexico and getting a job without speaking Spanish or having your papers in order.

    • Mitch

      Well, why must you carry heat to go into a Chipotle restaurant? Good grief! Such a pansy!

      • Alex

        Just because you pack heat doesn’t mean you’re a “pansy”, you idiot. If a gun-wielding criminal burst in and ordered all people to the floor, are you stupid enough to attempt to ‘muscle’ your way out of the situation? What a twit!

        The man should calmly aim and place two rounds, center-mast, in the criminals chest.


        Your Dad, obviously.

    • steve

      couldn’t have said it better brother.

    • steve

      John Carpenter, my original comment was directed to you. I absolutely agree w/ 100% of your comments! I’m a CCW Texan. Why can the “bad guys” carry illegally any damn time theiy want and the rest of us abide by laws the prevent us from carrying into restaurants? Bottom line, I’ll take the risk and carry concealed like the “bad guys.” If the $hit ever hits the fan, chalk one up for the “good guys.”

    • Jared Larson

      What are you, another Ethical Vegan? An Anal Retentive Grammarian?

      When I saw this story I whipped out my iPhone and ordered Chipotle.

      Mmmmmmmmm. Saving jobs for fellow citizens.

      In this economy, that’s worth a burrito!

    • Dave

      I couldn’t care less. Their food sucks anyway compared with Baja Fresh.

      • Davek

        Right on. These idiots would still be working if not for the paperwork requested. Chipotle was breaking the law. Why are they the good guys here?

    • davec

      youre a liar, this is not discrimination, those groups came here LEGALLY unlike your Mexicans (or you) who CRIMINALLY ENTERED

    • ALee

      many of American citizens do the same damn thing!! rob, cheat steal, (pillage? really?? lol…) drive drunk, rape and murder. Oh but that’s ok, because they were born here. BTW, are you American Indian? because otherwise your family, at one time, were new to this country too.

      • Tommy Tornado

        Hey ALee: It is NOT okay if an American breaks the law. I want them prosecuted to the fullest extent. What we are talking about is ignorant people like you who overlook the criminal behavior of illegals who need to be prosecuted and sent back where they came from. I wonder how you would feel if some illegal drove drunk into your house, raped your daughter and stole your car to get away??? Hooray for Maria and everybody like her and Go Chipotle!

      • Mongrel

        So I suppose “American Indians” arose spontaneously from the dirt? Or did they perhaps emigrate from Asia? For thousands of years their tribes killed each other for land, then one day another bigger, stronger tribe showed up and took it away from them. Humans have done that for as long as there have been humans, but you want to draw an arbitrary line a a certain point and say “ownership starts here.” Grow up – there’s a NATION here now, and like all other nations on this planet, it has the right to establish laws concerning who else gets to come in, and its citizens have the right to see those laws enforced.

        • Bob F.

          Mongrel, you are spot on. Thank you for your conciseness. Sometimes, one feels pretty isolated when dealing with those who substitute knee jerk reaction for logic and reason.

        • Dayton Dave

          Actually there is also good evidence that the first people on the continent were in fact white. You could have also pointed out that the survivors of the tribal wars were sometimes eaten by the victors and when that didn’t happened they were enslaved. Culturally , aboriginal American Indians were no bowl of cherries…

    • JJ

      Illegal is illegal. Don’t sit around complaining about illegal immigrants breaking the law, and then go off about how you’re going to illegally carry your gun into the restaurant. I can respect your views on immigration, but if you’re also a law breaker, you have little room too talk. And also, No, your second amendment right does NOT trump private property rights. The Bill of Rights is set up to protect the people from GOVERNMENT, not other private citizens.

      • SPSchnepp2

        Last I checked, you’re wrong. Sorry. McDonald v Chicago says even the city government can’t restrict you. I’m struggling to see how a shop owner can do the same. He can refuse to serve a customer, but beyond that…

    • Emma Peele

      @ Mitch…packing heat at a restaurant makes you a wussy? How many people at Luby’s in 1991 when 43 people were shot wished they had a gun?? Golden dragon 1977, McDonalds 1984, Hialeah 2010? Nuts go for crowded spaces…so restaurants are fine targets….being prepared to defend yourself hardly makes you a wussy. Maybe one day when a second amendment American helps you out you will realize it take courage to save another.

    • Wayne

      Aw c’mon man, they just want to rape and pillage your state like they’ve done to California & Arizona. What’s wrong with that?

    • mark

      Why is this rocket science for Obama the Harvard Professor?

    • HeckSpawn

      Oh, so only the CRIMINALS are allowed to carry weapons at Chipotle?

      OK, I’m done with them too…

      Good luck, all you folks that rely on a criminal’s conscience to not rob or shoot up the place while you’re there…

    • HeckSpawn

      Don’t forget sponging off of the taxpayers. Go stand in line at the County Welfare or SS office and see what percentage can speak English. Not many…

      • libertymatters

        the people who have a problem with “illegals” really have a problem with sharing welfare with others…they love taxes… they just don’t want to pay them,

    • Adam

      There is a silent invasion. The are taking America not with an army but they will integrate US states to Mexico by saturating the economy with illegal workers and shipping the money south. They have no plans to become American. We must stand up. Our country is at risk!


      right on ….. don’t buy from business’s that hire them …. we have to start looking out for America, our government isn’t

    • Detter

      The gov’t did not LET illegals stay here…they just didn’t get caught or the local police abrogated their authority to PC…

    • dwayne

      thumbs up!

    • Econ 101

      My wife is an immigrant with a “green card” who has worked at several retail stores over the last two years and she has to provide proof of legal residence and authorization to work every time she applies for and gets a job. If someone can’t do that, they can just go back to the country in which they ARE a citizen and get in the visa line at the US Embassy like my wife and millions of other law abiding people do.

    • ronnie reagan


      I realize this so-called “organization” is just sticking up for their mission statement, but the reality is that their mission statement is an illigitimate FARCE.

      Kudos to you Chipotle?

    • thinkbot

      It’s clear that Liberals and Conservatives alike stand united in their opposition to illegals getting a free ride any longer. Support jobs for tax-paying Americans!

    • K L P

      As an economist I would like to point out:
      cheap labor helps the economy. you’re looking at the wrong enemy, and trying to treat a symptom (immigration) instead of the disease (labor regulations). The problem is labor regulations that make american labor so expensive compared to informal labor contracts. things like minimum wage and other expense inducing regulations make it so Americans can’t work for less even if they wanted to.
      I would rather work for $5 an hour than be unemployed, but as a citizen that’s not an option for me. Immigrants can work for that much under the table. And businesses are dying right now. Paying for American labor is getting harder for them so they either employ informal workers or outsource to nations where jobs are cheaper (India, peru, etc.)

      Also, you’re not looking at the skill sets and money that they bring into the economy to diversify it and enable growth. Opening borders removes an obstacle to trade and is as helpful as actions like building interstates and bridges. Free Trade enables wealth creation.

      The job market isn’t a pie where there are a fixed amount of jobs. Giving a job to someone doesn’t mean you are taking it away from someone else.

    • Nix Noona

      It’s called the law, gang…being someplace for years, if illegal, doesn’t make it right…at all…

    • Larry B

      Yes, basically it is the Mexicans causing most of the problems. Keen eye you have, Walt.

    • ByteRider

      Absolutely, Kerry… I’m in AZ– We in AZ see so much illegals take jobs from Americans and we experience, first hand, the crime and abuse they cause.

      Illegals DO NOT CONTRIBUTE. A lot of IDIOT MORONS here don’t realize that most of the illegals send their $$$$$ back to Mexico to support their families. THEY ARE NOT INTERESTED IN BECOMING CITIZENS of the US, nor are they interested in following law. Don’t believe me? Plenty of stories on how Western Union’s major soruce of business is xfering money from the US to Mexico. Google it.

      Dare I mention the mother and her 2 yo that was killed 2 weeks ago here in AZ by an Illegal? btw, an Illegal that had been deport 2 times earlier. God I hope SB1070 is upheld, it’s one of the only ways of resolving this problem.

    • 3bagmom

      You might be an economist…but even a very stupid one knows opening your borders with a country not as economically stable as yours will only drain your own resources as they have nothing TO offer other than labor. It would not be mutually beneficial…This is for K L P who I think has gone off the reservation

    • jane

      you cant even sign your name?


      Your are RIGHT! I could not have said it any better! Round up each and every one of the ILLEGAL ALIENS and deport their collective tail-ends back to their own country. NOW BEFORE THEY DO ANYMORE DAMAGE TO OUR GREAT COUNTRY.

  • ohshutup

    Another reason I love Chipotle!

    • Atom&Yves


    • lssnr

      I agree!

      • M167A1

        I know where I’m stopping for chow tonight.

      • GregZ

        I try not to give my money to companies that use illegals anyway. This Immigrants
        rights group can complain all they want. Who cares what they say anyway. Illegals steal jobs from the 10-20% of Americans who aren’t working and drive the wage’s down for labor in skilled areas such as construction so much a man can’t support his family. Americans don’t like to live 30 to a 2 bedroom apartment. I never ate at this place before but I will now just to support them. I am not a racist, I just believe in rule of law!!!

    • comprof

      I will start eating at Chipotle.

    • Jim Ness


    • Don in VA

      Me too! Go Chipotle!

    • Tom

      Glad we heard from an “ethical vegan”. I’m always uneasy until I hear where they stand!

      • Lynn

        Good one Tom.! Hahahahahaha!

      • Justme

        Just the name makes one want to vomit…ethical vegan…oh my Lord !!

      • Lia

        Hahahahaahahaha chipotle moved up on my “I want instant squirks tonight” list. I love vegans. They make a great side dish if sautéed in butter sauce.

    • David C

      Yes that is true…however, there is a difference between legal and illegal. If you are illegal you are breaking the law. Quit trying to say that what happened in North America to the Native Americans is any different than anything that has happened anywhere where cultures have clashed.

      • Agree, but sympathetic

        Only a big difference, the “winners” of this clash provided resources and sovereignty to the “Losing team” — Other than maybe Israel, do you know of any other situation in which the government gave like this to the losing side, not to mention yearly cash payments for “lost land”… or whatever they call it.

        Before you bash me, my grandmother was Native American, my sister and her family are members of a tribe in Northern Minnesota.

    • David

      So what you’re saying is we should invade and take over Mexico? OK! Let’s do it!

    • Rick

      What a dolt. My ancestors immigrated here according to US Immigration law. They did crawl across the border in the night illegally.

    • Douglas

      You’re only an immigrant if you come to a functioning society. Colonials who came to America were not immigrants. They came to build a civilization, not to leech off of one.

    • Delmar jackson

      perhaps another reason for problems in the country is emotional and illogical reasoning such as yours. We are not a nation of immigrants, we are a nation, like all other nations, a nation of CITIZENS thatv want less immigration.

    • gimmeabreak

      the issue is “illegal” and “legal” immigrants. my grandparents came here from italy years ago. but they did it LEGALLY.

      nobody has a problem with those who follow the rules. we just don’t like law breakers!

    • Fred

      My great grandfather came over from Switzerland LEGALLY. That’s what you left-wing nutjubs just can’t wrap your pot-befuddled brains around. We have no problem with LEGAL immigrants, just ILLEGAL aliens.

      • Bart

        What is it about the the meaning of the word illegal that liberals can’t quite grasp?

    • dee smith

      I will make my first trip to chow down at chipole’s here in AZ

    • Goldenfoxx

      I think you are disgusting. Now I can go apply and get one of those jobs. I’m unemployed because the illegals have taken over. This is a wonderful Xmas gift to me and my children. I can speak crassly of them – they do not speak English! They do not understand a frick’n word you are saying. We’re talking about people being here ILLEGALLY! What part of that don’t you get?

    • mark from mntaxwaste.com

      @Amanda So please enlighten us and tell us where the North American Indians came from? Was it through Russia into Alaska and down the west coast? Your words hold nothing! mark@mntaxwaste.com

  • Bill

    I hope they stay away from the Chinese restraunts or I will be eating Ramon again.

    • Frank

      I’m sure Ramon will like that.

    • Bennett

      Hah! Bill, I sure hoe Ramon is ok with that!

    • Frank

      All of these grammar nazi comments crack me up!
      I just about spit my food out while reading these.
      Thank you all!

      • Pete

        All these, not all of these, you troglodyte.

    • Catherine Bass


    • Ramon

      Oh no you’re not!

      • knot

        Too Funny!!! Great!

      • Lee


      • Buffmuffin


    • Jeff

      I am sure that Ramon will be happy to here that!!!

    • Karl

      Mike…now that’s downright funny…

    • Also Bill

      Eating Ramon again? What, did you already finish off Raoul?

    • joe

      DING DING DING, we have a winner!

      • Sam Antonio

        File your papers – get a green card or GO HOME> meryy christmas for San Antonio

    • Bob

      Do you keep Ramon in your freezer? Is he tasty? I keep Marc’n’Cheese in cans.

    • Kerry Early

      Eating Ramon? Does he/she object? I think you meant Ramen

    • Claude

      I assume you meant Ramen. If not, then I hope you and Ramon have a blessed union.

    • Bryan

      Who’s Ramon?

    • Woodie

      If you are eating Ramon, that is Mexi can food…If you are eating Chinese food that is ramen

      • slick

        Ramen is japanese, they even have a ramen museum.

    • skids

      Given how big business is treated differently than the workers, I can’t say that Chipolte is at fault. If they don’t at least make the appearance of being in compliance, they risk millions in fines. ICE merely released, with a court order to return to a hearing, the 250 illegals they caught in a nationwide Walmart raids, but fined Walmart 11 million dollars and made them consent to performing more efforts in background checking and audits to be compliant with Federal Immigration Law.


    • Mike (the other one)

      Ramon? Sounds more like the cook at a Mexican restaurant.

    • Cartman

      I love Chipolte but I hate the embarresing blood stains in my underware.

      • kyle

        Dude, just go commando.

    • Darby Crash

      Who’s Ramon?

    • pompey

      ….this is true considering that our laws are not opressive at all……..

    • academiamole

      You’ll eat Ramon who?
      Ramon Dekkers?
      Ramon Vargas?

    • TRUST ME


    • TRUST ME


    • scott

      Who is Ramon?

    • Gojo

      Please don’t eat Ramon. He may be illegal, but you really shouldn’t eat him. (The noodle is spelled “ramen.”)

    • Hugh Jerection

      MMMM…Ramon is one lucky guy!

      Make him some Ramen when you’re done having your way with him, you’ll both be FAMISHED!

    • Stu Cozza

      What does Ramon think of this?

  • janna

    the key phrase in your argument is “willing to work”….

    • Winky

      Yay, score one for the English teacher !

    • Daphni

      Does that mean once you are legal, you don’t want to work?

    • slick

      Please re-read the article. Chipolte did not know these workers were illegal. They would have been paying all of the benefits; ICE may have been tipped by benefits paid on behalf of non-existent workers.
      BTW, Chipoltle has the same corporate owners as MacDonalds. Assume similar corporate attitudes.

  • dude497

    You are a freak…..

    • janna

      LOL – well stated – I’ll bet you rocked your HS debate team!

  • kare11guru

    With the unemployment rate so high, why not hire people that have citizenship and the right to work here?

    • Maria

      John, you are another lib/illegal who hates this country. If you live in the US, you’re the lazy one and living off the rest of us hard-working ‘Amerikans’. I work 7 days a week, follow the law, paid for all my own education for both my degrees and have a great job. So, you’re the lazy bozo who hates this country. Go back into your hole and never come out! If you don’t live in the U.S. Great! We don’t want you!

    • Jim Ness

      John, No too many “Amerikans” have been told by Liberals they do not need to work as long as they keep voting Democrat!

    • Glen Beck

      John you are another retired republican troll who doesnt work, or a racist. Why do you support transnationals?

    • Dave Beez

      Johns too lazy to use spellcheck

    • alicelouise58

      So, any employer that is caught must be ruined to the legal extent of the law. This coupled with no government benefits will cause significant self deportation.

    • John Smith

      And too lazy to think.

    • Pogun

      I believe this is the best response to this issue that I have read.

  • janna

    @ Ron – I am unemployed and have received NO unemployment benefits – I’m losing my home and I”m not complaining – I made my bed, I’ll lay in it – and my situation has absolutely nothing to do with illegal immigrants – laugh away if it makes you feel better!

    @ Jane – you dont sound like an ogre – you sound reasonable. I just have such a hard time separating the financial part of their being her with the human part of their being here – they are ppl with hopes, dreams, needs, feelings, thoughts just like the rest of us….

    • plopsdad

      ppl with hopes, dreams, needs, feelings, thoughts just like the rest of us….
      Yes they are, but dont you think that citizens of this county should come first when seeking those things?

    • twistin

      Bank Robbers are just ppl with hopes, dreams, needs, feelings, thoughts just like the rest of us….

    • twistin

      Rapists are just ppl with hopes, dreams, needs, feelings, thoughts just like the rest of us….

    • twistin

      Muggers are just ppl with hopes, dreams, needs, feelings, thoughts just like the rest of us….

    • Jolly

      You haven’t really talked to any illegal immigrants, regardless of what country they are from. They are just here for the money, they don’t care about being citizens or following the law. They are not interested in learning english ore becoming americanized. And they cal us all gringos and worse behind our backs. They are part of the plan to retake the USA for latinos. They don’t like anyone who is not latino and that is why they stay in their barrios and refuse to assimilate.



    • BarbieJo

      Oh snap, don’t you hate it when the trooth comes out
      (spelling currected for this thread)

    • L. Bowser

      That depends on if you count up all the sin taxes, property tax (through their rent), SSI and Medicaid not to mention income taxes if they work at a place like Chipotle. Don’t forget sales tax. I’m sure I’m leaving some out. The fact is if you look at what they pay in taxes and what a normal person of that stature in society pays in taxes, it’s about the same. Remember, the bottom 50% of earners typically pay no income tax.

    • faride12

      let me tell you they ave money taking ou of thir checks everytime they work but because thyare Illegals the can’t filled taxesand claim dependents so the money s sitting there with IRD and tey are millions so far, check into …

      • Patricia


        sorry but the bill for their emergency room trips, births, accidents. like the 22 occupant SUV rollovers. food, Suing towns to have spanish speaking teachers.. AZ especially .. suing police departments for a compliance officer to understand them.
        Suing for whatever they need…. whenever..
        NEVER have ONE group of ILLEGALS no less.. immigrants DEMANDED so much from all of us!

      • Jimmy Jones

        If they are taking money out of their checks it is because the ILLEGAL is committing identity fraud by using someone else’s SS#.

      • Javier

        This is a lie. Many of these illegals get paid cash!!!! and NEVER pay income taxes on what they earn!

        The check into it is done by pro-illegal immigration groups who love to lie. I live in Chicago and this place is filled with illegal immigrants. Places that hire illegals pay them cash! thus, they do not have to report on this money on payroll which allows the illegal to NEVER have to report it either.

        Lies, Lies and then…more lies from the pro-illegal immigration folks.

    • Rolly

      I don’t normally defend illegals but…

      If they work at Chipotle, taxes are taken directly out of their check. Since they’re illegal, they don’t file a Return. In other words, they are actually paying MORE tax than they would if they were legal.

      • Jimmy Jones

        Add identity theft, fraud and filling out false info on govt documents to their list of crimes.

      • Javier

        Maria hit it on the nail! The few illegals who are paid via payroll checks do get their money back since they file taxes just like anyone else!

        Thus, these illegals break the law by stealing identities and then they break it again by filling taxes!

        However, 99% of illegals who work get paid cash. It is the easiest way for corporations, companies, small business to get around many of the illegal immigration laws. I have seen some very shady accounting in my time to hide this and I have seen illegals smile since they get paid cash, thus earning more money than their LEGAL counterpart who gets taken all type of taxes out of their pay check!

      • bodidit

        I’m with Maria on this one, I read a story told by a doctor in Florida about a young illegal mother who was getting $1500 per month from the government for each of 4 or 5 handicapped children. Where in her home country can she get a deal like this?

      • Lee

        They take more out the social service then they ever put in. Add up food stamps, medical care, kids in school and relatives in jail. Look at the whole picture

      • Dave C

        You don’t have to be a legal resident to file a tax return.

        If you want to get angry, blame Obama’s INS, that’s whose audit is forcing the firings. Some union boss probably filed a complaint

      • Maria

        Rolly, you are a moron. I’m a 5th generation Hispanic American AND a CPA. While these illegals (who typically have fake Soc Sec #s they buy for $100) might have taxes taken out of their paychecks, they GET IT ALL BACK WHEN many do file tax returns using those stolen SS numbers. They get more money back than they pay in via Earned Income tax credits, Child tax credits, Additional tax credits, etc, etc. They are laughing all the way to the bank while ignorant, feel -sorry- for- them-Americans, get hit over and over again and end up paying for them to live off our hard earned work. SEND THEM ALL BACK HOME HOME!

      • No Bueno

        Why wouldn’t they file a tax return with the same fradulent SS they used to steal that job! They’re going to get all that money back and then some at the end of ther year, though tax credits on their multiple anchor babies!

        Wake up! Illegal invaders are thieves of the worst kind!

      • dan

        @ Rolly
        you’re correct many illegals get a payroll check with taxes taken out but they falsly claim 7 to 10 dependants so hardly any taxes are witheld. then factor in the trips to the emergency room and bilingual teachers etc and it is a BIG net loss to USA

      • twistin

        Hey, why would ANYBODY be upset over simple Border Jumping, Identity Theft, Theft, Fraud, and Milking the System for Medical, Education, Food, Housing, Cash…….?

        We are just so frikken Nice, US Americans…..”They all hate us anyhow, so let’s drop the Big One now……”

      • John Knight

        Maria, you’re 100% on the mark. I worked at IRS in frontline assistance and believe me the “refunds” were always in the $5000. range!!

    • reader

      They pay taxes, they are aven provided with special number to fille their taxes every year.

  • SickOfThis

    Glad to hear that Chipotle did this, it should happen all across the country. Send ALL Illegal’s back where they came from! If they want to be in this country they MUST do it legally!

    • kepeneter

      Let’s have the Rule of Law Rule!

    • DR Ricardo

      Agree and MARIA ROCKS!!!!!!

      • Jim in Houston

        Too bad LULAC and others like them don’t have Maria’s value system.

    • faride12

      they will if they could have a VISA, and if the LEGAL people will do ths jobs itwill be good .

  • Judas

    Amen Brutha!

  • Michele

    I don’t see the problem, these individuals are not allowed to work in the United States, so they are not being allowed to work. Period.

  • Garcia

    I Can’t Believe I ate the WHOLE THING!

  • al

    thats fine to welcome people with open arms as long as they are here legally

    • BB

      Ok – but I am a Native American and I am preety dang sure my family did not say to the first white settlers _ “come and take my land, my food, my resources and dictate to to my people what you want of us” now , or did they?
      Leave them alone

      • xJonx

        And when you take back “YOUR LAND” (in quotes because after all, your Indian tribe probably fought with another Indian tribe for it), you can welcome all the illegal aliens you want.

        Until then, it’s property of the US and I expect my Executive Branch to Execute the Law.

      • Dude

        No, your family was probably drunk and selling cigs or working in the casino/bingo hall.

        • BB

          to Dude: if directed at me I think maybe you may be flat out a racist and imbecile. I’d not even respond but anyone using Dude just may need a few dollars to buy some smoke so come on over. I’ll put you to work at a Chipotle for $7.85 and hour. Hurry up now as the jobs will fill fast … lmao

      • Mongrel

        So you’re claiming this country belongs to your family because of hmm… I guess your race? And you seem to have a problem with “white” folks as well. Who’s the real racist imbecile here?

    • Chris

      Indians are useless

      • Rolls the dice quickly

        No not useless at all. We have really nice casinos that all the nice people come to and give us their money. We pay our families and our kids with tax free money. It’s a great way to support the national debt. Reservations are cool – come visit and bring your wife and a big wallet. Enjoy the peace pipe.
        Chief poker table

    • James L.

      @BB: You should applaud the deportation of people who are here illegally. As a Native American, you have already seen what happens when there is an “open borders” immigration policy.

      • BB

        @James L: I’ll applaud it if and only if all the whiners who FACTUALLY did the same in past would get on the same boat.
        Pretty funny how some of the folks think. As long as it plays out your way it’s always grand and mighty. The minute the snowball gets tossed back at you it becomes a different story.
        Not jumping at you James as you actually seem reasonable and civil.
        The facts remain what they are though – and if it’s good for the goose it sure should be good for the gander.

  • Sam I am

    Its about time. If you are here illegal then you don’t have the right to work. Illegals can’t come here and make up I-9 documentation and then expect no repercussions.

    I for one applaud the honesty in Chipolte and will make sure they are on my list of places to have lunch at.

    • Burrito L

      I will not hire them in a house
      I will not hire them for my spouse
      I will not hire them her nor there
      I will not hire them anywhere
      I dot not eat green burritos and ham
      I do not do not Sam i am
      Yummy – oh freebirds monster is HUGE – burrito – that is

  • James

    The argument that becuase, these people have hopes and dreams and are trying to support their families, and therefore we should ignore their illegal status and allow them to work is arrant, puerile nonsense. By logical extension, then, they should have the right to steal whatever they need to support their families? They’re stealing resources and jobs now. Sheesh. Learn to think. (And I’m a liberal Democrat, no less)

    • bodidit

      Strong words for a democrat James! :)

    • johncs

      Pretty scary when a liberal dem shows some common sense!

      • wkmacc

        LOL! Amen!

    • Jeff

      I think you’re a closet conservative.

    • Mongrel

      James, the cognitive dissonance must be just tearing your head apart. I mean, the core tenet of modern liberalism is that the government exists to stick their hand in my pocket to fund the hopes and dreams of other legal residents just because they don’t want to work as hard as I do (if at all). So, you’re ok with that theft in general, just as long as the paperwork is in order? You’re half-way back to sanity, just keep thinking, ok?

  • Jeff

    What you liberals don’t seem to get, is a key word in this article; ILLEGAL. Why don’t you understand what the word “illegal” means? It means against the law; not lawfully. I welcome immigrants to the US. Please, come here and work hard and make a better life for your family. But do it legally. What these illegal immigrants do is: 1) not pay taxes, 2) send their earned income to their home country where they have relatives who need it, 3) and use services like police, fire, and medical at the cost of legal tax-payers. So, they may work hard, and they may be trying to help out their families, but they are hurting others in the process. By using those services but not contributing, they are simply bleeding the system. So, taxes go up for those who play by the rules. So, again, come to the US for a better life, but do it the right way; LEGALLY.

  • Tom Willard

    When you go into nearly any restaurant in the Metro, 90% of the kitchen is Latino. But if you go into a Mexican restaurant, WOW! No Caucasians?! This equality BS works both ways people.

    • Bruiser

      You mean white folk just to lazy or costly now don’t ya Tom?

      • bodidit

        Maria for president! LOL but I’d vote for her!

      • going loop bro

        Yo man – lets catch up wid yp mamma on go loop in da hood yo yo

      • Maria

        Hey Bruiser, I guess you could say the same for black folk as well, right? I’m a 5th generation Hispanic American, and I’m always astonished that more blacks don’t fight more to send all these illegals back to their own countries (whether it’s Mexico, Columbia, India, Vietnam,etc, etc,) because these illegals, especially illegal latinos, are TAKING AWAY YOUR JOBS!!! YOU FOOLS!

      • faride12

        Latinos wll do anythin to work and feed their families, compare t oter people that wants to stay home in walare or just have a office job.

      • Detter

        So much for EEO compliance, eh? White folk need not apply, Black folk need not apply so on and so forth. It’s not just white folk who are out of work. There are plenty of legal races that would love to have a job. Even the legal elderly.

  • Tom Willard

    If I follow Sigal’s thinking, an illegal should also be allowed to drive with no license or insurance. I mean, he HAS to get to his illegal job to earn income that he pays no taxes on.

    • Gregor

      They already do Tom.

  • Dave Seavy

    I agree with everyone who’s pointing out the illegality. Just because somebody has hopes and dreams does not excuse them from the law. We all have hopes and dreams. Does that mean the entire legal system should be ignored?

  • vixxen36

    I feel sorry for these folks losing their jobs but when you enter this country by illegal means, its a risk you take.

  • mark from mntaxwaste.com

    Pack up the bus and send them back. We have for years tried to almost go out of our way to help immigrants come into America. It’s time to end this once and for all, you come to America illegally YOU go back! End of Story. We also fine the companies $10,000 per violation, this would fund more money into ICE and send the warning. mark@mntaxwaste.com

  • Mike Sell

    your report seemed quite biased,you never once used the term “illegal aliens” when you refer to the workers.I think your bleeding heart agenda is showing .
    The only ‘uproar’ was from the very small number that share your views

  • Steve

    When applying for a job there is a question on job applications “are you entitled to legally work in the US” yes/no. What part of the ‘illegal’ immigration rights group doesn’t understand. Its a clear question. You are not here illegaly, you are not entitled to work here. Simple as that. Its the law.

  • Chris

    So the business that hired the cheap labor and breaks the law doesn’t have to go to prison? Well they are more guilty then the immigrants. And they are still allowed to serve the food to the cheap customers? What a food chain.

  • Jack

    Be nice to people who are here illegally. They’re people looking for a better life. Get rough with the ones who hire them. Where’s the $50,000 fine for each one hired or jail time? The companies that hire them should be going to jail.

    • Gregor

      Good one Jack, and while we are at it, lets be nice to the poor guys who accidentally flew those planes into those buildings in 2001. We should fine and jail the people who built those buildings in such an inconvenient location, and while we are at it, fine and jail the people who let them onto the airplane in the first place. With all of these horrendous violators of human rights out of the way, then we can all get along, and the unicorns will finally decide to reappear. Yay!!!

    • johncs

      You can be professional, compassionate, and civil. You do not have to give in to illegal immigration. Businesses that knowingly hire illegals should be held accountable, but sometimes illegals use stolen identities as proof (another criminal act).

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