What To Expect From Saturday’s Snow Storm

By Chris Shaffer, WCCO-TV

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — After a fairly warm Friday, things will start to make a turn for the worse.

Friday will start out fairly mild and warm to about 27 degrees in the afternoon, so things will be fine for those who commute to and from work.

Then things start to change. Just before midnight, it will start snowing, the temperatures will start dropping and the wind will begin to blow.

WCCO-TV Meteorologist Chris Shaffer reports that Saturday’s high will peak around 15 and fall below zero for the first time this season by Sunday morning. We should bottom out around -7 degrees.

The wind will be strong Saturday into Sunday morning coming from the north 15-25 mph. This will make it feel like -25 to -35 degrees by Sunday morning.

“What we don’t know for certain is the direct path of the storm system, which will have a big impact on our snow totals,” said Shaffer. “Right now, the models are estimating anywhere from 5-11 inches here in the Twin Cities.”

It will be a lighter, fluffy snow that will easily blow around with our windy conditions on Saturday. Expect reduced visibility, along with blowing and drifting snow, so be careful on the roads.

The wind will settle down on Sunday and we may see some sunshine, but it will only warm to 3 degrees. We stay cool until Wednesday when we warm to the 20s.

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  • Fred Pfeiffer

    Now I know just why AZ was so attractive. The weather here is great. Income tax es lower, sales tax lower. Utilities rates very comparable. Highways not alot of them but in good shape/

    • Bob

      But we have water. Arizona, not so much.

      • Paleo2k

        Growing up in North Dakota we had a saying…’30 below 0 keeps out the rif-raf’

    • Mike

      Folks in AZ hide inside in the summer. Folks in MN hide inside for the Winter. The nice thing about MN is that if you have to or want to be outside, you can add layers…in AZ, you can only take off layers, but you run out of layers and its still freakin HOT!

      • Gadabout

        Don’t forget your layer of bug spray. Damn that smell is sexy.

      • hope

        Warm in Arizona

        I have lived in Mpls most my life and I am so happy to have the heat. At least
        I don’t have to walk downtown Mpls through hampster tubes to keep warm
        6 months of the year

    • brian campbell

      In October its 100 degrees in AZ. and imost of the state is really an inhabiltable desert. Minnesota weather is wonderful . 4 distinct seasons. Great outdoor winter activities. Blizzards can be great fun , Just dress appropriately.

  • Nikki

    Why….do…I ….live here….?

  • Julie

    I ask myself the same thing, Nikki lol

  • Sue

    It builds character?? Or just snowdrifts…..

  • jack

    All you people who complain about the snow and cold MOVE!

    • Ames

      Thank you Jack!! I hate when people complain about the weather….there is a simple solution.

  • M

    Filters out the weak!

    • David Swinehart

      I like your response. People from this part of the USA are the best.

  • Frances

    I’d love to move! I could only convince my husband to move as far “south” as Rochester. Ugh.

    • Dave Seavy

      Rochester weather is pretty close to the same as TC weather. If you want warmer weather, you’ll have to do better than that.

  • dan

    We cant change anything so just enjoy it..if you dont have to drive…just enjoy it…if you dont have to walk…just ..well you get the idea…think of all those wimps who dont get to “enjoy this”

  • M


  • Matthew

    It is a great night to stay in and have some hot cocoa!

  • Mitch

    I like the cold. It keeps out the riff-raff.

  • Pete

    Come on people.. Living in MN with 4 very distinct sesons!! It’s great! Just sit back and enjoy.

  • janna

    I once read a saying: “There is no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather” …… cold weather is very invigorating and refreshing and can’t the beauty of fresh fallen snow!

  • janna

    cozy wool socks, hot cocoa with whipped topping and sprinkes, electric blankets, fireplaces…. :) …. oh wait, that was a rhetorical question, wasn’t it?

  • Hoopy

    2 things…

    •Forecast translation: we really don’t know how much is coming or where it’s headed, but it’s going to snow and be cold!

    •to all those whiners, there are easy exits from the state in all directions, as well as your local airport. Stop peeing in the pool, some of us like our seasons.

  • Jeanne

    Sounds like a Tom and Jerry weekend

  • Dottie

    I love it, bring it on!! You know the old saying “If you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen” well, it applies here. Um, except by heat I mean cold and…er…by kitchen I mean MN. You know what I mean. You catch my drift (snowdrift?)

  • mark from mntaxwaste.com

    Love the Snow, We have a hill down the block from us and this is the weekend to take it on. I did a few years ago and went airborne for 20 feet. The wife said I rolled 6 times and ended up face down in the snow, where I was for a few minutes before I came to. I call it killer hill and a challenge, the wife calls it unsafe and me stupid. Why do I do it, because, because, well I’m not sure?

    • John C

      I had to laugh, Mark. I live in south mpls and grew up here too. There is a great hill
      on about 52nd and Newton ave called “Suicide Hill.” It drops straight down and ends at Minnehaha Creek. As kids, the goal was to get up enough speed to wind up on the creek ice. As a 60 year old man, the goal is exactly the same!! I still hang out with most of the same guys I grew up with and we sled there at least a few times each winter.

    • Malinda

      Because its there?

  • Joe Dokes

    They wear coats. They stay inside. It’s not difficult.

  • Love cold and snow

    We dream of these snow storms. Can’t wait.

  • Lisa

    I can complain about the snow all I want because I hate it, and the cold! But I choose to live here because I was born and raised here, all my family and loved ones are here. To me family is more important, so I put up with the cold, and enjoy the heck out of the rest of the year in this gorgeous state. One thing I can say about Minnesotans… we do NOT take our summers for granted! Stay Warm!! :)

    • Rider

      You nailed it Lisa, though I live in Chicago. Family and friends!!!!! Besides, spring is just around the corner, eh?

  • Rennie McP

    After 45 years in “sunny and warm” CA – I LOVE being here – This state has the best people and the weather builds CHARACTER!

  • Dave

    Lots of September babies!!

  • Don

    In short, the winter here in the upper mid west sucks. Period.

  • Rob

    the winter wonderland – we wonder why we are here

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