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MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Snowfall left Minnesota to the southeast Saturday night as winds became stronger, making falling temperatures feel even colder.

At the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport Saturday night, only one runway was working. It would open for 30 minutes, then close for 30 minutes for plowing. Nearly all flights were canceled, so MSP provided cots for stranded passengers and employees.

Delta canceled all of its flights into or out of MSP Saturday and hopes to resume flying Sunday, scheduling additional fights to accommodate delayed travelers. Affected customers have already been re-booked and can find flight and weather waiver information on

In addition to problems at the airport, Metro Transit suspended bus services Saturday evening and Hennepin County pulled all plows until 2 a.m.,or until it is safe. However, Hennepin County plows still plowed emergency routes leading to hospitals.

The Minnesota State Patrol said between 7 a.m. and 3 p.m., troopers responded to 79 crashes involving property damage, 13 crashes with injuries and 392 instances of vehicles spinning or sliding off the road, but no fatal crashes.

The Minnesota Department of Transportation advised no travel in the Twin Cities area Saturday evening, and closed Highway 50  between Highway 52 and Highway 20.

In southwestern, west central, central and northern Minnesota, a wind chill advisory is in effect until noon Sunday.

In west central Minnesota, a wind chill warning is also in effect until noon. For the southwestern part of the state, that will last until midnight Monday morning.

Southwestern Minnesota is also under a blizzard warning until 4 a.m. Sunday.

West of the Twin Cities, the warning will be in effect until 6 a.m. In south central Minnesota, 9 a.m.

Southeast Minnesota will be the last to clear, with a blizzard warning expiring at noon on Sunday.

Sunday morning, people woke up to below-zero temps for the first time this season with a predicted low of -9 degrees early in the morning. However, strong winds of 15-25 mph were expected to make it actually feel like -25 to -35 degrees. But there is a little good news.

“We will have some cold sunshine Sunday and a high of only 4,” said Trenda.

“It will be much easier to get around,” added WCCO-TV Meteorologist Chris Shaffer. “Cold again Monday and Tuesday before we start to warm up by midweek.”

Saturday evening, Regions Hospital said they’d treated six patients for injuries related to the storm, none of them serious. Two people had shortness of breath from working outside, one was hurt in a crash and three slipped and fell.

The last time the Twin Cities received a foot or more of snow from one storm was the blizzard that went from Feb. 28 through March 2, 2007, WCCO Meteorologist Mike Augustyniak said.

WCCO TV’s Mike Fairbourne Reports

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  • Tim Niles

    We’re getting January temps in early December along with snow snow snow. It doesn’t mean that winter will end by February but there is only so much cold air being created in the arctic, so maybe this winter will be over by the end of February like last year.

    • George

      It’s the start of global cooling.

      • Tommy

        if it’s global warming then how come its soooooo cold?

    • Global Warming? Really?

      A certain amount of climate change is normal. What isn’t normal? All the loony left wing nuts who buy the whale Gore’s every threat!!! Fools all!!

  • Brandon

    ^^I bought my first snowmobile and snow thrower this year and im glad i did! I figured with my luck we would only see a few inches this year! LET IT SNOW!

    • Smarty Snow Pants

      Well look who the economy left high and dry. I have a ten year old shovel. I hate you ;-)

    • the patriot

      Should have bought a woodstove. What would you do if this was an icestorm and you were without power for 10 days.

  • hung

    I hate snow

    • John

      Well then, go back to where you obviously came from, please.

      • Pedro

        Hey John do you think that might be his nickname given to him by your wife.

    • burrrrr!

      I hate it too. And I’m FROM here.

  • Darren

    It must be that darn Global Cooling!

  • Jack

    Hung… Stop crying MOVE!

    • Jim

      I hate winter hate snow and hate the cold lived here my whole life, used to love it. But I cant just move, have elderly parents here. And what a simple comment..just move..well if all the people that hated the winters “just moved” along with all the “wealthy” getting taxed to death ( and in death) then the rest of you wouldnt be able to afford to live here

      • mike ablan

        oh look, another political rant from another ill informed opinionated wing nut

      • Thomas

        You are right, but i still want to live in warmer clim.

  • You need Help

    ‘Darren’ and ‘Help Me’ – Please stop posting you are making yourselves look like fools.

    • climate scam

      truth hurts huh?

      • travis

        how can you look at all the data from the last 20 + years… that says global climate change is real… then look at one day it cold in minnesota and say climate change is a joke.

  • Saints #1

    I’ll believe it when I see

  • Neil

    I’m in Phoenix now and the weather is beautiful. Can’t believe I have to come home on Tuesday to all that snow and cold. It’s time to move to a warmer climate.

    • George

      Neil, you should be fine with global warming it oughta warm up.

  • deeznuts

    time to hit the slopes again on Sunday. POW POW for once!

  • Snow!!

    You need help- I think you need help, its called a joke.

  • Paul Douglas


    • Pennie


      • derfuhrer

        Thought a lighter note was needed.

  • Linda Johnson

    Actually, weather extremes (lots of snow, lots of rain, or no snow, very hot weather, very cold weather, or drought) are direct functions of global warming, more accurately called climate change.

    • swsubmom

      Climate change has been happening for, let me check Earth’s history….oh yes, it has been only a few millions of years.

      • Dr. Science

        4.5 Billion years to be exact. The biosphere it’s self is around 600 million years old.

    • Fun & Games Aside


      • sheep

        yeah..they had to change it to “climate chage” because global warming was looking like a joke when temps were too cold. Quit drinking the Kool aid!

    • George

      Is it warming or cooling? You people are idiots, the earth’s climate has been relatively calm for the last 15,000 years in comparison to past history, before man. Get a life, you have been duped.

      • Fred

        George has been duped.
        Here’s a little light reading for a snow day:


      • travis

        one of the reasons climate has been reletively calm for the last few thouseand years, is because of lesser amounts of co2. we no longer have lesser amounts of co2. Places will warm, other places will cool. but the overall global effect will be waming. I know we are all so self centered and think that what happens in minneapolis mn happens to the rest of the world. It snowed here. they are also expereincing record heat and drought in australia. the people who believe in global warming largely believe in it due to science. the disbelievers disbelieve because of politics.

    • chic

      BS, Linda. Climate change is just another name for weather. It happens! Obviously you haven’t been keeping up with the leaks and fraud of this whole scam. When the worthless un comes for my portion of any ‘fees’, to be paid to third world dictators, I’ll send them to you. Since you’re a ‘believer’, you can pay it.

    • standard952

      Read the climategate emails

    • mimi

      well said Linda, I would also like to add this….since when did the Twin Cities become the “global center of the world”?

    • Sir Gareth

      OK I get it. So when Minneapolis encountered both its hottest and coldest temperature on record in the very same year then that would be what the climate “scientists” call “climate disruption.” This would be referred to as a “climate change crisis” and could only be warded off only by abandoning free markets and capitalism.

      Oh! The year in which all this man made “climate disruption” occurred would be 1934. (check it out)

      Damn those Ford Model Ts

  • Fun & Games Aside

    Global Warming is an outdated, misleading term used by people who would like to base the potential long range atmospheric impact on one day’s weather. Or it is a term used would rather make the same tired, naive joke that is always made when the weather doesn’t fit the long term scientific theory of Global Climate Change instead of trying to understand the complex system that makes up our atmosphere.
    Global climate change is occurring just as it has in the past (see Ice Age, and I don’t meant the movie). The shifting climate could affect our planet to the point we will struggle to survive if we cannot adapt to it.
    Whether humans are speeding up that process, hindering it, or otherwise somehow affecting it doesn’t mean it’s not happening.

    • JLKF

      Whoa, way to make a simple weather report into a political forum. Annoying.

    • Tony the elitist

      Yeah, I would save it, these people aren’t going to get it regardless of what happens. There was an article a few months back about telling dumb people things that don’t fit into their world view, but the people it talks about can’t even read, let alone meta-cognitively (it means think about how you think for our conservative friends out here…) analyze their own belief systems.

      And it’s not always about politics, it’s about dumb people being tricked into thinking their neighbors are anti-american and elitist by the people those same neighbors are trying to warn them against.

      • Ryan

        I can’t believe those dumb people think you’re an elitist! You seem like a nice humble fellow to me.

  • Fun & Games Aside

    … Or it is a term used “by people who” would….

  • Taletha Bonner

    Okay… I am supposed to be hitting the town with my mom for her birthday…. how much will this effect me in driving??? Like around 12/1am…. Not good….

    • Dave

      Taletha: Looks like he snow will start around 7-9pm tonight, and intensify. Roads will be slick and snow covered around midnight.

  • Kerry

    Someone said this could be like the Halloween Blizzard of ’91…crazy!! I was in 1st grade when that happened! We will see…=) Winter wonderland for Christmas!! (than it can all go away…or I will go away to scottsdale arizona in february)!

    • Kerry

      So weird, I was reading this comment, and I thought I had written it myself! My name is also Kerry, I was also in 1st grade for the Halloween Blizzard of ’91!! Hilarious!

  • Jim Hoy

    Are all the forecasters crying wolf again???

  • Bill

    No Halloween blizzard here since it will not be warm enough to have the wet slushy stuff that then freezes and causes the washboard effect on the highways. That was really nasty in 91. This looks like a lot of fluffy stuff being blown around. It will be much fun trying to snowblow this stuff unless you have the wind blowing in the direction you are throwing. Let it snow!

  • trish

    I’m happy for the snow…just don’t like how inconveinant the timing is…let’s have a storm on a Tuesday for once this year. If I’m going to go into the ditch it better be because I was trying to get to work, not get wrapping paper at Target

  • NoMoreColdForMe

    Thats it… I’m moving to the Sun

  • Global Fooling

    Seriously some of you still believe in Global Warming or the cleverly worded Climate Change. Yeah climate changes. durrrrr.

    • Linda Johnson

      I see you’re just as smart as the FAUX news idiots who do the bidding of Exxon and all the big energy companies. That’s right – just keep playing the fool and watch tee vee while we keep going on a course toward disaster. The fat cats and billionaires who run those companies adore stupidity like yours because they want to keep polluting with no punishment. I’m done dealing with people like you, with your big fat head in the sand.

      • LibsAreDestroyingUSA

        Fat cats? Al Gore? George Soros? Oh, and don’t forget about the wonderful Cap And Trade that you Libs endorse. Hmmmm… I’m wondering who will stand to make billions from that hoax. Could it be the same Fat Cats who endorse GLOBAL WARMING?! Follow the money, honey, and your education will begin.

      • Bruno

        I’m sure you’re a typical hypocrite liberal – rip on oil companies, but more than happy to drive a car, heat your home, travel on airlines, etc….

        In other words…STFU!

      • George

        Linda, you should be happy that all humans will be extinct and the poor planet earth can live in peace like when the dinosaurs were here.
        You have been fooled by Al Gore and Bono.

      • Uncle Bill

        If you send all your money to Al Gore and chase a snowplow in a silly Smart car it will stop snowing.

      • Grant Smith

        Go take a hike in the woods. You will find that nature is doing just fine, it doesn’t need a global tax in order to continue to do it’s thing. Have you ever grown a tomato? I’m guessing no. You have no clue how nature works, but you seem to know how a scam works. Go buy a bunch of mercury filled spaghetti light bulbs. That ought to save the planet, which needs saving of course.

  • Linda Johnson

    And you must be a stupid dittohead. I’m on the side of 97% of the world’s scientists who all agree that human activity is causing climate change. Where’s YOUR science degree? BTW, NASA just announced that 2010 was the warmest year in their 130 history of keeping track. And it’s not only the amount of warming, it’s the speed. Try to do a little reading and thinking before you say something dumb.

    • Maude

      it would require one to have the ability to read hence it will not occur

    • LibsAreDestroyingUSA

      Your ignorance is astounding.

      The Earth has been heating and cooling on its own for eons without man’s involvement. Temperature change is natural. This is a universally undisputed fact reflected in geological and fossil records. Man has had no involvement with global temperature changes. Hubris alone accounts for his belief that he can affect the outcome.

      There is no optimum temperature of the Earth. What global temperature should we settle on since we believe we can change it? Clearly this needs to be answered since the ramifications of the temperature we choose to use will effect every plant, animal, and weather pattern the world over. Answered as the average global temperature we happened to be born into reflects very small thinking and a narrow perspective. There is no possible response to this statement simply because it is larger than we are.

      • Paul Solinger

        Next time you decide to participate in a global warming debate, try not to use Michael Chrichton as a reference.

      • Mnbear

        The earth has been heating and cooling on its own but not at the rapidity that it is now. That is the effect of human actions. Also global warming doe snto mean there never will be winter since global warming effects a variety of changes in different partsd of the world from colder conditions in some to drought in otehrs. Also, climate and weather are not identical. Again I will also support what scientists say not conservative dogma.

        • pete123

          What? Come on now, we could use a litle global warming about now.

        • Sir Gareth

          Very interesting. So if the weather changes its all due to free markets and capitalism. I see your point.

        • Bob A

          CO2 less than 4 one hundreths of one percent of our atmosphere. The rapidity of heating and cooling has not changed. How can CO2 both cause heating AND cooling. Only unscientific idiots believe this.

      • Clarence

        I agree with you 100%…The liberal-sprout eating, yogurt-eating, tree huggers are DESTROYING the USA!! And, you spandex wearing bike riders get out of our way too!!!

        • GoochTrimmins

          There is nothing quite like a web-based comments war.

          Everyone gets to vehemently spit a couple of half-crocked, baseless claims then run and hide behind the curtain of online anonymity. Let’s call for a cessation to this diatribe and gather our shovels as one! Onward DIG!

          Stay safe out there.

          • greenest

            I was just wondering, is it legal for a man to look at a woman in Sweden?

            (I’m sure it is OK for one woman to look at another woman)

            How about, sitting on the same bench or eating in the same restaurant.

            Somehow, Sweden has become Femi-Islamic.

            Hard to believe the Vikings came from Sweden. All the Raping (Class III) and Pillaging inflicted throughout Northern Europe.

            Maybe it was the Swedish Women that were in fact the Vikings and the men stayed home in Sweden and knitted socks and baked bread.

            As I reside in Bangkok, I have met many Swedish Women.

            For the most part, they were attractive, but when I would get too close, they were repulsive because of the massive stench they emitted from severe alcohol ingestion.

            The drunken binges caused them to ooze a sweaty stench two and three days later.

            I’m wondering if one of the girls in this case was actually not sleeping but was passed out drunk.

            She should have had a drunken stench.

            If Assange was smart, he would have hidden in Switzerland, it worked for Roman Polanski.

    • tray

      NASA has been keeping records for 130 years? NASA formally opened for business on Oct. 1, 1958.

      I think you are just going on feelings and not thinking about what you say.

    • tray

      NASA has been keeping records for 130 years? NASA formally opened for business on Oct. 1, 1958.

      I think you are just going by feelings and not thinking about what you say.

    • StaticKlingon

      Man-made carbon dioxide is a puny fraction of what occurs naturally. A deviation up or down in what we produce doesn’t amount to diddly squat. Get over the liberal ego trip notion that you can do anything about the frigging weather. Hubris much?????

    • Astraysaid

      NASA has been keeping records for 130 years? NASA formally opened for business on Oct. 1, 1958.

      I think you are just going on feelings and not thinking about what you say.

    • Jolly Rancher

      @ Linda Johnson…

      That is the most idiotic statement I’ve ever seen. There are ALWAYS weather extremes EVERY YEAR. That is what happens on planet Earth, whether or not we exist. Do you honestly think that there weren’t major hurricanes, landslides, earthquakes 10000, 5000, 2000, 1000, 200 years ago? Of course there were.

      Ugh, it’s just maddening that so many people think that we are the cause of and also can magically “fix” climate change. Newsflash, there is nothing we can do to prevent the planet from naturally running through the cycles it has and always will. Just enjoy the beautiful world we live in, try to treat it decently and we’ll all be fine…

      I’m willing to put up all the money I will ever make that Florida will not be underwater in the next 50 years…any “believers” willing to put their money where their mouth is?

    • Bob A

      You unscientific hysterics just make up numbers as you go along. If you looked at the science you would see the earth has been heating and cooling for 5000 years. Just remember most doctors believed bleeding was good for you 250 years ago. CO2 is less than 4 one hundreths of one percent of our atmosphere. Not enough to do ANYTHING idiot!

  • Maude

    to Global Idiot;
    I have some land in New Mexico. maybe 750,000 acres of ice. Do you desire to buy it?
    Climate does change – global warming is in effect a climate change I suppose.
    The cause of which is likely natural. Yet it can be helped along by Global Idiots too. lol

  • ArmyWife

    Snow is much more picturesque when it doesn’t have to be moved, or shoveled, or plowed. Time for movies, pizza delivery, and snuggling with the dogs and the hubby. And please….stop the lecturing about the global warming stuff…’s just a weather report. Lighten up!

  • red

    say Trish can you spell? try spelling correctly Inconvenient

    • trish

      Gosh…you know, you’re absolutely right. I’m a complete failure to society. Please accept my apology for ruining your day. I’ll try to be a better person next time.

    • AMYJO


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