MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — FOX Sports cameras were inside the Metrodome this morning when the roof collapsed like a gigantic souffle gone bad.

Click below to watch (and hear) the carnage.

Video From: FOX Sports

The Metrodome roof has failed three times before. It deflated in 1981, 1982 and 1983, each time due to tears caused by heavy snow.

WCCO-TV’s James Schugel Reports

Comments (49)
  1. New Stadium Now says:

    Ok People, all you naysayers that think the Metrodome is fine to play oat…. TIME TO GET A NEW STADIUM… WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Jane says:

      They shouldn’t have built a dome where it snows—but now money can be better spent-like on creating jobs for people.

      1. David says:

        like a new stadium? Yeah, that would be a tremendous amount of jobs…duh

      2. Jamie says:

        I think thats one of the most stupid things i’ve ever heard, they shouldn’t of made a dome where is snows?! What the hell are they supposed to do!

    2. shad brown says:

      i agree get rid of domes in mn

    3. tnghum says:

      Wrong. Time to tear the stadium down and let the Vikes go to some other town that’s dumb enough to have taxpayers foot the bill.

      1. Not Stevo the tool says:

        Now that would be the definition of dumb…

  2. Abbi Kullhem says:

    Today is my 20th birthday & I had tickets to the game! Well I guess not many people can say the dome collapsed on their 20th birthday.

  3. Jay says:

    If the Vikings and their fans want a new stadium, make the Vikings pay for it.

    1. Pretzeldude says:

      It would seem to me that if one has enough money to own an NFL team or a MLB team they should have enough money to build a new stadium like the late Joe Robby did for the Miami Dolphins.

    2. People w/brains says:

      Just the Vikings. The city or community shouldn’t help? Like every other team that gets community help and Govt help in the NFL, but you say not the Vikes? Common sense? Anyone?

    3. Troy says:

      For real?? Does anyone have a clue how this should work as to why our community needs the Vikings to stay? Some people are just oblivious…till they’re gone then they will smell the coffee….way to late then.

  4. Dumb People says:

    How many times does this or has this happened in the future?? If a new stadium is sooooo important then the VIKINGS can pay for it on their own. We all know the players make enough .. I think they have the funds.

    1. Madelynn says:

      you’re calling everyone else dumb when you said “How many times does this or has this happened in the future??” its the present hun, the future hasn’t happened yet!! lol.

  5. Dumb People says:

    How many times does this or has this happened in the past?? If a new stadium is sooooo important then the VIKINGS can pay for it on their own. We all know the players make enough .. I think they have the funds.

  6. get a clue says:

    dumb people?? you are the dumb one. The Vikings bring Jobs, they bring people here from other states that spend money on hotels, food, parking, tickets, that equals $$$$$$$$$$$$$. Players get paid millions of dollars and have to pay huge taxes to the STATE OF MINNESOTA!! THESE BENEFITS ARE ANNUAL OVER AND OVER. You are the dumb ones.

    1. Linksman says:

      Thanks for giving “dumb one” a clue on the value of professional sports to our economy.

    2. Denise says:

      Finally…someone that gets it. Where do the rest of you come from to make these comments? Canada?

  7. justin says:

    you know if you had tickets they will give you the best seats possible next game wich is at detroit

  8. Viktor the Minnesota Vikings mascot says:

    Come on, Vikes, don’t be a party-pooper. Let’s play outside tomorrow at the Brand-New TCF Bank Stadium. This is going to bring back such vivid memories from Metropolitan Stadium in Bloomington MN, where the Vikes used to play. I can’t wait to put on 10 layers of clothes, freeze my ass off, along with my nostrils and lungs in the minus 10 degree air, then tail-gate like it’s 1999.

  9. mark from mntaxwaste.com says:

    Not one tax payer penny for a new Vikings stadium! mark@mntaxwaste.com

    1. Tonja says:

      mark from getabraincuziwastemine…der dee der…Because the Viikings don’t bring a HUGE amount of revenue to Minnesota.

  10. chad says:

    linkesman and get a clue on behalf of dumb people and myself “feed up with this” why doun’t you two pay our portion of the tax increase that there will be with a new stadium !!!

    1. Awndrea says:

      Your portion of the tax increase? In reality it wouldn’t be but what, about $15 a year? Maybe? The revenue comes from the people and business’ that spend downtown or wherever the stadium is built. The rest would cost us in taxes hardly anything every year and we could keep the Vikes. I can’t believe how stupid people really are. Well, actually I can. That’s sad.

      1. Dave from WISCONSIN says:

        To Chad

        Why don’t you argue the facts with numbers? Show us how much money our state would lose forever with the Vikes gone, or just show one year. How many jobs? How many small business people would be hurt? How about the people that work in those small business’? No facts no clue no brains…the Vikings are a golden ticket that we are so fortunate to have. I can’t believe so many people don’t know the real value of how great they are for our state. Negative blanket comments for them to “leave” and “pay yourself” are just people who are not hurt by the loss of this great commodity. Look deeper than your opinion without the facts.

  11. Rod says:

    A Minnesota Treasure!!

  12. Bob Skogman says:

    Thid id one reason I have a 8’X8′ piece from the first Dome tear when it snowed and got smart and moved SOUTH !!If you still live there then I really feel that you NEED to PAY FOR A STADIUM FOR THE VIKINGS TO PLAY IN THAT THE SNOW WON”T GET INTO.

  13. Rod says:

    Did you notice the workers up on top of the stadium NOT wearing a safety harness?!

  14. Peter says:

    Play outdoors like the Patriots and maybe you will have abetted chance at a championship. Get your long johns out!!!!

  15. Gary says:

    How much will it really cost. A new stadium will create hundreds of jobs for three years (jobs we really need now. Continue the massive income taxestax payments for player salaries, sales taxes on hotels, concessions, restaurants, parking,et. Where will all that revenue come form if the Vikings are the LA whatever.

    1. stevo says:

      If a new stadium for $1, 0 0 0, 0 0 0, 0 0 0. 0 0 (that’s 1 Billion dollars, Gary, in case you’re overwhelmed by the zeroes) will create hundreds of jobs for three years (jobs we really need now), let’s build two new stadiums. Even better, let’s build 10 new stadium’s for thousands of jobs. Heck, lets just build a new stadium every week for the next 10 years, for tens of thousands of jobs. Any other brilliant ideas, Gary?

      1. Darron says:

        its more like thirty years, hello…

  16. James says:

    So third comment that was deleted… Ask yourself who’s bright idea it was to spray fire hoses on the metrodome all night saturday night to “clear the snow” and let it sit until the collapse… Somehow, the news is not reporting the events leading up to the collapse and it’s agrivating. Minnesota has had a LOT more snow that the 16″ or so that we had this weekend. This is not the result of heavy snowfall, it’s the result of heavy ICE and WATER that the dome officials sprayed on the roof hours before the collapse.

    1. Bob says:

      Do you realy think it would be wise to use shovel and snow blowers on a roof made of teflon coated fabric?

  17. Rod says:

    I think “Stevo” does not understand once you biuild a new stadium, you have an increase in tourism dollars coming into the State of Minnesota. You also attract more and bigger conventions, more $ coming into the state.
    Yes, “Stevo” we only need one stadium…

    1. stevo says:

      You’re exactly right, Rod, and we’ve got that stadium – its called the HHH Metrodome. The HHH Metrodome works great, and it’s not broken (except for an itsy-bitsy tinnie-winnie hole in the roof.) The HHH Metrodome is already bringing in $ to the state; what do you think, it’s just sitting there like a bump on a log? A new stadium would cost FIFTEEN times more to build than the HHH Metrodome. Do you think a new stadium would generate fifteen times the revenue? I think not. The HHH Metrodome is already built; we don’t have to come up with $1, 0 0 0, 0 0 0, 0 0 0. 0 0 (1 Billion dollars) to have $ flowing into the coffers of the State of Minnesota.

      What is it with you people? It’s always EASY to spend someone ELSE’S money. If Ziggy, Rod, and all you other people want a new stadium, then PAY FOR IT YOURSELF. We teach our children that if they want something, they need to earn, save, and then buy it THEMSELVES. That is how they grow up to be good productive citizens (and not moochers). You guys are worse than a bunch of little kids.

      Again, Vikings, Ziggy, and Rod, PLEASE LEAVE.

      1. PackerFan says:

        Some people just don’t get it. No stadium, no Vikes. Stevo hopes they leave. Why don’t you leave? Where would you go? Somewhere with the staduim bringing in big big money and revenue I bet. Should Ziggy have to pay? Of course. For all of it? Not in the real world. Vikes Stay, Stevo is a douche. Everyone with a clue is then happy…Apparently you haven’t seen the difference the Twins stadium made. The MALL OF AMERICA METRODOME isn’t even worthy of the local college football team anymore…So simple yet so hard for some. You are the same people that drive slow in the left lane on the freeway.

      2. PackerBacker says:

        The smartest thing you typed was “bump on a log”. Yep, it is….it’s a smelly plastic piece of outdated junk. Everyone knows it. Well, maybe not Stevo.

      3. MINNESOTA4LIFE says:

        I thought we teach our children to sleep around, have zero values, debunk God, not get married unless you are going to get divorced, have more children to get more welfare, stay unemployed for more benefits and impose your right to be an ass.


  18. trickey mickey says:

    Maybe this stadium could be on this old house.

  19. Jana Ingman says:

    I want to know if there is video from outside the dome showing the collapse…. 😀

  20. James says:


    Do you really think you NEEDED to clear the snow off the roof of the dome? Per the officals on Saturday, there was “No immediate danger of collapse” in the first place. IE that means the roof was withstanding the weight of the snow as-is, no issues. There was simply no need to add additional weight to it.

    per google, 1 inch of rain = 10 inches of powdered snow. if they dumped 5 inches of water on the dome, it’s equivilent to dumping 50″ of snow on the roof. See the coorelation?

    Nevermind that we’ve had bigger accumulative snowfalls in minneapolis and they’ve never used water to clear the roof of the metrodome since the late 80’s, according to the news saturday night. Brilliant idea.

    So bob, why don’t you submit your bid to use a snowblower or whatever think is necessary, or you could go with facts or figures that suggest it wasn’t necessary being that it clearly withstood the weight of the snow on its own all day.

    Didn’t this happen a few years ago on 35w? That’s when the construction crew loaded the bridge with hundreds of thousands of tons of construction material and equipment and didn’t think it necessary to take precautions. Where was the media on that? Affraid to point fingers. Just like this, the metrodome officials loaded it with ice and water and brought it down. How ignorant is that? Under the smoke and mirrors of “safety”.

  21. James says:

    1 inch of water = 10 inches of snow. How many inches of water was sprayed on the roof? 5, 10? Equivilent of 50″ – 100″ of snow? Of course the roof collapsed. Brilliant.

  22. rj says:

    Finally, James hit the root of the problem. When I heard on the newscast this morning that this is how they were trying to remove the snow, it was a ‘duh, what do you think was going to happen’? New technique or just an old one gone bad??!!!

  23. doug anderson says:

    Take a breath Vikings, the Metrodome is not dead yet…

    Despite the calls from the Vikings for a new stadium, the most recent stadium roof collapse does not
    spell the end of the Metrodome. It has occured at least four other times after snow storms,
    and has survived many other snow storms with heavier snowfalls since it was inflated in october 21,1981.

    After they pulled off the roof cleaning crews for safty reason, there was probably no doubt the roof
    would collapse under the weight of the snowfall, thus allowing TV crews to be onhand to film the
    collapse. The Twin Cities Media immediatly began using the roofs collapse as proof of the need
    of a new stadium for the Vikings, which is dishonest reporting at the very least.

    Snow Storm Totals from the past:

    1981 November 19 : 10.2″ snow Metrodome roof collapse
    1982 January 22 – 23 : 20.0 inches
    1982 January 20 – 21 :17.4 inches
    1982 December 27 – 28 :16.5 inches Metrodome roof collapse
    1983 April 14 : ? inches Metrodome roof collapse
    1985 November 29 – December 1 :21.1 inches
    1985 March 3 – 4 :16.7 inches
    1985 March 31 :14.7 inches
    1986 Partial dome collapse by wind
    1991 October 31 – November 3 (Halloween Blizzard) :28.4 inches
    1991 November 29 – 30 :14.3 inches
    1999 March 8 – 9 :16.0 inches
    2010 December 10 – 11 :17.1 inches Metrodome roof collapse

    The average annual snowfall in the Twin Cities is 45.3 inches

    If any questions should be asked, is what did they expect would happen with a dome held up only by air pressure,
    given the history of snow storms dumping an average of 10″ of snow in Minneapolis? What were the design specs for
    this roof? Are snow cleaning crews the only answer, or could/should they have added some rigid support after the stadium
    was built to help prevent snow from repeatly collapsing the roof? Is the design firm partially responsible for a flawed design?

  24. Parick says:

    It has been suggested that the Dome did not collapse but rather it was “sucked” down. Now we just need to figure out what inside the dome could possibly “suck” that much. Hmmmmm? Anyone?

    No tax money to build a stadium for these spoiled brats to play eight games a year in. That kind of expenditure is pure folly and insanity.

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