Worker Killed By Falling Refrigerator In Wis.

MILWAUKEE (AP) — Police say a man was killed when a refrigerator thrown from an upper floor of a building in Milwaukee hit him.

Milwaukee police spokeswoman Anne E. Schwartz says a construction crew was clearing some contents of a building Tuesday when workers tossed the fridge off a balcony. She says they called out “All clear,” but one worker walked out and was struck.

Schwartz says it appears to be a tragic accident.

Chris Zortman, an assistant area director of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, says the agency is investigating and it could take up to six months to finish. She says she couldn’t answer any other questions.

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WDJT-TV’s Keith Meka Reports

  • Burning Thunder

    What a terrible way to die!

  • dally

    it could take up to 6 months to investigate???? why so long????

    • Edwin Praiseworthy

      No wonder the country and many states are in economic turmoil. 6 months to investigate 1 unusual accident !? It boggles the mind to even try to imagine what could be so complicated about this incident that some bureaucratic nitwits need a half a year to “determine what happened.” Perhaps the once mighty USA deserves to devolve into Third World economic status.

  • tiredandretired

    I’m sure his family thinks you’re a hoot.

  • ah-ha

    Although tragic, this is the top story on our “local news?”

  • Tony

    @ mike, There’s a deeper pit in hell for people who make comments like you!

  • JB

    Mike, I’ve seen some pretty stupid, nasty comments on these blogs, but this one of yours has got to top the list!

    I feel sorry for him and his family.

  • Pennie

    I feel sorry for his family, with him passing away so close to the Holidays. I also fell sorry for the worker who pushed the fridge off the balcony, I’m sure they weren’t expecting what happened.

  • Emlee

    6 months is because everyone involved will want their attorney present before questioning. The investigators will have to work around the attorneys’ schedules. Then all the reports will have to go to prosecuting attorneys for review before a report can be issued to the public about whether charges will be filed.

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