ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Getting around after last weekend’s historic snowfall is a challenge for Minnesotans with disabilities.

They tell Minnesota Public Radio News about their struggles with unshoveled sidewalks, snowed-in handicap spaces, and rude drivers.

Some have given up on going out, and say the worst part is the feeling of isolation.

With some sidewalks still buried under snow, pedestrians and people in wheelchairs are being forced to take to the streets.

Many people with disabilities say they rely on friends, family members, and Metro Mobility, a public transportation service for riders with a disability or health condition.

But Metro Mobility won’t drop off riders unless the destination’s entrance has been shoveled and plowed. A spokeswoman for the Metropolitan Council, which oversees Metro Mobility, says customer safety is the biggest concern for drivers.

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Comments (4)
  1. Randall Cheuvront says:

    i had to tell one of my property’s caretakers this very same thing today. the sidewalk is mostly clear but he didn’t clear the corner so people can get to the street from the sidewalk and we’ve got people in wheel chairs and the blind using canes to get around here. it’s absurd that people can’t get off their butts or pay someone to properly shovel their walks.

  2. Pate says:

    A lot of people also fail to clear a full-width path,making a narrow tunnel down the center of the sidewalk,and that annoys me to no end.I have no trouble getting around(thank God),but we have to remember the less able-bodied.Yes,shoveling and snow-blowing is hard work,but property owners and renters have a responsibility to keep the sidewalks safe and passable.The trouble is,so many people drive and forget or ignore the fact than plenty of us don’t.

  3. m spaise says:

    We have had to call the city of St. Paul several times to clear the cross walks. My son is in a chair and has had to go out into oncoming traffic to get across the street. The traffic does not slow down or stop and has come very close to his chair. Maybe this article will alert those who can make a difference.

  4. Please Help Us says:

    It is dangerous for all, and I am wondering who can we ask for help? Who can help us please? Even though many were able to prepare for this record storm, personally it took my husband and I three days to just shovel the 20 inches of snow out of our driveway. On the other hand, here in Stillwater, I have seen plow trucks dump huge piles of snow on to the side walks as they plow the streets, and I am not sure what good citizen could remove it. I have seen children walking in the streets and I fear for them cause the streets are so narrow!

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