OSCEOLA, Wis. (AP) — Polaris Industries Inc. has told Wisconsin officials it will start shutting down operations at its plant in Osceola on March 1.

In a filing released Thursday by the Department of Workforce Development, Polaris says more than 480 employees will be affected as the plant in western Wisconsin shuts down over six months. The company says it’s taking steps to minimize job loss and help employees with the transition.

The Medina, Minn.-based maker of snowmobiles, ATVs and Victory motorcycles announced plans last May for closing the plant and sending some of the work to Mexico in an effort to save money. This week’s filing set the shutdown date.

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Comments (30)
  1. Dar says:

    This problem is easy to fix, Just do not buy from Polaris, Buy from local manufactures who generate the job We need!

  2. Brian says:

    Agreed boycot Polaris. If they want to move to Mexico then sell your products in Mexico. It is a really nice gesture releasing the date the day before Christmas. Merry Christmas to the employees whoes lives have been turned upside down. I hope the best to the employees in Rosoue but the have to be walking on pins and needles too. The goverment really has to step in and stop letting these companies and their jobs leave this country

    1. Kath says:

      Brian I agree with you, but until the Government changes the way Capitalism works in this country the rich corporate will get richer and the people who help build the empire will keep getting poorer and stepped. Until we have good employment law that protects the employees over the employer nothing can change. When we pass laws like if a person is with a firm for over 2 years they get a 1 years salary if they are laid off, the companies will keep spitting and owning employees. They say we are free in this country but it is conn. Free for what. The Corporations run this country until we put them a place that they can be watched and policed with good employee and worker rights. That are employee drafted and passed.

    2. Anonymous says:

      By the way…it’s spelled Roseau and maybe your state of Minnesota shouldn’t tax the heck out of them (the company). The plant in Vermillion, SD is adding jobs.

  3. jimbo12 says:

    It’s not thge workers stupid! It’s the incompetent management that brought this on.
    Wonder how many mexicans are going to purchase snowmobiles.
    They will be sorry (but never admit to fault) that they made a terrible mistake.
    And OH Yea, Merry frickin Christmas upper Polaris management

  4. red175 says:

    Theres a nice Christmas bonus, Polaris you suck……

  5. kath says:

    Ford Model T – Give workers who help build your empire with decent wages and they will buy. – POLARIS executives are just fallen into the latest trend of American Greed Corporate Executives its not enough they want more. They are so smart they are stupid. Mexican workers will take your money and laugh – quality control will go and along with your sales and then your executive team will be history just like your american work force. – How much are bribing the local officials oh to violate human rights or you left that one out Polaris Executive team. You should be charges serious import tax for bringing into the country even if we have trade agreement. To the families my heart goes out to you. Try and be strong, and start looking now for replacements and don’t forget to walk when its convinent to you not Polaris.

  6. WileyQuixote says:

    Shipping jobs and manufacturing over seas or across the border is a great way to reduce costs for corporations. But as a consumer I’ve only seen prices on goods and services go up from these corporations.

    1. kath says:

      That is the problem they use the excuse of labor but its just an excuse for more greed from executives the top. You dont’ think what they safe in labor they don’t pay out in bribes in these other countries to the builders, the government officials you are really naivie. With these countries also raising the levels of their economies soon this will not be the most profitable and cost effective for their companies or their consumers. But keep being like the rest of the sheep, and looking just the best price. Keep making that executive team richer and your neighbor poorer. And maybe you will have all the trails to yourself. Won’t that be great! NOT, because eventually it will effect your life when your children’s friends at school become homeless and you watch good people become hopeless mmm…….. will you take them in, feed house and cloth them or will you be as cruel as the corporate executive team of Polaris

  7. MOTOZIPPY44 says:


  8. vwguy3 says:

    How can we get these companies to stop this? Get rid of NAFTA!!!!!!!! SOrry tho see these good jobs go. I never did like Polaris, but now I really don’t like them and won’t be buying any of there products!

  9. RIII says:

    Property taxes, employment taxes, sales tax on items used for the business, unemployment insurance, workers comp, greedy unions, and who knows about the new health care cost. Our founding fathers intended the federal government to be supported by import tariffs. This was a check and balance to keep our government from growing to big and imports from causing problems like this. When 45% of the working people are paying for the rest who can afford to manufacturer in the US anymore.

  10. jack says:

    I’m DONE with buying any new polaris machine. Do most of you know what a decent polaris snowmobile costs these days?? $10 GRAND, NO BULL. Hell, you can buy a heck of a car for THAT. Way too many competitors around to have to pay polaris that kind of money for ANYTHING. I actually EARN about 70K a year, will be in the market for a sled or 4 wheeler soon, I guarantee you, if I buy new, it WON’T be a polaris.

  11. Herb says:

    I am not for Polaris and Mexico but they are only following the competition check this out.

    1. losing my job says:

      Following the competion is a good excuse???

  12. Herb says:

    In answer to Jack. Have you priced comparable snowmobiles from the competition, they are not any cheaper.

  13. Herb says:

    Here is the headline on bombardier,s ATV move.
    Bombardier Recreational Products plans to shift production of all ATVs from its home town of Valcourt, Quebec, to Juarez, Mexico, beginning at the end of 2007. The move, forced by shrinking profit margins, is expected to be completed in 2008, the company said. The first ATVs are expected to roll off the Juarez production line sometime in 2008.

  14. Ron says:

    I have a polaris and a skidoo. I iwll either buy a new Artic Cat or another skidoo. I know that the canadian sleds and artic cats are NOT made in mexico. Good luck polaris, sell them to illegals who are trying to snowmobile across the rio grande……

    After 7 polaris sleds and ATVs it is over……. I am outsourcing my business from you….

  15. andy says:

    It has to do with taxes and big government imposing all these stupid guidelines so protect everyone why do you think companies are moving out of new york. Taxes, taxes and more taxes. You people dont get it. Ya they are trying to make a profit what do you think the reason people go into business for? Get real and quit blaming companies for trying to make some money.

  16. Ron says:

    Correction, I will buy a ARTIC CAT . NO more patronizing companys who send the jobs elsewhere and expect us to lap up their POS sleds….

  17. Greg Laden says:

    Polaris IS a local manufacturer. Before boycotting them and switching to some other company, make sure the other company’s products are not coming from Mexico or Indonesia or wherever.

    Sales of expensive and mid range toys are generally down for everyone. And this is the Free Market doing what it is supposed to do. Many of you seem to be calling for some sort of socialism. I’m shocked.

  18. Herb says:

    To Ron sorry but your Ski Doo folks are building a rotax engine plant in Mexico

  19. Locally Grown and Made says:

    Support the local business. To start, buy at local food co-ops who sell locally grown and made products. Even some restaurants are buying locally grown food so support them too. Farmers markets are all local people. Any other ideas? In the mean time, jobs are leaving the country and our senator is distracted by hunters who wants to take the gray wolf off the endangered list or some are threatening to throw a fit and Shoot, Shovel and Shut Up. All this is happening and our Governor attention is distracted by the rich pouting about the stadium.

  20. JKB says:

    My only cfomment : They sure picked one heck of a time to annouce the lay off dates! Just BEFORE CHRISTMAS, talk about insensitive company officials!

  21. America Is Gone says:

    Viva La NAFTA……

  22. ray says:

    when is this country going to wake up. when we close all these factories in the usa the unemployment goes up and who will be left to buy these products. we can not import everything because you need a job to buy these things

  23. Dan in Brooklyn Park says:

    Polaris (and every corporation) Executive priorities:
    1. Executive compensation (self interest).
    2. Stockholders (stock price effects #1).
    3. Customers
    4. Employees (aka expenses,costs,overhead)

    Good old-fashioned capitalism. Anyone disagrees with this list is living with eyes wide shut.


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