ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Got a trail camera? The Minnesota Deer Hunters Association would like you to leave it up this winter.

The group is hoping to catch a picture of a predator — especially a cougar.

Cougar sightings are up in Minnesota. The Department of Natural Resources gets about 50 reports a year, but says most turn out to be house cats or yellow labs.

Kimberly Hanson from the Deer Hunters Association tells Minnesota Public Radio News that all the talk about cougars is “a little unsettling” for some deer hunters.

Starting Jan. 3, Hanson will have two maps on the association’s web site: one for cougar sightings — both confirmed and unconfirmed — and one for other predators.

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Comments (8)
  1. Mark Kapping says:

    Sadly todays DNR types are just another group of college educated idiots with little real world field experience. Local farmer had prints of cougar in his yard after a rain, and he had heard the cat tearing up a tree in his grove, I took pics and confirmed with an expert in Wyo, that they were cougar, local DNR came and scoffed at large dog prints, saw tree shrugged shoulders and left. Moron had grew up in metro and majored in fisheries.

  2. cindy smith says:

    If the deer hunter’s are so worried about the cougars, then don’t go in the woods. My Grandfather’s, brothers, uncles etc. who were all avid deer hunters, would be hysterical over this!

    1. John says:


      The deer hunters are not worried about themselfs but about all the deer that the cougars may be killing!!!!

  3. Become Vegetarians says:

    I think that you have more of a chance of getting killed by each other and the deer that are crossing the roads than by cougar and gray wolf. For example, since 2007, there have been more than 8,300 deer-vehicle crashes in Minnesota, which resulted in 19 deaths. A friend of mine’s bother became paralyzed from a car accident with a deer. Become Vegetarians problem solved. Its way more affordable and you will be healthier too!

    1. Jean-Paul Dangerbunny Beaulieu says:

      Ok, Really? Become vegetarian and you won’t get into car crashes with deer? Really? .

    2. John says:

      Salad is not food. Salad is what FOOD eats!!!!

  4. Olaf says:

    How do you figure that by becomiing a vegetarian the deer won’t cross the road into traffic?

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