By Edgar Linares, NewsRadio 830 WCCO

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Insurance companies in Minnesota are calling this year catastrophic.

“We’re going to have the largest catastrophe year on record for Minnesota homeowners,” said Mark Kulda, spokesman for the Insurance Federation of Minnesota.

NewsRadio 830 WCCO’s Edgar Linares Reports

The Insurance Federation represents most of the writers of homeowners and property insurance in the state.

The federation claims Minnesota already surpassed the worst catastrophic record over the summer with 145 tornadoes touching down and wiping out homes.

Now, all the snow is triggering ice dams that are seeping into walls and ceilings in houses across the Twin Cities.

Kulda said in 2001 insurers paid out a record $50 million ice dam claims. He expects this year that record will break with even more claims paid.

“What that really means for folks is that it’s going to be really busy for insurance companies,” said Kulda. “The cost of removing an ice dam from your home is not covered under your insurance policy. But if the ice dam does damage to your house that is covered.”

Kulda hopes homeowners will be proactive and remove the ice dams before they can do any damage. The cost to remove an ice dam can be anywhere from $275 to $475 per hour.

“Homeowners insurance policy is not a maintenance policy. It’s to repair things that are broken. Not to do routine maintenance,” said Kulda.

But, for many homeowners in the Metro the damage is already done. Kulda says one of the largest insurance companies in the state has received 350 claims since Wednesday and he expects more will be coming.

“It takes a while to process all the numbers. It could conceivably be months before we find out what all the totals are,” said Kulda. “We’re definitely going have more than $50 million in ice dam claims this year.”

Comments (22)
  1. jimmy says:

    Damn, irresponsible homeowners will cause my premium to go up again. I have raked my roof off after each snow we have had this year and do not have any problems. It takes 5 minutes to do.

    And don’t tell me “What about people who can’t physically or are too old?”. Neighbors help all the time. Have a kid or grandkid do it. I blow the snow out of my 90 year old neighbors driveway. Neighbors/family will help if you ask.

    1. Mike says:

      I’m sure soon insurance companies will write in their policies that ice dams are no longer covered.

    2. jay miller says:

      I could do it if I lived in a 16-by 80 mobile home

  2. steve says:

    Bitter Jimmy! It’s all great to think you can get it done or neighbors will but if you were out of town like I was and came home to the problem there’s not much you can do. Lighten up. I’ll file my first homeowner claim in 25 years…insurance premiums paid in will more than cover the claim 50 times over!

  3. Tab says:

    Half the insurance companies these days don’t really care about their customers. I had wind damage from the storm way back in October and it still hasn’t been taken care of. I made a claim the same day and the first adjuster didn’t show up and then we had the first snow storm calle and complained and they sent a new adjuster.. Well, nothing still has been done and it has been over 2 months. Got a letter last week saying the claim will have to stay open until spring and all snow is melted.. Called my agent today and asked about, it not being taken care of and what will happen once all this rain and melts on my roof.. It is suppose to be covered. We, will see..

  4. Jeffrey says:

    One would think that insurance companies would offer a risk maintenance package for a reasonable cost. This would save everyone money and homeowners could still opt out and go at their own risk.

  5. mk says:

    FOr what these insurance companies charge, if I should happen to have ice damage, like the other guy said I’ve paid for my claim 100 times over in the last 35 years and never filed a claim. Hats off to him, lighten up. Crap happens and we have no control over the weather, get what God gives us.

  6. Insurance blackjack says:

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